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What you can do to help

Please tell me where to find it !


       I have NOT read all the UFO books in the world and therefore probably do not have ALL the reports that there may be. Therefore I could use your help in locating anything that is missing on my lists of sightings.   

       If an article pertaining to this quest is in your memory, your friends’ memory or any other conceivable place, I can use it. Please let me know about it (or them) via the contact page located on the home page. However before you do this please read “Report Needs…” below. This project is NOT limited to U.S. sightings and any international cases of this type would be most welcome. Of course keep in mind that I would need translations into English as well. 

       Many documents speak of UFOs over water, but just as if we were to report a B-52 over water, it does not mean that the B-52 came out of the water. Therefore just because a UFO is seen over water, this does not give us a clear picture of controlled decent or accent from water, unless there is a prior or subsequent interaction with the water itself or with a vessel on the water, or some other shore based observation point. In like manner, the “strange” B-52 over water could just as easily have come from and returned to outer space without ever having any connection with the water. For this reason many UFO reports of this type need to be reconsidered before attributing a water connected “Strangeness” factor to it.        

Report Needs:

       1. A Date, preferably MM-DD-YEAR of the sighting for file listing and in the very least, a

              year (Even something like the late ‘70s would be acceptable).

       2. Photocopy of the Title page (Inside the publication)

       3. Photocopy of the Copyright page.

       4. Photocopy of the applicable text that applies to the water UFO

       5 Photocopy of the reference page (if one is given in the text)     

This Project Needs:

       Scientific help!  Even the constructive help of skeptics would be welcomed on a case by case basis, in the compiling of statistical probabilities, and scientific possibilities.


Suggestions for improvement will be seriously considered.