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Autumn 1980              Hillsboro        

       Probably nobody in Hillsboro has had a closer – or more frightening – encounter than this 50-ish family man.  Once an assistant superintendent of schools in Monroe, New York, he and his wife Dorothy, move to Hillsboro with their children to deal in antiques and “get away from the clamor.”  Considered all that has happened, he says, “that is the comical part.”

       To augment their income from selling antiques, Hill has been working as a part-time maintenance man at several schools in the area.  Late one night in autumn, he was driving home from the Washington school, 16 miles from Hillsboro on isolated Route 31.  Many people have sighted UFOs along this lonely stretch of road, and Hill himself had often seen lights that behaved oddly in the sky – diving steeply, zipping upward at stunning speeds, abruptly reversing directions.  Rounding a bend, he jammed on his brakes and stared in astonishment: Blocking the road ahead was an incredible object.

        “It looked like a child’s top, about twenty-five feet in diameter, about eighteen feet high,” says Hill.  “It looked as though someone had strung Christmas-tree lights around it, and a revolving light protruded from the top.”

       Metallic-looking, noiseless, the object floated a few feet above the pavement.  Suddenly it slid off the road into a swamp. As Hill watched, aghast, something like a submarine’s conning tower slid up from the top.  Then an object that looked like a child’s sliding board slowly slid out from the bottom, only to draw back in almost immediately.  For seconds the craft was motionless.  Then slowly, it floated upward to about 40 feet over the ground. And then it simply disappeared.  Whether it shot away too fast for his eye to follow or vanished in some other way, Hill does not know.

        “I felt the presence of something awesome, something I couldn’t understand,” he says.

       Shaken, he reached for his CB radio; George Hill’s close encounter with a UFO was soon known all over Hillsboro.

       He quit his job at the Washington school rather than drive Route 31 at night.  And he says: “I don’t believe our lives will ever be the same again.”

       At first people accused him of perpetrating a hoax.  A lay preacher at the local Congregational Church, who drinks nothing stronger than Ovaltine, he was deeply hurt.  “In fact, for a while I stopped eating, it bothered me so much,” he says.  But then Bob Giglio’s efforts induced more and more Hillsboro residents to come forward with their own stories, and Hill felt to some extent vindicated.

        “Feelings are mixed,” he says.  “I’ll stop in the coffee shop and some people will ask me if I really believe the things exist.  Some will say they don’t believe it, and some will praise me because I had the courage to speak out.”

       He says that many people in Hillsboro are afraid.  And he adds that he understands why some who have seen the objects keep the sightings to themselves: “Before I had my pictures in the paper, I was just George,” he says. “Afterwards, I was the UFO man.”

        Now UFOs are the hottest conversational topic in the Hillsboro sandwich shop, he says.  “If you want theories, just walk through this town.” he adds. He himself has no theories, but he also has no plans to resume traveling along Route 31 – “I’m omitting a stretch of roadway that frightens me very much,” he says.                                                                                              

This reference: McCall’s Magazine, Feb. 1981, page 22, 24, 27&28, “Close Encounters in New Hampshire” by Richard Wolkomir. The complete article can be read at: http://www.nhufo.org

With thanks to New Hampshire UFO for forwarding this case.           

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America  United States, New Hampshire, Hillsboro & Sullivan counties

Hillsboro           Latitude 43-06-53 N, Longitude 71-53-42 W (D-M-S)

Washington     Latitude 43-10-33 N, Longitude 72-05-48 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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