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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (North Park) Strange Light in The Water Then Rose Up

Date: April 6, 2007

Time: 11:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: North Park.

Number of witnesses: 3

Number of objects: 1

Shape of objects: Very small light.
Full Description of event/sighting:

I want to keep this relatively short, but I had quite the experience tonight, one that I will remember forever. I was driving by North Park with friends and a strange light was shining directly on the lake. We looked up but couldn't see the source, which seemed very strange at the time. We got out and moved towards the lake, while trying to keep our eyes on the light in the water. The water was strangely illuminated. Visibility was about 4 feet deep I'd estimate. This was very clear visibility, from about 100 yards away, probably a little more. But the sight was vivid; I actually thought I saw fish beneath the surface. This was not long ago in pure darkness, from far away. I shouldn't have been able to see what I saw. Moving on though, the light that had been causing this, we noticed either moved from the lake to above the trees (and was the source the whole time) or was silently waiting several hundred feet above and was never noticed. Either way I don't know. I do know that the last time I saw the light/object it was slightly above the trees, then below them and disappearing, then back above and a dark amber color, then below again, then back up, then completely gone and not to be seen again. It didn't noticeably fly into the distance or leave in a spark of glory. That was it. We just lost sight and it was gone.

The strange thing to me was the size of the object. It couldn't have been large enough for even the smallest human to fit inside. This thing was literally a floating street light with intelligence. I've heard of these sized objects possibly being involved in crop circles. I didn't see anything remotely similar in this case. Please reply if you have relevant information.

Thank you to the witness for the very interesting report.

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North America United States, Pennsylvania, Allegheny

Pittsburgh Latitude 40-26-26 N, Longitude 79-59-45 W (D-M-S)

North Park Lake Latitude 40-35-45 N, Longitude 79-59-49 W [Reservoir]

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.


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