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Hello Carl,

I went to your site after watching the history channel, yes another one. The need to tell someone of my sighting was put on the shelf 27 years ago. When I tried explaining what I had seen to friends. I was told it was ball lightning from one of my smarter friends but mostly a joke was made when I told my story. I thought it was ball lightning after all was said, I had never seen ball lightning and it fit what I had seen. My children where flicking through the channels six months or so ago and one of the ufo programs was on, some of the details sounded very familiar to that day 27 years ago. I started investigating ball lightning on the internet and realized no way was this ball lightning. In September of 1981, I lived on Village Rd., Villas NJ., two houses from the bay. It was a beautiful sunny day around five PM, after work

I would take my Louisville Slugger [Baseball bat-CF-] to the bay to hit rocks out into water. I was watching where my rock would splash down when a ball of light very bright white like a welders arc flashed up from the water on a thirty degree angle wavered for a split second shot back [from] the direction it came from then back up again on a 55 degree angle from its first stop. Two more, shorter bursts, in two different directions then shot out of site at about a 75 degree angle. I think this all took about two to three seconds never seen anything move that fast. My best guess is that it was around five miles out or more. I spend time fishing in the same waters. The shape was if anything round. Carl thanks for the invitation to write. This is the most I have written since I was in school or to write my kids a note. Thanks again (Name deleted by me –CF-)

This reference: Letter to me (Carl Feindt), post marked April 09, 2008, and phone conversations.

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, New Jersey, Cape May. Body of water is the Delaware Bay

Villas    Latitude 39-01-43 N, Longitude 74-56-19 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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