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NOTE: Also, see 08-08-1954 [http://www.waterufo.net/item.php?id=102] and 09-20-1954 [http://www.waterufo.net/item.php?id=1260], as I believe these are all the same case. -CF-           

       In coastal waters off Ensenada, California, on September 2, 1954, a Honduran freighter reported a "strange fireball which skipped along the surface of the sea, then vanished." It left a trail of white smoke1, paralleling the ship's course. The Coast Guard searched the area but found nothing that would explain the observation.


Reference for the above text is: Invisible Horizons by Vincent Gaddis, p. 212, © 1965.

Original reference: Notices to Mariners, issued by the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, under “celestial phenomena           

Note 1: This white smoke could also be steam, generated by the heat of the field surrounding the UFO and touching the water, which it is entering and leaving. –CF-         

UFOCAT PRN – 21302

UFOCAT URN – 21302 CRIFO Newsletter & CRIFO Orbit by Leonard Stringfield, January 1955, p. 5

UFOCAT URN – 64852 Inside Saucer Post…3-0 Blue by Leonard Stringfield , p. 58, © 1957

UFOCAT URN – NONE  Invisible Horizons, by Vincent Gaddis, p. 212, © 1965 

North America - Mexico

Ensenada, California – Note: There is no Ensenada, California; however, there is an Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico.-CF-

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico - Latitude 31-52-00 N, Longitude 116-37-00 W (D-M-S)

Reference: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/            


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