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For date derivation see end of case.-CF-     


By Dean Merchant

Shown is a portion of an illustration by artist Carol Adams of Dover, that shows her interpretation of the close encounter of the second kind that Tim Perry and his friends experienced at Bunker Hill.

Illustration by Carol Adams

       A few years after the incident, and just up the road, another group of Stratham youngsters experienced their own close encounter of a second kind.

       The present Holmgren Road area off Bunker Hill Avenue was back then a favorite sledding spot known by locals as “the old hollow.”

       Late on a snowy afternoon Tim Perry, a rough and tumble 10 year old, his sister and three chums were enjoying some fast sledding on the icy hill, when a bright, glaring aerial craft with white, green and red lights alternately flashing, descended onto the field across the road where Bob Wiggin Sr. planted his potatoes.

        “It was late afternoon — just getting dark,” says Perry. “We saw a big light all of a sudden. It came out of nowhere, almost noiseless.”

       Hearts racing and “out of our minds,” the little band grabbed their sleds and ran for home. “It scared the bejeezus out of us,” says Perry.

       Perry recalls the UFO was roundish or slightly footballish, a shape he had never seen in an aircraft.

       It was not enormous. “It stayed on the ground for maybe 10 seconds, went up slow, then phoom, it was gone,” he says. It ascended at a 45-degree angle and went from 0 to 10,000 feet in 10 seconds — “that quick.’” The next day a UFO investigator interviewed the young Perry’s and viewed the field. Tim recalls that he and his sister were interviewed separately.

        “I was in the family kitchen,” he says. “I remember his dark blue pants and light blue shirt, and being apprehensive as a boy would be if answering questions to a policeman.”

       Perry says the craft had melted a circular formation in the snowy field, about 50 feet in diameter and marked with weird patterns. He remembers three or four cars at the site and pictures and soil samples being taken. The next day it snowed and the physical tracings were buried beneath a white blanket.

       Today, as an engineer, husband and dad Perry can analytically ponder his childhood experience, but his mental parameters remain open to unknown explanations to what he saw decades ago.                                                                                                                          

This reference: UFO News Clipping Service, June 2008, Number 467, and thanks to:


of May 12, 2008.         

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, New Hampshire, Rockingham

Stratham          Latitude 43-01-26 N, Longitude 70-54-49 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.

Date derivation

First case in the news article began:

“On a wintry eve in 1971, three Stratham lads fired up their racing snow machines and departed from one of the youth’s Stratham Heights Road homes.” I believe this might be in error as the same or similar event took place on January 05, 1972 – UFOCAT PRN 78940.-CF-

“A few years after the incident...:”

1973 was a few years later (than 1971) and there was a large “wave” that year in the UFO record books. While this cannot be construed as a definite year, I feel it would be a close approximation. The months of November through March could be considered the months this event took place because of the snow.-CF-   

Date - E-mail Correction

Dear Carl,

       I am a UFO researcher and editor of my own site in New Hampshire.  I frequently check your site to see if there are updates for my area. Your newest addition under a search for: New Hampshire brought up your report #1142.

       My comment is not about that particular article, but concerns a note you made about the first case in the news article:

       "On a wintry eve in 1971, three Stratham lads fired up their racing snow machines and departed from one of the youth's Stratham Heights Road Homes."

        Then you state, "I believe this might be in error as the same or similar event took place on

January 5, 1972.

       That got me thinking, and I checked my archive, and indeed there is a sighting for:      

January 5, 1972 in East Kingston, when at 11:45 pm "five witnesses came upon the oval object while snowmobiling through a field which was intersected by railroad tracks.  It glowed with a yellowish light and hovered about ten feet above the tracks at a distance of 300 feet.  It rose vertically and descended behind trees. Area is country and swamp. There was no noise."

Sources: Ray Fowler Archives, Sign Historical Group       

The article you are comparing it to written by Dean Merchant and published on: http://www.features@seacoastonline.com states:            

Winter 1971 in Stratham, "on a wintry eve in 1971, three Stratham lads fired up their racing snow machines and departed from one of the youth's Stratham Heights Road homes.  Cutting across the Goodrich Farm Fields, the boys turned onto a woods trail leading to Bunker Hill Ave...As they reached the vicinity of the Old Sanderson Gravel Pit, looming just above and nearly touching a high power electrical line was the catalyst to heart-pounding primal fear- a UFO."        

       You think they are the same sighting, and at first I thought you could be right, but I started checking the details and pulling out my maps.

       I think they are two separate sightings because even though the towns are in the same vicinity, when looking at a large road map, they are separated by quite a distance because the large city of Exeter sits directly between the two, so you can see that Stratham and East Kingston aren't even near each other. I have two N.H. road atlas books that really zoom in on areas, so I looked both areas up and with the details that are in the descriptions was able to find the general areas were the sighting to place.  The only thing that is similar in each sighting is the witnesses were riding snowmobiles.     

One sighting is: “looming just above and nearly touching a high power electrical line"

The other states: "hovered about ten feet above the tracks" (railroad tracks)


Not the same sighting. I made sure my notes reflect they are not the same, thought you should, too.

I do however, have some new reports about USOs seen in New Hampshire on http://www.nhufo.org


N.H. Flapjack


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