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Acronyms and Publications in List and Text

AFU                                 Archives for UFO Research (Sweden & Scandinavia)

APRO                               Aerial Phenomena Research Organization – Publication “The APRO Bulletin”

ATIC                                Aerospace Technical Intelligence Center

BJ                                    British Unidentified Flying Objects Research Association Journal

BUFORA                            British UFO Research Association. Publication “BUFORA Journal and Bulletin”

CISU                                Centro Italiano Studi Ufologici

CNES                               National Center Space Studies. (France)(Centre National des Ètudes Spatiales

C.O.D.O.V.N.I.                   Argentine UFO organization. Comisión Observadora De Objetos Voladores No


CUFOS                             Center for UFO Studies

CUFON                             Computer UFO Network:

Discos Voadores                 Journal of SBEDV

FACH                               Chilean Air Force

FS                                   Flying Saucers, UFO Reports, by Dell Publishing Co., NY, N.Y.

FSR                                 Flying Saucer Review

FS (RP)                            Flying Saucers (published by Ray Palmer)

GEPA                                Groupement d’Étude des Phenomenes Aeriens, (Group for the Study of Airborne

                                         Phenomena, Paris, France.

GEPAN                              Study Group for Unidentified Air Phenomena (Groupe d’Étude de Phenomènes Aériens


ICUFON                            Intercontinental UFO Research & Analytic Network

IUR                                  International UFO Reporter. Journal of CUFOS – Center for UFO Studies

LDLN                                Lumières Dans La Nuit  - French Journal

MUFON                             Mutual UFO Network – Publication is “The MUFON Journal”

NICAP                              National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomena

Phēnomēnes Spatiaux          “Space Phenomena” Publication of GEPA

S                                     Saga’s UFO Report magazine (New York)

SBEDV                              Brasileirade Estudos de Discos Voadores

SEPRA                              Societé pour l’Èvaluation des Phenomènes des Retour Atmospherique

SOBEPS                            Belgian Society for the Study of Space Phenomena. (Societé Belgique des Études des

                                         phenomès Spatiales)

Space View                       Published in New Zealand

UFO Investigator                The journal of NICAP