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Report UFO sighting by four area youths

       Four Clarion-Limestone School boys, all members of the  school's junior' class, aren't quite sure today' whether they saw one or two "UFO's" - unidentified flying objects - in the Corsica area last Tuesday evening, but they're unanimously certain that they saw something and that their car radio was inexplicably "jammed" by crashing static at the same time.

       The four C·L youths are: Andrew Shofestall,' 16, of RD .1, Corsica; Jack Stahlman, also. 16, of RD 1, Clarion (East Main Street Extension); Paul Perry, also 16 and also of RD 1, Clarion, and Peter Snyder, 16, of RD 1, Clarion.

       The C-L juniors had been out for a ride in a 1962 Dodge sedan, owned by Peter Snyder’s father and driven by Peter. They stopped at the Shofestall home to let Andrew out.

Saw Light·

       The latter said that he went into the house, looked out of a window, and saw a bright light in the sky, in the direction of the Keystone Shortway link which lies north of his home, and in a place where no such light had ever appeared before.

       The light he saw was white, he said, and steadily unblinking; it did not appear to move. He is certain that it was well above the horizon which is normally visible in daytime from the window at which he was standing.

       Andy said that he watched the mysterious light for approximately a half-hour; then, since it seemed to be immobile and unchanging, he assumed that there was some natural explanation for it, and went to bed.

       Meanwhile, the other three boys had started up the Snyder car and had driven to a point 50 feet or more from the Shofestall home when they saw a "quite bright" light in the sky, and stopped the car to observe it.

       The three occupants of the car all agree this light was seen in a different direction from that observed by Andy Shofestall, and that it changed color several times, from bright green, to blue, and then to white.

High Above Ground

This light, observed by Peter Snyder, Paul Perry and Jack I Stahlman, was apparently "high above the ground," they said -- and it moved several times. They agreed that, when it moved, it seemed to dart across the sky with extreme rapidity, and that it then came to an instantaneous stop in midair.

       There was no sign of "slowing down" before the sudden stop, which all three boys observed. They had opened the car’s windows for a better view of the phenomenon, they said, and all had a clear view of the mysterious light as long as it remained in sight: They agreed that they had watched it for at least five minutes.

       During their five minutes or more of observation, the car's radio was on and, while the changing, moving light was in sight, the radio was filled with crashing static which completely obliterated the perfectly clear program-signal to which they had been listening. When the UFO -- if that's what they saw -- disappeared from view, the car's radio returned at once to normal operation.

       The 1962 car, in which they were riding, Peter Snyder said, had only recently been equipped with a new radio which was, and is, in perfect working condition.

       While the light hovered in the sky, the boys said, there was a sudden, brief downpour of rain; the rainfall began instantaneously, with no preliminary "Sprinkle,” an ended just as suddenly.

       Asked if the static which jammed the car radio could have been associated with the sudden rainstorm, all three said that the jamming was of a completely different kind than that usually heard during rainstorms and lighting storms, and that it was vastly more loud and continuous. So severe was the radio noise, they said, that they turned off the radio.

Report Interference

M. M. Collett, supervising principal of Clarion·Limestone School, told a News reporter that residents of the area had been experiencing severe radio and television interference for some time, and that he had requested the West Penn Power Company to make an interference check in the area. He said he suspected some malunction in a transformer or an insulator on a high-tension line which runs across the area.

       Other district radio listeners on Tuesday night (when a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball was being broadcast on radio only) reported severe interference at different times during the evening.          

One such report came from as far west as Lamartine and the crashing "static", which lasted for only a few minutes was heard earlier in the evening, by at least an hour, than the Corsica observances, which took place between 10:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.      

An employee of The Clarion News reports having seen a bright red light in the sky high above the Monroe Chapel area last Friday night; the light was stationary, this report says, and the observer's auto radio, which is said to be an unusually good one, was completely drowned out by continuous static as long as the red light was visible aloft.                                                           

This reference: The Clarion, PA., Democrat, dated April 22, 1966

With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/  


UFOCAT URN – NONE News clipping The Clarion, PA., Democrat, dated April 22, 1966

UFOCAT URN – NONE News clipping Dubois, PA., Courier Express, dated April 26, 1966

North America – United States, Pennsylvania, Jefferson

Corsica Latitude 41-10-52 N, Longitude 79-12-08 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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