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9~10-??-1968           ENGLISH TRANSLATION FOLLOWS SPANISH TEXT           

Setiembre/Octubre de 1968. 4,30 h.  

Costa portuguesa, de Canarias a Vigo.            

Francisco Fuentes, 27, oficial de puente, junto con el oficial primero y el timonel iban en el mercante Campanario y observaron a muy baja altura aproximadamente a un metro sobre el mar un objeto redondo del tamaño de una luna llena en su cenit que un fuerte resplandor blanco. Su velocidad era enorme y su trayectoria rectilínea. Al pasar paralelamente al barco se produjo un apagan en el navío y una parada en las máquinas. No creyeron oportuno dejar constancia en el Libro de Navegación. (M. Osuna).     

Date: September/October 1968 Time: 0400 a.m.      

Portuguese coast, enroute from the Canary Islands to Vigo.  

27-year old Francisco Fuentes, officer of the watch, along with the first officer and the helms-man onboard the merchant Campanario observed at a very low altitude -- approximately 1 meter above the surface of the ocean -- a round object, the size of the full moon at its zenith which emitted a strong white glow. It was traveling at very high speed on a rectilinear trajectory. As it paralleled the vessel there was a complete electrical and mechanical failure onboard. The crew decided against logging this incident in the ship's log.

Source: Manuel Osuna Llorente           .


Reference for the above text is: E-mail from Albert Rosales of: http://www.iraap.org/rosales/index.htm with my thanks for finding it for me –CF-         

A photo of the ship is available at:      

And a note regarding the ship:                       
I made some enquiries in Spain and I was told that the freighter Campanario existed and it was called Campanario since 1939 on, with two different names before then. It was part of the CAMPSA fleet; and it was put out of commission in 1970.

                                                                                                                        Albert Rosales 


Atlantic Ocean – Off the Portuguese coast

Portuguese coast lies roughly between Latitudes 36 through 42 North –CF-

Vigo                             Latitude 42-14-00 N, Longitude 08-43-00 W (D-M-S) [Spain]

Canary Islands Latitude 28-00-00 N, Longitude 15-30-00 W [Spain]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/    


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