On this page we see water working its magic once again on the field surrounding the UFO. The rain in these cases again demonstrates the same observations that are see in some cases that are on bodies of water in a clear day. Words such as Fog, mist, smoke and haze are used to describe what is more likely “steam” from contact of water with an extremely hot surface (the field). Another observation of the UFOs field affect on rain is the drying of an otherwise wet surface, directly below the UFO. In this later case, another affect of the field, in the drying of rainwater, might be the vortex with has been noted in several cases, which have been made noticeable on dry days by swirling dust, rocks and in one case … a dangling person.

List of Reports




Column contents as indicated by the following letters
A - Date of sighting (MM-DD-YEAR)
B - Status column. Single letter or symbol. "C" Controversy, "D" Validity Doubtful, "E" Date Error, "H" Proven Hoax,
     "M" Misidentification, "N" Not water-related but shown as such, "U" Unknown, "X" No UFO seen/Text not entered
C - Location of sighting
D - Source of this article.
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Secondary source. The letter "N" will indicate that the source is Needed.

F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
08-18-1953 M Rain - The country near Ciudad Valles, Mexico Website: URL in text O 04
02-15-1963 Rain - Moe, Victoria, Australia Tape-recorded interview with Mr. Charles Brew O 4
09-15-1965 Sudbury, Massachusetts UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors by Raymond E. Fowler O 4
11-16-1965 Rain - Salem, Massachusetts UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors by Raymond E. Fowler O 4
04-07-1966 Lincoln, Nebraska, USA Alien Invasion or Human Fantasy? by Richard Hall S 4
04-19-1966 In the rain, Corsica, Pennsylvania, USA The Clarion, PA., Democrat, dated April 22, 1966 O 4
05-31-1967 Outside of Beausejour, Manitoba, Canada APRO Bulletin, May-June 1967, p. 2 O 04
04-21-1969 Rain - Peñaranda and Macotera in Salamanca, Spain Website: URL in text S 04
06-26-1970 In the rain - Sharon, Massachusetts, USA Website: URL in text S 35
08-30-1970 Barragem de Furnas (dam), Brazil APRO Bulletin, September-October 1970, pp. 1 & 5 O 4
05-??-1975 Unnamed waters off Vancouver Is., B.C., Canada Our UFO Visitors by John Magor, pp. 20-22, © 1977 O 4
08-15-1975 Rain - Blackburn, Lancashire, England Website: URL in text S 04
10-01-1977 In the RAIN at Day's Corner, P.E.I., Canada Maritime UFO Files by Don Ledger, p. 111, © 1998 O 04
05-14-1980 Rain - Mars Hill, Maine, USA MUFON Sighting by Raymond E. Fowler, May 14, 1980 O 4
08-30-1980 Dumfries, Scotland, United Kingdom Two Newsclips. With Thanks to CUFOS O 4
04-10-1983 Rain - Ross, Ohio, USA Website: URL in text S 04
09-16-1992 Near the city of Elk River, Minnesota, USA MUFON UFO Journal, #298, February 1993, p. 16 O 04
09-26-1993 Rain – Osceola, Missouri, USA Website: NICAP: The 1993 UFO Chronology. URL in text S 04
10-31-2001 Grafton, Wisconsin, USA Website: UFO Wisconsin: URL in text O 04