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Iowa Falls, April 14 -- Many people here are confident that the airship of the latter-day notoriety lies at the bottom of the Iowa River a short distance above this city. Shortly after dusk last evening, several people were attracted by a meteoric-like flash across the heavens and attended by a whirring noise that the passage of a heavy body through the air at a rapid rate might make. The light and the dark form which seemed to follow it approached the earth at a terrific speed, and parties living near the river declare that it struck the water and immediately sunk out of sight. Those who reached the point of the object's disappearance first claim that the water was churned into a whirlpool and that for a long distance the water was seething and boiling. The theory advanced by many is that the airship, while passing over this section, became unmanageable, and in the efforts of the people aboard to land, shot downward and plunged headlong into the river and after striking the bottom, the propelling power of the ship dashed the waters into a foam. Nothing can be seen from the surface and nothing has come to the surface that might indicate the ship or its occupants, and the supposition is that the occupants were killed or drowned and with them the secret of the ship. Searching parties are now being organized to search the river and, if possible, raise the wreck. Thousands are expected here every hour by special trains from all parts of the compass and the whole matter has caused a big sensation. The field is a green one for enterprising correspondents and the advance phalanx is expected in the morning.

This reference: The Waterloo Courier, Waterloo, Iowa, April 21, 1897, p. 14.

With thanks to Marco Bianchini of The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) http://www.cisu.org/ for finding it for me-CF-


North America United States, Iowa, Hardin

Iowa Falls Latitude 42-31-21 N, Longitude 93-15-05 W (D-M-S)

Iowa River Latitude 42-51-38 N, Longitude 93-36-50 W [East Branch]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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