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1976 - At around ten o'clock in the morning, Freddy Chiasson, age 52, his wife Claire, and their two sons Morris and Rony were driving across Gaspesian [Gaspésie] Park, Quebec, Canada in a thick fog, heading toward Matane. Suddenly, a beam of red light coming from the sky struck the road ahead of their car. Despite the thick fog, this beam had very sharp edges and formed a circle 6 inches in diameter where it struck the road. It paced their car for several miles, always staying the same distance ahead, then broke up into several “sections” which shut up into one another, like a collapsible telescope, and rose back upwards in a coherent light fashion. They then saw a dazzling white light to their left, which the witness estimated to be a half mile away. This light approached them and stopped over the road some distance ahead of them. Mr. Chiasson stopped the car. They then felt a very strong sensation of heat, and the car’s headlights and radio went out. Next the car's motor died, and it could not be re-started. They could smell a peculiar “acid” odor that irritated their nasal passages.


They got out of their car and walked through the fog toward the fuzzy, intense light ahead. When they reached it, they found that it came from an oval, scallop shell-like object that was wider than the road and resting on legs. It was about 40 feet wide, 15 feet high, and made of a dull metal with four square circumferential windows three feet wide, out of which light was pouring. They could hear a dull sound, like wood rubbing on wood at regular intervals. Mrs. Chiasson approached the windows and let out a scream when she confronted a large face in the window with big round eyes. The sight made Mr. Chiasson feel like vomiting. All four family members ran back to their car, which still could not be started. After a few minutes the two youths again walked through the thinning fog toward the object, followed by their father. When they had got to within ten paces, they could see that the light inside had gone out. Two beams of blue-green light appeared, coming from behind the UFO toward the witnesses. Mr. Chiasson felt sick, his eyes watered, and he vomited. Then the light rays went out, and they saw two beings standing or floating beside the object. They were about seven feet tall, bald, and looked very ugly to the witnesses because their appearance filled them with feelings of terror. They wore brown khaki uniforms, like a police officer's but closer fitting, and were holding tubes about a yard long. The beings were stocky with wide shoulders, which were “too high,” and round bodies. Their square-chinned, straw yellow faces had big, round eyes without eyelids and thick red lips. Neither Mr. Chiasson nor his sons saw noses or ears, and they may not have had any. They stood still, but turned their heads as if examining the witnesses. After this confrontation which seemed to last for minutes, the three male witnesses fled back to the car where Mr. Chiasson vomited again. After this there was a burst of light in front of them followed by another wave of unbearable heat that made them all crouch down in the car. This intensified for a short while and then gradually passed. When they got up, they could see that there was nothing ahead of them, and the fog had practically dissipated. The car could be started at this point. At the place where the UFO had been, there was a slight luminous vapor. For about ten hours afterwards, all four of the Chiassons suffered from intense itching.

(David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1976-92 (A1634), citing Jean Ferguson, Les Humanoïdes, p. 224).


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North America – Canada, Quebec

Gaspésie Park   Latitude 48-55-00 N, Longitude 066-00-00 W (D-M-S) [park Parc de la Gaspésie]

Matane              Latitude 48-51-00 N, Longitude 067-31-00W [populated place]

Reference: http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmaviewer/



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