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On April 10, 2002 at 5:30 A.M. CDT the witness arose and went downstairs to the kitchen and opened the blinds to look for deer on the lake on her and her husband's property. The weather was clear. She saw a bronze metallic octagon-shaped object about 20 feet across which seemed to float on the lake. The object had darker bronze circles around a central raised portion and an extension that appeared to have windows on it. She moved to the glass door for a better view and to make sure that what she saw wasn't a reflection or illusion. She heard no sound but watched the object for about a minute, then ran upstairs to call her husband to look. By the time the two returned the object had disappeared. The water on the lake did not seem disturbed.

The witness and her husband are teachers, former Miami residents and have been friends of the investigator for more than 20 years. The witness had little interest in UFOs previous to the sighting. She related the incident to me and a few other friends on April 29 when we were visiting in Tennessee. It was noted that at the time of the UFO sighting there were few if any leaves on the trees, affording a better view of the lake than when we were there. Two days later the witness and I walked completely around the lake (which is approximately 300' X 200') but found nothing unusual either in or near the water.

On the night of May 3, at 19:30 CDT the witness saw a light coming out of the lake at the same spot where she had seen the UFO. The light flashed and then was gone in a second. That night she slept poorly, hearing what sounded like coyotes howling and some kind of banging against the house. There was no moon or stars visible that night. We checked for animal paw prints but did not see any. The witnesses' husband, who is hard of hearing and without his hearing aid did not hear any sounds.

On checking the witness' history, it was found that she sometimes sees shadows moving quickly and hears noises as of someone walking in and out of the house. She has a possible "scoop mark" on the side of her calf, of which she does not know the origin. At one time she awoke with bruises on both arms. Toilets in the house have so often flushed by themselves that at times the water had to be turned off.

This reference: http://www.skyscan.org/TennStg.htm


North America United States, Tennessee

No local point of reference given.

Unnamed Lake.


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