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  AT LEAST one family in the Killaly area believe this is the site of a possible UFO landing, near their farm on the evening of Wednesday, November 14th. The site displays a ring of badly scorched grass about thirty feet in diameter, with its center virtually untouched by burning. Grass at the edges of the ring is flattened as if something very heavy had rested there. The farmer's wife saw a bright white light descending from the sky at about 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14th and. while on his way to Killaly the next morning, the farmer noticed this ring of scorched grass which happened to be in the exact direction of the light which his wife saw the previous evening.                                                      Photo by D. Corneau

Note: The two photographs mentioned below cannot be found, and all we have is the new clip photo above. –CF-      


Photo #1: This shows the purported UFO landing site near Killaly,Sask.

Note the burned-out ring, with snow still standing in the centre.      

Photo #2: This shows flattened grass at the outer extremities of the burned out ring. There

was no noticeable odour other than that of scorched grass. One peculiarity; rather difficult to explain in words: the burnt-out ring of grass had a covering of scorched grass about two inches thick. Beneath that, there was nothing but hot air for about two feet until solid ground or?? could b e felt.  

Something unusual was out there!

By Denis Corneau of The Melville Advance

  EDITOR'S NOTE: There have been many strange things going on recently in the Melville area. This report is of one strange occurrence on the evening of Wednesday, November 14th in the Killaly area. The people who were interviewed wish to remain anonymous, for reasons that will become obvious as the story unfolds, therefore names used in this story are fictitious.... but the report is very, very real.         

. . . . . .

            On the evening of Wednesday, November 14th on a farm in the Killaly area, Mrs. Kenneth Smith was planning a quiet evening watching television while her husband was in Melville attending a Junior hockey game. Kenneth left the farm, bound for Melville at about 7:30 p.m. and Mrs. Smith sat on the sofa in the living room of their home, prepared to watch television.... a nice, quiet evening at home.

            At about 8:10 p.m., Mrs. Smith heard the family's two dogs raising a ruckus in the yard. They were barking and snarling furiously1. She thought someone was coming into their yard, perhaps a neighbour visiting. She happened to glance out the living room window and that is when she got a shock!

            Mrs. Smith saw in the distance, about a quarter of a mile away, a strange extremely bright white light t in the sky.

            "The light was at about treetop level out in the middle of the field about a quarter of a mile or so to the south of the house. It seemed to sink slowly to the ground and then go out", she explained.

            "I didn't think too much about it at the time. I thought maybe it was a falling star, or perhaps an airplane. But, then I realized that an airplane doesn't have such an extremely bright, white light.... planes usually have blinking red lights. So, I thought ti (sic – it) had to be a falling star, a meteorite of some kind. I wasn't really that concerned", she said.

            The farm dogs, two of them, kicked up a fuss all night long; barking, snarling and howling, acting very strangely, according to Mrs. Smith1.

            It wasn't until the morning of Thursday, November 15th that the incident took a strange twist. Kenneth Smith drives a school bus and, while driving into Killaly, he passed the field in question and noticed that a marshy, slough area was emitting a dense cloud of smoke.

            "I thought it was odd, at the time, because I hadn't been setting any fires, burning any garbage or anything. It looked odd. So, I stopped and thought for a minute. I then decided to go out into the field and see what was going on. When I got very close to the area, I noticed that there was a circle of smouldering grass, maybe thirty feet in diameter. What was strange was that the circle was a ring, really.... just a circular ring of smouldering grass. And, the snow could till be seen in the centre of the circle. Around the edge of the ring of smouldering grass, the grass that wasn't burned was flattened out like something heavy had been resting there. I didn't know what to make of this. I completed my school bus route and then went home, where I mentioned this to my wife. It was then that she told me about what she has seen the night before.... that bright white light. We went out together to the site of the smouldering grass and she said that was about where she had seen the bright light the night before", Mr. Smith explained.

            It was then that the Smiths returned to their house and called The Advance.

            In a matter of a few minutes, The Advance was at the Smith home. Along with Mr. Smith, we went out to the site and found things exactly as Mr. Smith had described to us.

            There it was, in the field in a marsh area. A circular ring of grass still smouldering. In the centre of the ring, there was still some snow. The grass was badly scorched in a strange way and the grass at the edge of the ring was flattened as if something very heavy had been lying there. Straight north of the site, about a quarter of a mile away was the Smith's house.... and the living room window through which Mrs. Smith said she saw that bright white light.

            "I haven't been out burning anything and I'm sure nobody set a fire like this. But, it was smouldering and giving off quite a dense cloud of smoke this morning when I stopped to look at it. There is snow on the ground so it would be pretty easy to tell if anyone (a vehicle or a person) had been around here. But, there are no tracks, other than the ones we've made here this morning", he said.

            Back at the Smith's house after viewing the site, Mr. Smith revealed something else that appeared a bit unusual.

            "When I checked the cattle this morning, they acted peculiarly as if they were skittish or something, as if something had frightened them", he explained1.

            And, there you have it. The farm dogs barking, snarling and howling all night long; the strange bright white light and the smouldering ring of grass in the slough of a field straight south about a quarter of a mile from the Smith house, not to mention the peculiar behaviour of the cattle on the Smith farm.

            What was it that Mrs. Smith saw on the evening of Wednesday, November 14th? The Smiths feel it may well have been a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and the strange site of smouldering grass seems to indicate something unusual WAS out there.

            In view of recent occurrences regarding cattle mutilations in the Melville area, Mr. Smith said he was going to keep a very close watch over his cattle over the next few days.

            Could these mutilations and this particular sighting of some strange object be connected? Maybe we'll never know the answer, but one thing is certain: the Smiths did see something which can best be classified as a UFO.... and they have a possible landing site on their farm as proof that something strange was indeed a visitor to their farm at 8:10 p.m. on Wednesday, November 14th.

            The really strange thing about the site was the snow in the middle of the smouldering ring. Had this been a normal combustion fire, there would have been no snow left.

We doubt if anyone can blame this one on cults!                                                                   

This reference: The Melville Advance, Wednesday, November 21, 1979. With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/

UFOCAT PRN – 113625

UFOCAT URN – 113625 CUFOS News Bulletin by John Timmerman, March 1980, p. 6. On site

NOTE #1: Animal reaction, see: Animal Reactions to: UFOs: A Preliminary Investigation from the Animals’ Perspective by Joan Woodward, Available through MUFON. 

North America  - Canada - Saskatchewan

Killaly               Latitude 50-45-14 N, Longitude 102-49-52 W (D-M-S) {Village approx. 12 miles S.

            of Melville]

Melville             Latitude 50-55-50 N, Longitude 102-48-28 W

Reference: http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/index_e.php


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