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Note – I received a phone call from the witness in France on December 02, 2008, at approximately 6:30 p.m. He had problems getting through to me from my website and decided to phone. He gave me his e-mail address and the text of his e-mail follows. All brackets that have “deleted” in them are for confidentiality.-CF-     

Dear Mr. Feindt,

Thank you for taking time for our short international phone call.       

My personal experience is as follows:

While cruising on a yacht in Norman’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas, in May of 1989, we were at anchor close to the famous crashed DC-3 (check on the net)1 protected from the high seas in a pass between different atolls where we were to join [nationality – deleted] friends. Present were the ship’s owner, his sister and his skipper, an ex U.S. Navy frigate captain, retired and now captain on yachts for the fun of it, and myself visiting from France. [Our] aim was to join these family friends and to go and party!       

Yacht [ship’s name – deleted] is a 75 foot Bertram, a real easy seagoing yacht, great and secure and comfortable. We left from Nassau in the morning and arrived in Norman’s Cay around 5 p.m., nice conditions, no wind, sunny, and we had crossed a few other vessels which we had communicated with on VHF channels.

On arrival at anchorage, it was about sunset (5 or 6 p.m.). We were about a hundred meters inside a lagoon and about 150 feet from open seas, protected from large [waves] by a coral barrier. Only this crashed DC-3 was a landmark for the spot. We were about to call these friends, owners of one of the atoll islands as light grew dark. Surprisingly the VHF radio didn’t work so the skipper went to the fly bridge to check antennae and suddenly yelled, "what the hell are those?" and as he said that, electricity broke down for the duration of the observation about half an hour.     

We all ran to follow him and see what was taking his attention and we saw something absolutely bizarre: four or five lights were cruising at incredible velocity seemingly underwater. The water depth here from my remembrance was quite shallow, a couple tens of feet maximum, as I recall, crystal clear light blue color even as we were closing to Norman’s Cay. So these things were going at a velocity of what the skipper estimated at some 150 knots (172.6 MPH) without leaving any surface quake but a luminescent orangy glow after their passage.       

The lights, four or five, were of a glowingly bright yellowish color. They seemed to be of about a few feet in diameter but I am not sure as [this] is an old memory. What I do recall is that they reminded me of a hive of five bees, moving erratically between themselves, each independent but seemingly like a ballet. Lights seemed immaterial and would cruise doing sharp angles at full speed, NO NOISE whatsoever, just that funny orangey glow as they’d pass rapidly. Sometimes they were at a distance and at other times, one of the lights came as close as the barrier reef separating us from the open sea, some thirty meters away!      

We didn’t speak but a few words, just hypnotized by this out-of-worldly event and "ballet." Sun was down, lights still off, and at one time I recall one of us asking the skipper if he had any clue what this was, and he must have answered this was nothing he’d ever met, not in his naval days when he’d been around top-secret operations around the Caribbean seas with U.S. Naval operations, or even anything human as the velocity was faster than anything built by man he’d known. Something around those lines.          

At a point in time, all lights came together as one underwater and stopped shining or even being light; full darkness brought us back to reality.  

No noise either from these machines or in the distance as we were in a very remote location. The orange glow was concentrated at the area the lights seemed to have come together which enabled us to see a metallic object leave the water and hover at about 3 to 5 meters. We heard water dripping in masses and from a height. The glow was disappearing but stayed luminescent about thirty seconds after the lights passed then and on the previous half hour.           

Then this metallic object just shot up and was gone in the blink of an eye! I do not recall the direction. Just gone in seconds with no noise and no lights.  

As soon as object was gone, electricity and VHF were back on, and we were able to reach the friends’ place. 

Strangely, we hardly spoke of this event between us as it was a disturbing thought to us all as so different an experience from our everyday life.      

I had no camera in those days to take a photograph during the trip and do regret that. Attachment is a photo of [ship’s name – deleted] with me at the bow in the blue Hawaiian shirt.           

Concerning stories of water-UFO-related cases are the following: I am in touch with many captains of yachts cruising throughout the world. I have also given them an example from your website (Thor Heyerdahl’s world-famous Kon-Tiki) and a link to your website and to your email should they decide to speak out anonymously.          

You’ll also understand from another attachment the reason [Name – deleted] doesn’t want to put his name forward as he is a notorious businessman.                                                                  
This reference: Phone and e-mail conversation between the witness and Carl Feindt on December 02, 2008.   

Note 1: DC-3 pictures: http://bbs.keyhole.com/ubb/showflat.php?Number=481885

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – The Bahamas

Nassau            Latitude 25-02-00 N, Longitude 77-17-00 W (D-M-S) [Populated place]

Norman’s Cay  Latitude 24-38-00 N, Longitude 76-49-00 W (D-M-S) [Island]

Exumas            Latitude 24-15-00 N, Longitude 76-30-00 W [Islands]

Reference: http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/           


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