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Jan. 17, 1966                          

Dear Sirs:

       On the 18th of November in 1965, I sighted a U.F.O. but hesitated to report it because of the ridicule most people who report sightings get. But I found your address in the True magazine and decided to send you this letter.

       I was at the beach in Rye, N.H. (it was about 11:30 p.m.) when I saw it come down toward the water at incredible speed and instantly stop at about 50 ft. from the surface. It then started cruising around on an irratic (sic) course. It seemed about 250 ft. long and about 80 ft. in diameter at the blunt end. Instead of it being the disk one would usually associate with U.F.O.s, it was in the shape of a teardrop. In the midsection there were some markings that looked like they were painted on the hull, but they were difficult to make out at the angle I saw them. It was steel blue in color and hade (sic-had) a slight glow. There was a brilliant yellow spot about 8 ft. in diameter in the center of the blunt end. As it cruised, it made several sharply executed turns, always moving with its blunt end forward. This went on for about ten minuts (sic) and then it suddenly stopped, and I don't mean slowed to a stop; it just stopped. It hovered there for three minuts (sic) and then slowely (sic) decended (sic) to about ten ft. from the water and emmited (sic) a bluish-green light from the bottom. When the light struck the water, there was a sharp crack then a faint gurgling that went on for twelve minuts (sic). When the light withdrew, there was another sharp crack and the gurgling subsided. It hovered five minuts (sic) more then rose to about four hundred ft., turned its pointed end down, instantly accelerated to an unbeleivable (sic) speed, and an instant later was gone. I waited for the shock waves that should have accompanied the sudden departure, but they failed to come. While cruising, it came to within 200 yds. of me.

       I don't know if anyone els (sic) saw it, but I know I did.

                                                                                    Yours truthfully,

                                                                                    Witness’s signature                

This reference: Above letter to The Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS)

With thanks to The J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS): http://www.cufos.org   

UFOCAT PRN – NONE           

North America - United States, New Hampshire, Rockingham. Body of water is the Gulf of Maine

Rye      Latitude 43-00-48 N, Longitude 70-46-15 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic


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