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 Why is this Web page necessary?


            In 1971 Ivan T. Sanderson published the book “Invisible Residents”. This is as far as I know the only book exclusively devoted to UFOs entering or exiting bodies of water. But the end result of his investigation was his conclusion that UFOs had bases underwater. My interest in this aspect of the UFO phenomenon lies in its physical manifestation. Just as ground traces such as broken tree limbs, swirled grasses, ground imprints and burned plant roots can give us some fleeting clues to the “operation/field,” of these craft; I feel that the observed reaction between the envelope surrounding this craft, and the water, might further our understanding of the principles behind it. (See “Samples”)


            I was impressed by Paul Hills book “Unconventional Flying Objects”, and particularly the presentation of the reason for the lack of a shock wave at supersonic speeds.  This is, in my humble opinion (since I am not a scientist), an excellent book, and I will not attempt to reiterate his explanations here but simply suggest that if you are interested in why a UFO can move quickly through water, that you read his book; of course from beginning to end, but specifically from page 181 to page 207. If a molecule of air can be moved in the manner he suggests, all that is necessary for a visualization of this craft into, out of and under water is the substitution of a molecule of water in his theory.


There are also a few books that deal with this subject as a limited aspect of the abduction phenomenon. In Budd Hopkins book “Witnessed” the body of water was the East River in New York City. In Walter Webb’s Book “Encounter at Buff Ledge the body of water was Lake Champlain, bordered by the states of New York and Vermont. The most interesting abduction in relation to A UFOs interaction with water is “UFO contact from Undersea” by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.). In this case the abductee believes the craft is going through a strange tunnel, but in reality, it’s the field surrounding the craft, keeping the water at a distance, that gives the tunnel effect.

            Not of the abduction genre but of interest is yet another body of water. On the web try, for the “Shag Harbour UFO”.

More that contain references of reports of this type: UFO Chronicles of the Soviet Union: A Cosmic Samizdat and Passport to Magonia, both by Jacques Vallee.


            This project is of my own doing. It will initially be nothing more than an accumulation point for reports of UFOs and their reaction with water. If sufficient reports can be accumulated, I will attempt to break them down statistically and then submit the results to scientific scrutiny.