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??-??-1954 U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt     

US Carrier Roosevelt Spots Three UFOs – Illustration

       Although I would like to divulge detailed information to you, I must first think of my family. As an officer on the FDR, I too witnessed a daytime event involving a cigar-shaped craft that covered a span of at least 100 feet, a larger 300+ foot cigar, and two 50 foot (roughly) round discs. Without stating my position, I will state that we attempted to engage the craft with weaponry and, in the ten minutes of viewing and the 4 minutes of this attempt, the weapons would not allow themselves to be prepared for engagement.           

       We also attempted to prepare launch of aircraft at the conclusion of the event. I was informed of the object when it arrived by [a] fellow officer who engaged me in conversation concerning the proper procedure in dealing with this type of event. At the 14 minute mark, the craft rapidly traveled upward as two small round objects exited the water. At the 21 minute mark, a much larger cigar arrived from directly above the FDR and the two smaller disks entered the cigar, and then the cigar once again departed upward at 23 minutes roughly. At [the] 26 minute mark, the cigar returned and dove into the water.

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This reference: Filer’s Files #22, 2007 by George Filer, Eastern MUFON Director, June 3, 2007.

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

NOTE regarding the date of the above sighting-CF-:

       During the next few years, [the] Franklin D. Roosevelt took part in intensive operations off the Virginia Capes, along the east coast, and in the Caribbean, and made four tours of duty in the Mediterranean. Assigned to extensive conversion at Puget Sound Naval Ship Yard, the carrier sailed from Norfolk 7 January 1954. Too large to pass through the Panama Canal, she rounded Cape Horn and arrived at the shipyard 5 March. She was decommissioned there 23 April 1954.

In February 1957, the recommissioned Franklin D. Roosevelt sailed to the Gulf of Maine for cold weather tests of catapults, aircraft, and other carrier equipment, including the Regulus guided missile.



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