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Actual photo (from aged copy with leak through of ink from following page)

This strange photograph, snapped on the Crow River in Ontario, is a mystery to photographers. It is all that was recorded by the camera of a large purple globe, one of a series seen submerging in the Crow River. Was it a spaceship?

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            An additional and more conclusive proof of the unknown nature of these mysterious "meteors" can be introduced by means of the following story from the Halifax Mail, Canadian newspaper:

            Like a second edition of the famed "flying saucers," strange meteor-like objects have been reportedly seen flying through the sky in all parts of Nova Scotia for the last week.

            Early yesterday morning one turned up again streaking over Halifax in plain view of two policemen--Sergeant Gerald Bishop and Constable J. Gerrard.

            Descriptions furnished by those who claim to have watched the brief appearances of the "whatizit’s" have ranged from "a blue ball of flame" to "a bright green object," like a football trailed by a bright red tail.

            The latter was how it appeared to the Halifax policemen who watched it in its less-than-a-second-long dash across the sky over Halifax North around 2:30 a. m. Sunday.

            Cyril Kane of the National Harbours Board1 Harbormaster's office saw a similar object, but blue in color, in the same vicinity late Thursday.

            Another well-known Halifax business man who saw it or a similar object the same day expressed the belief that it was a flare from a "Very" pistol, used by ships and planes to send out distress signals.

            But Father Burke-Gaffney of St. Mary's College, an astronomer, suggests that the objects may be meteors or flaming pieces of molten metal from the tail of Eneke's Comet which is reported by Australians to have flashed across the southern skies on two or three successive nights recently.

            Perhaps Father Burke-Gaffney is correct regarding this particular series of observations, and there is nothing in them which could not be attributed to ordinary meteors, however, when one of them is photographed at close range, that is a different matter!

            The photograph in question (see cut), was forwarded by J. D. MacNeill, 101 Latimer Avenue, Toronto 12, Ontario. It was taken, Mr. MacNeill reports, by his uncle, while fishing on the Crow River in Northern Ontario. Mr. MacNeill quotes his uncle as follows:

            "Last Saturday, August 16, 1947, when I had finished my chores, here at the camp, I decided to go into Timmins with my friend, Roy Simpson, to see a movie. Timmins is about 15 miles from our present location, so we decided to go by car, instead of waiting for the company bus. We left at 8:30 and after driving for about ten minutes the car stalled, leaving us stranded in the middle of a deserted and open stretch of country. We tinkered with the motor for a half-hour but couldn't get it to start again. So we started to walk back to camp.

            "It was then that we both witnessed an unusual sight in the growing darkness that I still find hard to believe and vaguely know how to describe. It seemed like a huge globe of purplish light that tore across the eastern sky and disappeared into the surrounding hills. It was followed by yet another that was much closer and travelling at a slower speed. I could hardly make out the details, but it looked like a round object that had a number of large portholes on its sides.

            ''That was all we saw but it was enough for us. We got back to camp and arranged for a truck to tow the stalled car back to camp. Roy and I never mentioned what we saw to anyone in case we might be called crazy.

            "The next day was a Sunday [17th] and no work was to be done. So, around

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three o'clock that afternoon I went down to Crow River to do some fishing and brought my camera with me. It was then that I saw those self-same objects circling about the lake, but travelling at a much lower speed. I don't know how to express my feelings when I saw them again; it struck me, somehow, as being weird and uncanny, like something from another world. At any rate, they circled closer to the lake, emitting a high-pitched whining noise. My senses came back to me and I pulled out my camera and tried to take shots.

            "I took numerous snaps but later these failed to turn out. Finally the objects eased their speed and at intervals of about two minutes between them, they hit the lake and sank about 100 yards from where I was standing. The first snap I took failed to focus properly, but the second one turned out excellently as the object hit the water.

            "I waited for more than an hour hoping to see them again, but they failed to make an appearance. Since then I have not seen them once, nor have I heard comments about them from the boys here at the camp. These enclosed photos are the only evidence I have of their existence. What they were, I have no idea, nor can I even guess what was their reason for appearing for such a short time.”  

            It is unfortunate that the shots of the globes in the air did not turn out--or perhaps they did not turn out because they could not be photographed by ordinary light? A glance at the photo of the object at the moment of contact with the water reveals that there is clarity of definition of everything except the sphere itself! There is seen only a foggy white spot. There is a definite circle on the water, as though the outer surface of the object produced some darkening in the water such as an electrical effect, although no splash of water seems to be visible. However, the statement of the witnesses includes portholes and such mechanical attributes, impossible to understand in the case of an electrical phenomenon. Further, these "ships" gave evidence of some type of definite directional guidance, either from within or by remote control. The high-pitched whine indicates electrical apparatus of some type, possibly generators.

            The size of these Crow River globes, as determined from the photograph and from the statements of distance from the camera, is at least 24 feet in diameter to as much as 60 feet.

Once again, we can be sure that these Canadian blue-green-purple globes are not meteors, nor are they fragments of a comet, or Venus. What, then, are they? Spacecraft from another world?

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This reference: Fate, Vol. 1, No. 2, summer 1948, “Are Space Visitors Here?” by Kenneth Arnold.           

Note 1: The National Harbours Board was the administrative body that controlled the business and service operations in major Canadian ports in the years 1936 to 1983

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Harbours_Board. -H J-

UFOCAT PRN – 144729 [DOS: 08-16-1947 – Water sighting 08-17-1947]

UFOCAT URN – NONE   News clip from Halifax Mail, Nova Scotia, date unknown

UFOCAT URN – NONE   Fate, Vol. 1, No. 2, summer 1948, “Are Space Visitors Here?” by

                                        Kenneth Arnold

UFOCAT URN – 144729 A Geo-Bibliography of Anomalies by George Eberhart, #0908, © 1980

UFOCAT URN – 175931 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # XXXXX, © 2002      

North America – Canada, Ontario, Nipissing

Crow River       Latitude 45-57-31 N, Longitude 78-10-56 W (D-M-S)

Timmins            Latitude 48-28-18 N, Longitude 81-19-53 W

Reference: http://geonames.nrcan.gc.ca/index_e.php           

UFO location (UFOCAT) Latitude 48.40 N, Longitude 81.37 W (D.%)  


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