Dead In the water


       Though only a small percentage of reported cases mention fatalities, caution should obviously be heeded when in the vicinity of a UFO. The causes of death in the following cases – like the nature and composition of the craft’s protective field – are unknown, although one mentions the possible conclusion that a concussion of fish’s glands by compressed water (shock wave) due to the rapid immersion of the UFO (See: 02-19-1982).

       Death by other means could include electrocution as this field has been called “electro-magnetic” in the past, or by radiation that affected three people in the famous “Cash-Landrum Incident”, and several other radiological cases. All of these possibilities are merely conjecture as we have no laboratory results from these cases. 

For future Ufologists this should be a wakeup call for other cases in which a UFO and death are linked:


List of Reports




Column contents as indicated by the following letters
A - Date of sighting (MM-DD-YEAR)
B - Status column. Single letter or symbol. "C" Controversy, "D" Validity Doubtful, "E" Date Error, "H" Proven Hoax,
     "M" Misidentification, "N" Not water-related but shown as such, "U" Unknown, "X" No UFO seen/Text not entered
C - Location of sighting
D - Source of this article.
E - The letter "O" in this column will indicate that the reference is the Original. The letter "S" will indicate that this is a

Secondary source. The letter "N" will indicate that the source is Needed.

F - Specific location of a constructed group of cases :
09-14-1880 Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir), Hendon, U.K. Nottingham Evening Post, dated September 16, 1880 O 10
09-MM-1949 River Oredezh near Rozhdestveno, Russia Chronicle of Incidents, NLO magazine, Russia O 10
06-01-1958 Alta Fjord, Norway IUR January/February 1995, pp. 12-13 & 17 S 10
07-08-1962 Unknown body of water, Nashville, N.C., USA The Cherryville Eagle, Cherryville, N.C., 03-30-1966 S 10
01-12~13-1967 Old River, Pointe Coupee, Louisiana, USA APRO Bulletin, March-April 1967, p. 8 O 10
10-04-1967 Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada The APRO Bulletin, September/October 1967, p. 7 S 10
05-20-1968 Moore Lake, Littleton, NH, USA. Fate Magazine, Nov. 1968, pp. 32-36 O 10
07-05-1969 Valdez channel, Alaska, U.S.A National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) O 10
12-30-1972 Small stream near Tres Arroyos, Argentina Situation Red: The UFO Siege! By Leonard Stringfield S 10
07-02-1974 Navegantes Beach, Santa Catarina, Brazil Philippe Piet van Putten O 10
??-??-1981 Unnamed dam near Morrinhos, Brazil Humanoid Reports 1981 by Albert Rosales, #9 S 10
02-19-1982 Lago Lacar, Argentina Lumieres dans la Nuit (Paris) Issue # 241 O 10
04-15-1985 Unnamed pond in Granville Summit, PA, USA National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) O 10
12-31-1997 Pond in Rockland, Massachusetts, USA UFO Roundup Vol. 3, Issue 2 O 10
11-12-2010 Chesapeake Bay Bridge, Virginia, USA Website: Lights in the Sky: URL in text O 10
01-21-2011 Swamp near El Llanito, Colombia, South America Inexplicata - The Journal of Hispanic Ufology O 10