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       Other earlier reports released to NICAP included the following sightings:          

       1943: Persian Gulf—Seaman Matthew Mangle, from the bow of his ship, sighted a huge disc beneath the surface of the water. The object, glowing with a soft, greenish light, paced the ship at about 12 knots before speeding up and moving out of sight. (Similar reports are on record.)

This reference: NICAP Investigator, July/August 1960, p. 7    

UFOCAT PRN - 108850

UFOCAT URN – 108850 NICAP Investigator, July/August 1960, p. 7   

Middle East - Persian Gulf touches Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia

Persian Gulf     Latitude 26-30 N, Longitude 52-45 E (D-M)

Reference: http://library.thinkquest.org/6234/newpage2.htm           


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