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       Dozens of earlier UFO reports withheld by witnesses or unpublicized for other reasons have now been released to NICAP, mainly as a result of our appeal published in the June issue of Argosy magazine. Among the sightings reported by trained observers was a case certified by former AF Maj. Ronald A. Veeder; a low altitude UFO operation seen by pilots and Ground Observer Corps observers; and a report by a member of the British Astronomical Association.

       The report from Mr. Veeder was obtained for NICAP by Walter N. Webb, lecturer in astronomy for the Charles Hayden Planetarium in Boston. (Mr. Webb has recently become a NICAP special adviser. See separate story.)   

       The sighting, as reported to Otis AFB, occurred on Oct. 12, 1957. Witnesses included three members of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution—Ronald A. Veeder, Capt. Scott Bray of the fishing-boat Atlantic and Capt. Eugene Mysona of the Bear. With these three were two fliers from Charleston, S.C., one an AF jet pilot. All five men were aboard Veeder's boat, the Sport Fisherman, near Martha's Vineyard, Mass. The sky was clear, wind north, 5 m.p.h.   

       At 3:20 p.m., a strange round object, bearing southeast, approached the boat at high speed. As seen by Veeder and the others through binoculars, the UFO appeared to be a sphere with sensing elements or spikes protruding from it. The tips of the "spikes" were red.           

       The unknown object hovered for about two minutes, then took off to the southwest. Because the witnesses had no way of evaluating the size or distance of the UFO, they could not determine its velocity. But the five men, all excellent observers, agreed on the object's reality.

       "We do know," Veeder reported, “that it came at an exceptionally fast rate of speed and went at a speed greater then any object we had ever seen. This was a case in which an individual is embarrassed as it seems so improbable...however, we do know that this was real and was reported to the AF without hesitation."                                                                               

This reference: UFO Investigator, July/August 1960, page 6   

Per NICAP: http://www.nicap.org/mvineyard571012dir.htm: 

Project Blue Book evaluated this sighting as a balloon.

See: http://www.bluebookarchive.org/page.aspx?PageCode=NARA-PBB1-173         

October 22, 1957

OSI sent information on this report to the Commander AF Cambridge Research Center, L.G. Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass. See:


UFOCAT PRN – 61065 [Note both PRNs have the same witness.-CF-]

UFOCAT URN – 061065 Walter N. Webb investigation files, # 013, on-site investigation

UFOCAT URN – 193124 UNICAT computer database by Willy Smith (727), #723, no © date  

UFOCAT PRN – 108846

UFOCAT URN - 108846 UFO Investigator, publication of NICAP, August 1960, p. 6

UFOCAT URN - 164629 *U* UFO Computer Database by Larry Hatch, # XXXXXX, © 2002     

North America – United States, Massachusetts, Dukes

Vineyard Haven           Latitude 41-27-15 N, Longitude 70-36-13 W (D-M-S)

Martha's Vineyard        Latitude 41-25-00 N, Longitude 70-36-58 W

Reference: http://geonames.usgs.gov/pls/gnispublic.

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 41.47 N, Longitude 70.60 W (D.%) [PRN 61065 Vineyard Haven]

                                      Latitude 41.38 N, Longitude 70.68 W [PRN 108846 Martha's Vineyard]


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