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Fish Reactions to a UFO

[Text in Purple is by Ms Joan Woodward]


            Humans react to UFOs in a multitude of ways, Fear bordering on terror, to just plain curiosity. Many books have been written of this topic. One such book is “CE-5: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind” by Richard F. Haines, Ph.D. Here we have UFO Responses to Overtly Friendly Human Behavior, UFO Responses to Overtly Hostile Human Behavior and UFO Responses to Human Thought and Miscellaneous Behavior, all with relating cases. We therefore have links of the perceived threat by the mind in addition to whatever else in exists in the physical experience. However, just like us, fish and animals will react to physical dangers such as fire, flood and predators. It is these reactions that open a door to see what causes this fear and how the UFO might use these physical forces to operate the vehicle.           

            In the presence of a UFO, the most common reaction of animals is fear. The second most common reaction is an alert or alarm reaction. Also reported are indifference or unaware, calm interest, and unease. When animals do react, the UFO’s altitude is usually estimated to be 500 feet or less, and, likewise, the UFO’s horizontal distance is estimated as less than 500 feet, and commonly as near as 200 feet or less. See “Animal Reactions to: UFOs: A Preliminary Investigation from the Animals’ Perspective” by Joan Woodward (Biography:  
 A summary of the above report may be seen at:     

            Fish also have been reported to react to a UFO that is in or near the water. Fish have the same senses as we humans: vision, excellent senses of smell and taste that serve as a sensitive chemical sensing of their environment, touch, and hearing. Additionally, the lateral line of the fish is very sensitive to vibrations, even very low frequency vibrations (beneath human detection). Fish are cold blooded and so are vulnerable to any sudden changes in water temperature.  Some reports suggest fish are trying to escape from what they might consider a predator, to yet other instances where they seem attracted to the UFOs presence.  

            UFOs that move into the water might be expected to affect fish by physical concussion and injury, by physical release of chemicals or gases by the UFO, by vibration (heard or felt), by temperature change, or by lighting effects. UFOs hovering over water bodies might be expected to affect fish more by vibrations or temperature changes and perhaps by light if it is projected into the water from the object.          

            I’m certain that there are more cases where the fish’s behavior was overlooked, as the reporting human, was more occupied with their own emotions. Also visual sighting of fish below the waters surface depends on both the waters clarity and their closeness of the fish to the surface of the water.     

            There are of course other reactions to a UFOs presence that are more devastating and can be seen in this websites page, entitled “Dead in the Water”. However, Fish kills also happen for a variety of natural reasons. Without a sighting of something odd, they happen and go uncommented on or unnoticed. See an odd light entering or leaving the water and dead fish days later becomes associated with the event for no other reason than the UFO event itself. However, if the witness is at some distance from the entry/departure point, their vision might not encompass the fish on the surface at that point, and the length of time for the fish to die and rise to the surface could also exceed the viewed event itself, therefore accounting for the length of time between the sighting and the wash-up on the shore.

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