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From: Brian Vike <yogibear@bulkley.net>

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 23:48:09 -0700

Fwd Date: Tue, 09 Apr 2002 09:16:40 -0400 Subject: HBCC UFO: Report By USN [Retired]  

Hi List,

Now here is a good case I am looking into right now. I received an email from a gentleman who severed (sic-served) aboard the USS Fort Mandan LSD 21 and told me he saw "exactly1" what Mr. Chester Gruslinski (sic - Grusinski) witnessed back in 1958 [See: 10-??-1958] when he served aboard the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt aircraft carrier. Below is the first email I received from this fellow and below this a second email. I plan to telephone this gentleman to see what other information I can come up with.

Take care,

Brian HBCC UFO          

First email:      

Hooray! I am not blind as my CO called me in circa Feb 1952. I was on air watch aboard USS Fort Mandan LSD 21.


We were located approx. 400 miles east of New Jersey on maneuvers. I spotted exactly what Chester saw. I reported it as the gondola of a blimp. The CO said there were no blimps within 500 miles. Then I heard him whisper, “Blind SOB!!”

The drawing Chester made of the UFO with windows is just what I saw.      

(Name deleted by HBCC UFO) USN Retired

Second email:

As far as I can remember, and I do remember it well, it was a partly cloudy day, cold and windy. The surface was usual for the N. Atlantic, a little rough but not bad. I remember the clouds as I thought maybe I saw some weird kind of reflection of a blimp from over the horizon, especially since they told me there was nothing on radar and not a blimp around.

I still distinctly remember that it looked like a long blimp gondola and it had windows. I dis (sic-did) not see the gas bag; I figured a cloud covered it. I would estimate it at 1/2 to 3/4 miles away. I followed it a bit and then reported aircraft off the port beam. When I reported, I took my binoculars off my eyes. After the report, I could no longer find the object. I figured it went into the clouds.

I was on the bridge about 15 feet from the captain about 65 feet above the water.

Ten years ago I was stationed aboard USS Shadwell LSD 15, the same class and age ship, and stood on the same spot and remembered that day.

I never heard of a UFO, so at the time, I merely believed that I had seen a blimp. I don't know of anyone else that saw it, however, this month I am going to a reunion of that ship’s crew, so I will ask around.

(Name deleted by HBCC UFO) USN Retired                                                                             

This reference: Report to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research as above.


With thanks to Mr. Vike for permission to post to this website and UFO UpDates to which it was addressed.     

Note 1: I don’t know how the witness got his information on what the craft looked like (other than cigar-shaped), but Mr. Grusinski stated that:     

       “But we can be sure that the Regulation JANAP 146 (E) will have prevented details of any of these cases getting onto the warship’s log-books. However, I possess letters of testimony from a number of crew members. I also enclose herewith, along with a photo of the carrier USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, prints of two of the photos of the flying disc taken on September 20, 1952, by Wallace Litwin during ‘Operation Mainbrace’ and a sketch of the scene on our flight deck on the night in 1958 when, off the coast of Cuba, I saw the big ‘cigar.’ This sketch was made by my companion and fellow-witness William Scott. Along with the photo of our carrier, I also enclose a copy of the official U.S. Navy’s MERINT radio-telegraph procedure chart for reporting UFOs and a copy of the letter of promulgation issued on March 31, 1966, by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in connection with JANAP 146 (E) instructions for the reporting of vital Intelligence sightings (incidentally, still in force today).”

From Flying Saucer Review: http://www.fsr.org.uk/fsrart4.htm           

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North Atlantic Ocean off the U.S. State of New Jersey            

For this ship’s history see:



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