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Note: LL-??-1974 is a result of this case being posted on True Ghost Tales website, which is republished here with the permission of the author Mr. Norman Burns and the websites caretaker, David Slone:-CF-    

To anyone who remembers this incident, I would sure like
to hear from you for any further details you can add,

and to make this a multiple witness case.-CF-

UFO in the Pacific Ocean      

During my stint in the Navy I was on an ammunition ship (USS Kilauea) in the Indian Ocean somewhere near Vietnam around early 1974.

USS Kilauea (AE-26) (1968 - 1980)

Thanks to: http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/05/0526.htm

Myself and two friends were out on the Foxhull (bow of the ship), it was dark, around 9 pm probably. There was little or no moon but millions of stars like always out there. We were in a group with a destroyer and a carrier; I think the USS Mason DD1, and maybe the Oriskany2.

We were watching the Mason in front of us and the glowing trail of ocean it was kicking up from the phosphorus algae in the water when the ocean in front of us lit up, started glowing. It got brighter and brighter and then this really bright orange/yellow ball came out of the water on the right-starboard side of the destroyer. It flew over the top of the destroyer and went back in the ocean on the port side, with the same glowing ocean water and then disappeared.      

We all just stared at each other with our mouths open. We could not believe what we saw, but I asked friends of mine who were on watch on the bridge if they saw it and they all did. There was nothing ever reported that I know of though and we just quit talking about it. I bet the destroyer got a good look at it. It went right over the bridge of that ship and it was big. Maybe 150 to 200 feet in diameter. That was my big encounter                                                                               

This reference: E-mail from UFO Updates, dated February 08, 2009, Written by Norman Burns Copyright 2008 TrueGhostTales.com all rights reserved, republished here with permission: http://www.trueghosttales.com (Received by True Ghost Tales): February, 2008     

Note #1: USS Mason DD (DD-852) was a Gearing-class destroyer

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Leonard_F._Mason_(DD-852)  

Note #2: USS Oriskany (CV 34) Aircraft Carrier

Reference: http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/34.htm   

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

Ship’s location

“Indian Ocean somewhere near Vietnam” must be in error, as Vietnam is bordered by the Gulf of Tonkin and the South China Sea.-CF-         

Ship’s History for this period.

Vietnam Ceasefire

30 March to 15 April 1972

21 April to 6 May 1972

13 to 23 May 1972

30 May to 12 June 1972         

Decommissioned. and placed in service with the Military Sealift Command (MSC) as USNS Kilauea (T-AE-26), 1 October 1980.

Reference: http://www.navsource.org/archives/09/05/0526.htm      


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