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Lady Sees Space Ship Saturday and Sunday Hover over North East Before It Zooms Away

       Editor’s Note: The lady’s name withheld from publication by request will be disclosed to any doubting reader who calls the Breeze. Any other eyewitness reports of the spaceship will be so honored. 
       A spaceship hovered over North East Saturday and Sunday [4th & 5th–CF-],the Breeze learned this week.        
       After its two visits here, it was said, the strange craft zoomed away into the clouds. A thoroughly reliable and level Breeze correspondent, who wanted to remain nameless, faithfully reported the incident.     
       At 20 minutes to 2 Sunday morning, she knelt on the maple chair in her home overlooking the lake at Dill Park to turn out the light. She had returned from bowling in Erie a little earlier and was reading the paper before going to bed. At first glance out the window, she thought she [was] watching a boat in distress coming in to shore.        
       The object resembled [a] fish tug1 which looked to be much nearer the beach than one normally drifts, closer even than private fishing boats anchor. Because of the brilliant orange light radiating from it, the lady thought it was on fire.     
     The glow of a cloud-hidden moon on the water, however, revealed the thing to be suspended six or eight feet above the lake off Orchard Beach. The light it made remained steady and blindingly bright.  
       “If it had been a fire," the lady said, "such intensity would have been white--not orange."         
       During the eight or nine minutes that she watched it, the ship skittered east, then west---"so fast that by comparison a jet would be standing still."      

Leaves Rosy Glow     

       By the time she had fetched her field glasses from the bedroom where she had been watching some birds with them earlier in the day, the craft had gone. Only a rosy orange glow remained in the clouds of the western sky above the lake.          
       The lady's husband, when she woke him, naturally accused her of hallucinations, but the next evening any doubts she may have had herself were whisked away.          
       The ship again hung in the sky about midnight. This time the lady had her glasses ready and got a better look at it.        
       It still appeared to be about the size and shape of a tug, she said, but where the rigging normally projected above deck, the spaceship had a low, curved, glowing dome of orange. Two tiers of square windows were ranged along its sides, she said, like rows of postage stamps. 
       Realizing that water distances are tricky to figure, she judged it was not more than a mile away. The brilliance of the light, however, made it impossible to make out the details of the ship.  
       This time it rose gradually straight up and again disappeared. Although the lady sat to watch for it until long afterward, she didn’t see it return.     
       The experience reminded her of another similar sight about a year ago--inexplicable goings-on in the sky.      
       “Before that,” she said, “I never considered that these things really happened.”           

Like a greenish ball  

       She was returning home along Route 5 from the Snack Bar at 8:20 in the evening when a greenish-silver—“almost” phosphorescent--streak over the lake caused her to pull off on the Orchard Beach Road to make sure her eyes were all right. Thinking the ball-like object might be a reflection on her car window, she rolled it down and found that it was still in the sky.       
       It rested in the air over the lake opposite State Line. Suddenly quicker than lightning, it hurtled toward Presque Isle and into the west.
       The lady's husband thought she was crazy this time too---until the next day's paper reported that three separate and unrelated people described the same object near Ashtabula Harbor ten minutes after she had seen it here.   

Reference for the above text is: Newspaper The Breeze, North East, PA. Dated in Blue Book files as December 5, 1954.  
With thanks to Loren Gross for providing the article.  

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North America – United States, Pennsylvania, New York & Ohio          
Ashtabula, OH              Latitude 41-52 N, Longitude 80-47 W (D-M)   
Erie, PA                        Latitude 42-08 N, Longitude 80-05 W
Lake Erie                      Latitude 41-40 N, Longitude 82-09 W 
North East, PA              Latitude 42-13 N, Longitude 79-50 W 
Presque Isle, PA           Latitude 42-10 N, Longitude 80-06 W
Ripley, NY                     Latitude 42-16 N, Longitude 79-43 W 
Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington, D.C., 1990       

Orchard Beach, PA        Latitude 42.14 N, Longitude 79.50 W (D.%)   
State Line, NY              Latitude 42.15 N, Longitude 79.46 W (Chautauqua County)   
Reference: http://www.astro.com/cgi-bin/atlw3/aq.cgi?lang=e          

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