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Paul C. Cerny, Western States Director


Robert Neville, Nevada State Director 

       Two days before the WWII Pacific Guadalcanal invasion by American troops to retake this Japanese occupied island, an unforgettable and astounding event involved the nearby U.S. Navy Fleet. One Navy witness, a chief at the time aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Helm #388, had an excellent observation of an incredible encounter with an unknown, unidentified intruder. At 10:00 a.m. the fleet received a radar report from one of the cruisers, and a little later a visual sighting of the object was made from their destroyer.

WASHINGTON DC 20374-5060


The object was approaching the fleet on the wrong radio beam, which changed daily. Since the object was coming in on the wrong beam, it was considered to be enemy or hostile. All ships went to battle stations. When the unknown approached to within 3,000 yards, the crews opened fire on it. The unknown then made a sharp right turn and headed south from an approach heading of 320°. The UFO increased its speed and then circled the entire fleet once, now at about 3,500 yards away. The object was traveling at such a tremendous speed that the gun crews could not coordinate a lead point fast enough on the target to hit it. All of the gun crews were just firing wildly, trying to get a hit. The target then circled the fleet one more time, then headed south again roughly at the approach point.

       Afterward, the gun control director estimated the vehicle had reached speeds of up to 10,000 m.p.h. The whole incident lasted only about 5 minutes or less. The witness, who still does not want his name revealed, was on watch duty at the time. He had a pair of 7x50 binoculars and got a pretty good look at it. It appeared to be a fairly flat, silvery disc with a dome right in the middle of the top side. There was no trail or exhaust and no sound. Its altitude remained relatively between 3,000 to 4,000 feet. Distance remained close to 3,500 yards.

       After the incident was over, all the crews and personnel were shaken by the incredible experience of encountering something so unbelievable in its speed and maneuvering capabilities. The captain of the destroyer stated that to at least pacify his crew, he would make a determined effort to find out what it was. Since it was only two days prior to invasion time of Guadalcanal, radio silence between ships was imperative and it was maintained. Any messages were relayed only through flying aircraft (PBY's).

       Four days after the invasion took place, the captain called most of the crew together and relayed a message to them from Command Headquarters that the object they had encountered was neither Japanese nor German [duplicate words deleted-CF-], not an enemy, nor was it one of ours. For months afterwards, the witness and other crew members continued to inquire of the captain for any further information as to what the object was. He told them he simply could not find out any more details relative to the incident.



OCT. 1942. SPEEDS UP TO  10,000 MPH.

Fleet ships involved at the time were three cruisers and seven destroyers; all fired at the unknown intruder. The crews were all apprehensive for days that more of the strange visitors might return in force to possibly attack them.

       The speeds which this “aircraft” displayed and somehow eluded the thousands of shells fired at it gave the crews the uneasy feeling they were no match for it. This was very unnerving.

       The best estimates on the craft's diameter, as speculated by the various ships’ commands, was about 90 feet.

       The witness still feels the exact details and collected naval information on this particular incident is no doubt still under high security wraps. The date of the experience he places at either October 9th or 10th, 19421. Due to the length of time involved, he said he has lost track of his other shipmates, but felt the information was definitely on file somewhere in Navy Intelligence files in Washington.

       The interview with this witness is on a tape cassette in our possession.                       

This reference: The MUFON UFO Journal, July 1983, pp. 14-15

Note 1:

The witness to this sighting chose to remain anonymous. It should be noted that on 11-13-74 the witness stated in a "MUFON UFO Sighting Report Form" that his sighting had occurred sometime between October 8-10. But further questioning by investigator Neville revealed the sighting occurred two days prior to the Guadacanal invasion. This author believes the witness wrote the wrong date, and the actual date was August, which would match official military history and documented UFO sightings also occurring in early August of 1942.                                             

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