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CUFOS Investigators form not included, but is on file with CUFOS           

Witness’s handwritten account:         

I went out to the reservoir one cool evening in October to enjoy the sunset. I parked my car facing west with the water before me. As the sun was on the horizon, I saw a flash of metal in my left peripheral vision; however I discounted it, believing it to be a plane. However, it caught my attention as it descended rapidly, but smoothly down and into the water. I heard no noise at all. Not more than a minute later, I saw a ring of white light maybe 50 ft. diameter gliding right under the surface of the water – again no noise. It was really beginning to get dark now, so the light was very apparent. I did not see any other witnesses around. There it remained, pulsating, for approximately 8 minutes. Suddenly it just went out completely, as if someone flipped a switch. I left immediately as it unnerved me somewhat. It was a clear cool night. The whole incident lasted approximately 10 minutes.       

Sketch by witness – annotations redone for clarity by me –CF-

Follow-up by case investigator:          

       In my interview with Ms. XXXXXXX, I found her to be quite frank and intelligent about the encounter that she had that night in October of 1975. Through further questioning, I later found out that her brother, who was visiting, was with her at the time and said he had not seen anything unusual. Ms. XXXXXXX had expressed a belief in U.F.O.’s, but had never really studied them in-depth. Following the interview with Ms. XXXXXXX, I went to the Ball State University library to look at the microfilms of the 1975 Muncie newspapers. Because Ms. XXXXXXX could not remember the exact date of the sighting, it was necessary to view the entire month of October's newspapers. The only unusual event was a double drowning at Prairie Creek Reservoir. One of the bodies was found the day of the accident in the south end of the reservoir, near where the mishap had occurred; the other body was found on the east end of the reservoir several weeks later.

       I checked with Delaware County Sheriff Carmicheal (sic?) about any U.F.O. sighting call-ins in October of 1975, but he said only that those records were somewhere and he didn't know where. I also checked with the F.A.A. administrator (Mr. Bean) at Johnson Field, but he told me that he wasn't here at that time and knew nothing about it.

       My investigation led me to call the Ball State University Physics and Astronomy Department where I was put in touch with Dr. Scott. My questions were concerning the prevalent stars and/or constellations for the month of October in the west-southwest area of the sky.

       Dr. Scott replied that the prevalent constellations were: Signus the Swan, in the northwest; Lyra in the west; and Pegasus overhead. These would be most noticeable in the general time area of seven p.m. The only planet that he was aware of was Mars, but that that would be in the Eastern sky.

       I have come to the conclusive opinion that Ms. XXXXXXX did definitely see something that October night, for the mental image and recollection was far to intricate for the situation to warrant just a wild imaginary story. However, due to insufficient data I will need additional authorization with which to obtain the police call records, to further insure the credibility of this case. There surely had to have been

       Johnson Field air terminal is on the VORTAC system of air navigation and would not have had any radar sighting of the event. Indianapolis Airport would probably have the information on any irregular sightings that month over the Prairie Creek area.

       Perhaps a senior center investigator could get the police records more easily than I could. I believe that those records could hold more information than the police believe they do.


Name typed                

                                                                                                            CUFOS Investigator    

This reference: CUFOS report form. With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org/        

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America – United States, Indiana, Delaware county

Muncie                          Latitude 40-11-36 N, Longitude 85-23-11 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            

Prairie Creek Reservoir - Latitude 40-08-46 N, Longitude 85-17-36 W (D-M-S)

Ball State University      Latitude 40-96-16 N, Longitude 85-24-45 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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