06-24-1947 ( From previous article )

Finally that night State Highway Patrol Sgt. David Menary, of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge detail, reported seeing a dozen bright metal objects “about the size of a football” whiz overhead and fall into the sea.                                                                                                                       

This reference: Norman (Oklahoma) Transcript, 4 July 1947 “More Flying Discs Reported”

Note: File copy lost. Need replacement


North America – United States, California

San Francisco, California, USA – Latitude 37-47 N, Longitude 122-25 W ( D-M )


6~8-??-1947  (Summer of 1947)

A USO report from MUFOR on the internet as follows:

Witnesses: Pawlu Zammit and others

Location: 20 miles S of Malta

Object: Black submarine

Sound: None

       Notes: Fishermen on a boat 20 miles south of Malta were raising their nets with a catch of fish when they saw an object floating on the water's surface that looked like a black submarine. The fishermen were frightened because they thought it looked more like a monster than a submarine, so they quickly pulled in their nets and started the boat's engine. At that moment a bright light from the "submarine" lit up the whole area and "little men" began running over the deck of the object. The fishermen couldn't make out much detail from their boat but whenever the light illuminated the "little men", they could see some sort of apparatus around their waist.

       When the witness was asked how tall these men were, he replied, "About the size of a 10 year old boy". After a few minutes, the "little men" entered the "submarine" which began to glow so brightly that the fishermen couldn't see the object. It then submerged.                              

This reference: From the Website:  ( Note MUFOR stands for “Malta UFO Research” )

Original reference: "UFOs fuq iI-Gzejjer Maltin" by David Pace


Mediterranean Sea - Malta

20 miles south of Malta is Approximately – Latitude 35.39 N, Longitude 14.25 E ( D-M )

Reference: Malta gazetteer,  U.S. Army Topographic Command, Washington, D.C., November 1971



The shape of the objects involved in the Rio and Trindade incidents may be of more than passing interest. You recall that it was a giant metallic sphere which Captain Thomas Mantell reported he was chasing near Fort Knox, Ky., on that fateful afternoon in January, 1948. So far as my records show there were no other sightings of spherical UFO in the northern hemisphere with the exception of one which reportedly sank into the water of a remote Canadian lake, also in 1948.

This reference: Fate magazine, September 1960, pp. 42-49 “Flying Saucers Over Brazil” by Frank Edwards.

       Secondary reference: - Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 226, 1970

UFOCAT PRN – 76768 ( No Location )

North America - Canada

Location unknown

11-14-1949 [ Possible date error. See UFOCAT reference ]

       One account of an undersea wheel of light which was most impressive was that described by Commander J. R. Bodler, U.S.N.R. (Inactive), and printed first in the January, 1952, issue of the United States Naval Institute Proceedings, and later in FATE magazine. Commander Bodler's account is thorough and his description of weather conditions (visibility good, clear, bright with no moon) indicates that there was little if anything to interfere with his observation.

       The date of this particular incident was November 14, 1949. Bodler's ship had passed through the Strait of Hormuz, bound for India. On the starboard quarter, Little Quoin Island Light still lay in sight. The third mate called Bodler to the bridge saying he had spotted something which the commander should see.

       When Bodler arrived on the bridge the third mate pointed out, about four points off the port bow, a luminous band which seemed to be pulsating. It had the appearance of the aurora borealis but was much lower on, or even below, the horizon. Bodler observed the strange sight with binoculars, which revealed that the luminous area was definitely below the horizon, under the water. It appeared to be approaching the vessel. As it drew nearer, Bodler could see that the pulsations seemed to start at the center of the band of light and flow outward toward its edges.

       When the lighted area was about a mile from Bodler's ship he could see that at was roughly circular in shape and from 1000 to 1500 feet in diameter. The pulsations were apparently caused by the revolving motion of an entire light pattern around an ill-defined center, from which radiated streaks of light like the beams of searchlights, resembling the spokes of a huge wheel.

       Ultimately, the ship passed through the luminous area, right over its central portion; the light was sufficient to illuminate the upper portions of the ship. After it had passed beyond the ship and was several miles astern, another smaller, luminous area showed up on the starboard bow. It was less brilliant as well as smaller than the first phenomenon. About a half hour after the first two luminous patches were seen, a third was observed. It had the same general characteristics but was much smaller and less brilliant than the previous two.

       Bodler offered his opinion that the illumination was caused by natural phosphorescence in the water which was periodically stimulated by "regular waves of energy." He also noted that the shape of the "pinwheel," the well-defined spokes, the revolutions about the center, and the speed with which each band of light traversed through the water (the bands of luminescence seemed to pass a given point at about half-second intervals) precluded the possibility that the phenomenon could have been caused by schools of fish, porpoises, or other similar undersea manifestations. Bodler wound up his report with a comment on similar phenomena having been observed in the Indian Ocean, and quoted Oddities by T. R. Gould (England) as containing a whole chapter dealing with the same type of unidentified undersea objects.

This reference: UFOs Over The Americas, by Jim & Coral Lorenzen, pp. 49-50, Pub. 1968

Original: January, 1952, issue of the United States Naval Institute Proceedings

UFOCAT PRN – 136608. Date given 11-11-1949. Ref. Richard Dolan (493-048) No Location

Southwestern Asia

Strait of Hormus: Latitude: 26.34 N, Longitude 56.15 E. ( D-M ) Located between The United Arab Emirates/Oman and Iran
Reference: Arabian Peninsula Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of
the Interior, Washington, D.C., June 1961

Little Quoin Island, Oman Latitude: 26.30 N, Longitude 56.31 E

Reference: Oman Gazetteer, Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center, Washington,
D.C., March 1976

NOTE: I received an e-mail from Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos  on Sept. 16, 2001, stating that “a reinquiry showed it to be an oil capsule or container –IFO-” The case has been shown as a misidentification on the website copies and is retained here only for records purposes. –CF-




(extract p. 4)

Atlantic Manifestations

       The oldest Argentine case is that concerning Sr. Romeo Ernesto Suarez which occurred in June 1950. This individual was employed as a driver in the fire department at Ushuala, Capital of Tierra del Fuego, when he decided to undertake a long journey, on foot from this city to Buenos Aires, which he succeeded in completing in 5 months and 14 days, after traveling practically 4,000 kilometers.

       The majority of Argentine newspapers carried accounts of this journey, including the various troubles and problems which he had to overcome but, what he did not relate at that time, through fear of ridicule, he revealed in 1968 due to growing interest shown by official Argentine groups in the consideration of the UFO phenomenon. According to Suarez, 4 or 5 days after his departure from Ushuala, he was between San Sebastían and Río Grande (still within the territory of Tierra del Fuego) and was walking through a coastal region about 600 meters from the Atlantic Ocean. It was approximately 11:00 PM: Suddenly and breaking the nocturnal silence, he heard something similar to a loud noise of water violently disturbed. Several sheep, who were sleeping in a field, jumped up alarmed and hurriedly ran away. There was no wind, storm, or thunderstorm that might have explained the event. Immediately a luminous object of oval form appeared emerging from the sea about 500 meters from the shore. It rose up vertically to a certain altitude and then made a turn of ninety degrees and disappeared towards the northeast in the direction of Argentine territory.

       Some 15 days later, also at night and when he was between Río Gallegos and the city of Santa Cruz (in the neighborhood of Puerto Coyle, in the province of Santa Cruz) a similar phenomenon occurred. This time, although he could not determine the exact distance from the coast, four small luminous objects came up out of the waters of the Atlantic. They repeated the same maneuver as the previous object; that is, they gained altitude vertically and then in perfect formation approached the coastline and moved off towards the west, in the direction of the Andes Mountains.

       These observations of veritable luminous fleets seem to constitute a quite frequent event in the Patagonian region of Argentina (approximately from the 40th parallel on to the south). In August 1962, for example, Sr. Vincente A. Bordoli, a truck driver based in Mar del Plata (province of Buenos Aires), reported to the police that in the south along National Route 3, which follows the Atlantic coast of Argentina, he together with his son Hugo had observed a strange, brilliant formation which -- periodically --entered the Gulf of San Matías (province of Rio Negro) and afterward emerged climbing up into the sky and disappeared.                                              

This reference: The MUFON Journal, Vol. #130, pp.3-5 September 1978 “Are UFOs operating from underwater bases off the coast of Argentina” by Joseph M. Brill.

       Secondary reference: UFO Contact from Undersea by Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo and Lt.

                                          Col. Wendelle C. Stevens (Ret.), Published 1982, pp. 165-166

                                          Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century by Janet and Colin
                                                Bord, pp. 170, Published 1989

Original reference: Phenomena Spatiaux , September 1968 (UFOCAT)

UFOCAT PRN – 76687 ( No location )

South America - Argentina

Note: Ushuaia, San Sebastian and Río Grande are all on the “Ilsa Grande de Tierra del Fuego. An island at the tip of Argentina and Chile split between the two countries.

Ushuaia                       Latitude 54-48 S, Longitude 68-18 W ( D-M )

Tierra del Fuego           Latitude 54-00 S, Longitude 70-00 W

San Sebastían             Latitude 53-18 S, Longitude 68-28 W

Río Grande                   Latitude 54-47 S, Longitude 67-42 W

Río Gallegos                 Latitude 51-38 S, Longitude 69-13 W

Santa Cruz                   Latitude 50-01 S, Longitude 68-31 W

Puerto Coyle (Coig)     Latitude 50-57 S, Longitude 69-12 W

Gulf of San Matías        Latitude 41-30 S, Longitude 64-15 W

Reference: Argentina gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., February 1968.

07-02-1950 – HOAX
Another hoax involving a claim about little men in UFOs appeared originally in the September/October 1950 issue of the “Steep Rock Echo”, the mimeographed house organ of Steep Rock Iron Mines, Ltd., of Steep Rock Lake, Ontario. In a detailed letter to the editor, an anonymous correspondent claimed that on July 2, while picnicking on the shore of a cove in Sawbill Bay, he and his wife saw a flying saucer on the water:
       The top had what looked like hatch covers open and moving around over its surface were
       about 10 queer-looking little figures .... These figures I estimated to be roughly three feet
       six inches to four feet high and all were the same size .... The most noticeable thing was
       that they looked like automatons, and did not turn around …[T]hey just changed the
       direction of their feet.
Several Canadian newspapers reprinted the story, but when Fate ran it in its February/March 1952 issue, it was quickly picked up by UFO writers and was cited from time to time in the literature over the next two decades (Bloecher, 1956; Edwards, op. cit.; Lorenzen and Lorenzen, 1967; Wilkins, op. cit.; Nicholson, 1958; Vallee, 1969). No one bothered to investigate the story, however, until the mid-1970s, when Robert Badgley, a Scarborough, Ontario, member of the Tucson-based Aerial Phenomena Research Organization [APRO), found that Steep Rock employee Gordon Edwards had written the tale, which was entirely fictitious, to enter­tain readers of the magazine and to satirize belief in little green men from flying saucers ("1950 Steep Rock," 1977; Colombo, 1991)                                                                                                                          
This reference Thanks to Jerome Clark’s “The UFO Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition, Ommigraphics, Inc., p. 506.
With thanks also to the CUFOS for tracking it down (Previously listed as ??-??-1950)

UFOCAT PRN 76823 Location – Latitude 48.81 N, Longitude 91.65 W. Original reference News Clip.



       Fall of 1950; a round object skimmed over a stream at Solway Firth, Scotland, hit with a splash, then slanted upward and went out of sight.                                                              

This reference: UFO Investigator, a NICAP publication, Vol. 4, No. 5, p. 5, (March 1968) with Thanks to the Donald E. Keyhoe Archives.


Europe –United Kingdom

Solway Firth (estuary) – Latitude 54.45 N, Longitude 3.40 W ( D-M )

Reference: United Kingdom Gazetteer. Prepared  in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., USA, April 1950


Sighting Flying Discs Again?

       USS GARDINERS BAY--While steaming up the channel from Inchon, Korea, two mysterious missiles trailing long white smoke trails in the sky struck the water at great speed off the ship's port bow.

       Two huge columns of water rose to about 100 feet in height at the point of contact. No aircraft could be sighted by radar or visually overhead although the ceiling was unlimited. Identification of the missiles remains a great mystery.                                                           

This is the original reference: Naval Aviation News, February 1951, p. 26

       Secondary: Several news clips Thanks to CUFOS

                            Anatomy Of a Phenomenon, by Jacques Vallee, p. 133, published 1966

                            Invisible Residents, by Ivan T. Sanderson, pp. 36-37, published 1970

                            Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by Janet & Colin Bord, p. 168,

                                    published 1989.

UFOCAT PRN – 56404 ( No location ). Ref. Donald E. Keyhoe ? May 1957, p. 16

Eastern Asia - Korea

Inch’on Harbor – Latitude 37-28 N, Longitude 126-37 E (D-M )

Reference: South Korea Gazetteer, Prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., USA, December 1966


December 16th.

It sped downward gathering speed while throwing off light. Below were the waters of Lake Michigan, dark and forbidding at the hour of midnight. Some five miles away on shore near Grand Haven, Michigan, an Otto Herny watched in fascination. The light in the black sky looked like a big curve-like harvest moon, said Herny, as he observed the thing plunging into the water. It appeared as a distant camp fire for a brief moment before the glow on the surface vanished. 191 

This reference: UFOs a History-1950/3 Books, Book #3, by Loren Gross, p. 67

With thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATABASE, see

Original - Note: Call # 191 refers to Grand Haven, Michigan, Dec. 16, 1950 (UP – United Press)

UFOCAT PRN – 129391

North America – United States, Michigan

Grand Haven - Latitude 43-04 N, Longitude 86-14 W ( D-M )


UFO location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 43.03 N, Longitude 86.28 W ( D.% )

Date February 8, 1951
LOCATION: North Atlantic
       Chapter 1 of Major Donald Keyhoe's last book, Flying Saucers, Top Secret, is entitled "Encounter Above the Atlantic." The chapter describes a sighting made in the 1950s by the crew of a U.S Navy aircraft en route from Iceland to Newfoundland. Keyhoe's source for the report was Captain James Taylor, a retired Naval officer living in Washington, D.C., whose name had been given to Keyhoe by another Naval officer, Admiral D.S. Fahrney, a close friend of the Major.
       Taylor learned of the incident in 1956 from a friend and former associate, a Navy pilot who was one of the primary witnesses. This man, a Lieutenant at the time of the sighting and now a Commander, is identified in the book under the fictitious name George Benton. Keyhoe used the pseudonym to protect the officer from publicity, because Benton was still on active duty at the time the book appeared (1960).
       In April of this year, NICAP contacted Benton and requested a personal interview, in hopes that the original report could be updated and corrected with first-hand information.
       The interview was conducted a few weeks later at Benton's home in New Jersey. it was the first time he had confided details of his experience to anyone except military intelligence and his own friends and associates. His memory of the incident was only slightly affected by the passage of time, since, as he explained, "I have seen nothing like it in all my years of flying."
       The sighting occurred in the early morning of February 8, 1951. Benton, 30 years old, was flying an R5D transport, which was returning to the United States from England via Iceland and Newfoundland. Benton had flown the Atlantic many times, having operated seaplanes over the South Atlantic for two years, and been assigned to the Naval Air Station in Brooklyn, New York, and later to a flight squadron at Norfolk. Virginia. At the time of the sighting, he was stationed at the Naval Air Test Center in Maryland, where he qualified for 38 types of military aircraft.

Predawn sighting occurred on second leg of trans-Atlantic flight. "X" marks spot where encounter took place.

[ Photo of a military Lockheed Constellation with superimposed saucer sketch – too poor in quality to reproduce here ] [Text below photo - Artist version of sighting, based on faulty data. shows too much detail. Night was not this clear, and object did not come this close ]

       The weather on the night of the sighting was excellent. The moon had set, but visibility was still good. As Benton remembers it, "You could make out the horizon clearly but .. you could not see the white caps on the water clearly."
       Seated opposite Benton in the co-pilot's seat was the plane commander, Lt. Com. F.K. (identified in Keyhoe's book as Peter Mooney). Back in the plane, asleep, were two extra crews, one a relief crew for Benton's men and the other on board as passengers. The aircraft was flying at 10,000 feet, on due course for Newfoundland. Ground speed was over 200 knots (230 miles per hour).
       Approximately three and a half hours out of Iceland, at mid-point in the flight, the plane passed over a weather ship, which was on station below, off the coast of Greenland. The ship reported everything normal.

Eyewitness sketch depicts UFO at various stages of its ascent toward aircraft. Shrouded in white glow, object had fiery ring at outer edge.

LOCATION North Atlantic
       "The aircraft was on automatic-pilot (this was standard procedure during clear weather, so both pilots could watch for other aircraft). Lt. Com. F.K. and myself were on constant watch for other aircraft. I observed a yellow glow in the distance about 30 to 35 miles away, at about the 1 o'clock position and below the horizon. My impression was that there was a small city ahead, because it was the same glow you get from a group of lights on the surface before you get close enough to pick them out individually.
       "Knowing that we pass the tip of Greenland, my first thought was that we were behind schedule and had drifted north, but remembering that we had passed over the weather ship, I knew this was not the case. I called F.K.'s attention to the glow and asked him what he thought it was. He said that it looked like we were approaching land. I asked our navigator to check his navigation. He did and replied that we were on flight plan and on course.
       "The lights were farther away than we thought because it took us from eight to ten minutes to get close enough to where the lights had a pattern (our ground speed was over three miles per minute), about 15 or 18 miles away. At that time, due to the circular pattern of lights, I got the impression that possibly two ships were tied up together and that lights were strung between them for either transferring cargo from one to the other or that one was in some kind of trouble.
       "I asked the navigator to check his ship plot. He replied that there were no ships plotted in this area and that we were not close to the shipping lanes anyway. The radioman also went on the air to the weather ship, which verified that there were no ships in the area.
       "Since it was time for Lt. J.'s crew to relieve us, I had the plane captain awaken them. When Lt. J. and Lt. M. came up forward, I pointed the lights out to them. Their only comment was that it had to be a ship because it was on the water and we were overtaking it fast. At this time, we were five to seven miles away; it was about 30 degrees to our right; and we had to look down at about a 45-degree angle. The lights had a definite circular pattern and were bright white.
       "Suddenly, the lights went out. There appeared a yellow halo on the water. It turned to an orange, to a fiery red, and then started movement toward us at a fantastic speed, turning to a blueish red around the perimeter. Due to its high speed, its direction of travel, and its size, it looked as though we were going to be engulfed. I quickly disengaged the automatic-pilot and stood by to push the nose of the plane over in hopes that we could pass under it due to the angle it was ascending. The relief crew was standing behind us; everyone began ducking, and a few heads were hit on objects.

Pilot's drawing shows view from cockpit as strange object rose from ocean's surface and approached aircraft on apparent collision course,

       "It stopped its movement toward us and began moving along with us about 45 degrees off the bow to the right, about 100 feet or so below us and about 200 to 300 feet in front of us. It was not in a level position; it was tilted about 25 degrees.
       "It stayed in this position for a minute or so. It appeared to be from 200 to 300 feet in diameter, translucent or metallic, shaped like a saucer, a purple-red fiery ring around the perimeter and a frosted white glow around the entire object. The purple-red glow around the perimeter was the same type of glow you get around the commutator of an auto generator when you observe it at night.
       "When the object moved away from us, it made no turns, as though it was backing up about 170 degrees from the direction that it approached us, and was still tilted. It was only a few seconds before it was out of sight. (Speed estimated in excess of 1500 mph.)

       "All of our cameras were within reach, but no one was calm enough to think about taking a picture. Most of us were wondering what it was. Our impression was that this was a controlled craft. It was either hovering over the water or sitting on it, then it detected us and came up to investigate.

       "After Lt. J.'s crew had taken over, I proceeded aft and learned that most of the passengers had observed the same thing. Since I was unable to identify the object, I asked Dr. M., CDR U.S. Navy, if he had observed the object. He replied that he had and that he did not look because it was a flying saucer and he did not believe in such things. I immediately re turned to the cockpit and informed the crew to keep quiet about what we observed because it might have been our first sighting of a flying saucer (during those years when you mentioned you had such a sighting, you were believed to be crazy). Lt. J. informed me that it was too late because he had called Gander airfield in Newfoundland to see if the object could be tracked by radar.

       "When we landed at Argentia (Newfoundland), we were met by intelligence officers. The types of questions they asked us were like Henry Ford asking about the Model T. You got the feeling that they were putting words in your mouth. It was obvious that there had been many sightings in the same area, and most of the observers did not let the cat out of the bag openly. When we arrived in the United States, we had to make a full report to Navy Intelligence.

       "I found out a few months later that Gander radar did track the object in excess of 1800 mph. I did not see the reports made by other members aboard the aircraft. I did talk to the Air Force at Wright-Patterson AFB in 1957 but did not took at the report. They said they had it and many similar reports."                                                                                                             

This reference: UFO Investigator (Publication of NICAP), September 1970, p. 3 and October 1970, p. 3

       Secondary references: Alien Base by Timothy Good, pp. 86-89, 1998

UFOCAT PRN – 16656 ( No Location). Same reference

UFOCAT PRN – 144300 ( No Location). Reference: UFOs over Canada: Personal accounts of sightings and close encounters, by John R. Colombo p. 211, 1991. NOTE: Different date 02-10-1951.

North America – Canada, Newfoundland

Argentia, Newfoundland – Latitude 47-18 N, Longitude 54-00 W ( D-M )

Reference: Canada gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., November 1953.

??-??-1952 a

CISU Case #005
Location: Francavilla (CH)
CISU Classification: C ( Object that come out of the water )
Evaluation: Insufficient Information    

*** A fisherman saw an obscure cigar shape object of six meters coming out of the river, staying on the surface of the water and then taking off.                                                                               

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

       Original reference: “Morgana” no. 1 page. 8

                                     “ItaCat” case no. 5205.


Europe – Italy, Chieti

Francavilla al Mare - Latitude 42-25 N, Longitude 14-17 E ( D-M )

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.


CISU Case #006
Location: Ancona
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Probable meteorite

*** A flaming object was seen sinking into the sea                                                               

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

       Original reference: “Space Review” paper no. 1 pp. 1-2
                                     “ItaCat” case no. 5206.


Europe - Italy

Ancona – Latitude 43-38 N, Longitude 13-30 E ( D-M )

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.


AUG 27 1952, 3 Carpenters 'See' Saucer Dive Into Lake


       Three carpenters yesterday swore they saw a flying saucer dive into Seneca Lake at Watkins Glen. The carpenters said the saucer flashed "like a bright sheet of silver" across the horizon, and then took a nose-dive into the lake, kicking up a l0-foot splash. But state police said as far as they are concerned, they are not  going to investigate. They pointed out that the lake is 200 feet deep In some places, and they do not intend to waste their time with any grappling operations. 

This source: “The original RomeikE Press Clippings”. Original from The Herald, Sharon, PA.



       Report of two “flying saucers” over the village was made by Mrs. Marion Granston of 315 N. Glen Ave., Monday morning. She said that the two saucers were seen at 9:30 just over the “Top of our elm tree.” They were like big silver balls gliding through the air,” she added. They were very plain.”  The two “balls” disappeared over Seneca Lake after proceeding eastward, the woman reported.  The woman added that neighborhood children could also plainly see the “saucers.” She identified them as William, Ronald and Robert Pierce, who lived nearby. They called Mrs. William Pierce Sr., but she came out too late to see the discs.  The woman who reported the occurrence to newsmen, was told to call Civil Defense headquarters at the office of Atty. Lafayette Argetsinger Jr.. Another “flying saucer” was reported to have plunged into Seneca Lake Monday morning.  The incident was reported by three workmen who said the object fell into the lake about 150 feet off-shore near Glen Eldridge on the east side of the lake about five miles from the village. They said it splashed water about 8 or 10 feet into the air.

       The men, all carpenters, were Ray Andrew, Alfred Sullivan and  Clayton Crout. They told state police that while working near the lake they saw a “bright object like a sheet of steel come through the air.”

       “Suddenly it crashed into the lake.” they said, “and splashed water eight to 10 feet high.” In the Tompkins County village of Trumansburg, due northeast of here, several persons reported that they saw five jet planes pursuing a flying saucer. U.S. Air Force officials at Hancock Field, Syracuse, said that jet planes from the base of the 32nd Air Division Defense here were on maneuvers in the Schuyler County area of Watkins Glen but said they did not know they were chasing flying saucers. Air Force officials said they would investigate the Seneca Lake incident. Air spotters in the Schuyler area said they did not sight anything unusual in the area during the day. This is the first time that flying saucers have been reported in Schuyler County.                                                                                                                                               

This Source is the original: Watkins Glen, N.Y., “Express” 8-27-1952

          Secondary reference: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 226, ©1970

          Note: His date is really the date of his newspaper reference – the Buffalo, NY “Evening

                    News” of 26 August 1952. Monday as referred to in the text was 25 August.


North America – United States, New York

Watkins Glen                Latitude 42-23 N, Longitude 76-52 W ( D-M )

Trumansburg                      Latitude 42-33 N, Longitude 76-40 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

Glen Eldridge – Is a privately owned point about 2 miles up the east side of the lake out of Watkins Glen. There is no public access.

Reference: E-mail from in response to location request.

UFO Location ( UFOCAT ) - Latitude 42.38 N, Longitude 76.87 W ( D.% )


Underwater UFO? 1952

Source - Canadian UFO Report - July 1969

       There is one clue in the behavior of UFOs which suggests strongly that their origin lies beyond our solar system. It is their attitude toward water. As far as we know, Earth is the most watery of planets in our particular system. Perhaps in some form water lies in or under the clouds of Venus or in the gaseous layers of the outer planets. To a small degree it is almost certainly present on Mars.

       But large deep bodies of water such as ours seem definitely unique in our solar system. Presumably, therefore, if our space visitors came from a neighboring planet, they would approach our lakes and oceans with wary respect. Without such watery expanses of their own, they would never feel at ease on or in ours, no matter how advanced their technical development.

       But the striking fact is that, where water is concerned, UFOs appear far more at home even than ourselves. They seem to regard it as an element barely distinguishable from air and, except for an apparent interest in sampling it (ref. May-June issue), they treat it with indifference. They have been seen flying into it and emerging from it at full speed. Observations of strange subsurface luminous discs suggest they may even live under it.

       Now we have learned of a case in which a UFO was observed boating on lake much as we would on a casual outing. For a few minutes the object looked like any vacation craft, but then there were differences.

       Although the incident occurred in 1952, it did not come to light until recently when it was reported to us by two of the witnesses. They were Stewart S. of Ladysmith, BC, an electrical operator with the provincial power system, and his cousin by marriage, Dorothy S., a Red Cross nurse now responsible for the medical care of an Indian settlement in BC's Caribou county Another witness was Dorothy S's late husband.

       "We were living at Summerland on Lake Okanagan at the time," Stewart said," and Dorothy and Gordon had just arrived from Vancouver to visit us for a while. As it was her, first trip to the Okanagan since leaving her home in England, we had set out on a motor trip for the day to see some of the Country.

       "It was a clear bright morning in September, and when we reached the ferry slip to cross over to Kelowna we realized we would have to wait a bit because we could see the ferry still on the other side. And then about half a mile north of the ferry we noticed this other thing."

       "I remember pointing it out and saying what a beautiful white boat it was," Dorothy S. added," It was moving around so gracefully, and though we still couldn't make it out very well at that distance, it seemed to have a smooth round design we had never seen before."

       As the three watched from their car in admiring curiosity, they noticed the strange craft had started to move across the lake in their direction. By that time cars from the ferry were beginning to line up behind them, so they were also in a position to observe what happened next.

       "We could see the wash coming out from either side, yet somehow the boat, as we thought it was, didn't seem to be moving very fast," Stewart said. (Dorothy compared it to a line from Dante, "Hasten slowly.") "As it came closer we still thought it must be some unusual kind of modern boat. It looked like a round hard hat sitting on a platter. But there was something about that wash that looked different and that started us wondering."

       Although neither could explain precisely what the difference was, possibly it was caused by the circular shape of the craft moving lightly on the surface, like a flatly thrown stone.

       "Then suddenly it really surprised us," Stewart continued. "It was a few hundred yards away when all at once the wake disappeared and we realized the thing was in the air. It changed direction to the right so that it came straight toward the ferry dock and then it stopped dead, less than 100 feet in front of us and about 50 feet above the water."

       Despite the 17 years that had since elapsed, Stewart's memory of that experience was obviously still very much with him. He shook his head in amazement, as he spoke of it and seemed to live the whole experience over again.

       His cousin, on the other hand, said she had not thought of it for long while, though she was sufficiently impressed at the time to make a note of it in her diary'.

       "We sat in the car spellbound," she said. "We couldn't believe what was happening and afterwards, for some reason, we had no desire to talk about it. It was as if we had been told not to."

       The witnesses described the object as about 30 feet in diameter and having a haziness which made the outline indistinct. Also it had a translucent quality which gave them the impression that anyone inside could have seen them without being seen in return. (A description of translucence often occurs in sighting reports in which the UFO is dome shaped, such as this one.)

       "It stayed there, absolutely silent, for a minute or so," Stewart said. "and we definitely had a feeling it was watching us. Then it started back across time lake. By this time I was out of the car to get a better look and I told the others I wished I had a pair of binoculars. An American tourist in the car behind heard me and said, 'Here take mine. I've seen enough.' He looked as if it had scared him."

       Through the binoculars Stewart watched the object reach the opposite shore, just over two miles away, in five or six minutes, giving it a leisurely speed of about 20 mph. "Then it seemed to fly parallel to a trail bordering the lake before it shot up and disappeared.

       The witnesses described the object as about 30 feet in diameter and having a haziness which made the outline indistinct. Also it had a translucent quality which gave them the impression that anyone inside could have seen them without being seen in return. (A description of translucence often occurs in sighting reports in which the UFO is dome shaped, such as this one.)

       "It stayed there, absolutely silent, for a minute or so," Stewart said. "and we definitely had a feeling it was watching us. Then it started back across time lake. By this time I was out of the car to get a better look and I told the others I wished I had a pair of binoculars. An American tourist in the car behind heard me and said, 'Here take mine. I've seen enough.' He looked as if it had scared him."

       Through the binoculars Stewart watched the object reach the opposite shore, just over two miles away, in five or six minutes, giving it a leisurely speed of about 20 mph. "Then it seemed to fly parallel to a trail bordering the lake before it shot up and disappeared.

       After a moment Stewart handed the binoculars back to their owner, and he remembers how they stared silently at each other in disbelief.

       "I guess I looked just as shocked as he did," Stewart said, "and it must have affected the others the same way. We were a pretty quiet bunch going across on the ferry"

       Having seen and been examined by craft that may have come from a world light years away, it was no wonder.                                                                                                                    

This Reference:   12/25/98


North America – Canada, British Columbia

Summerland                 Latitude 49-36 N, Longitude 119-40 W ( D-M )

Kelowna                       Latitude 49-54 N, Longitude 119-29 W

Lake Okanagan           Latitude 49.55 N, Longitude 119.30 W

Reference: Canada Gazetteer, Prepared  in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., USA, November 1953


CISU Case #007
Location: Brenno (VA)
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Insufficient Information

*** A flaming round object sank into a lake after being broken into many pieces.                

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “La Provincia“ of 9/11/1952

                                    “ItaCat” case no. 5207
                                    “Il Messaggero” of 9/11/1952
                                      CrashCat case no. 008.


Europe – Italy, Varese

Brenno – None found in U.S. Gazetteers or online. However there is a Brenno-Usérla in that

                        Province, which is very close to Induno Olona.
Induno Olona - Latitude 45-51-00 N, Longitude 8-49-60 E ( D-M-S )


Observations of unidentified submarine objects in Norway

by Ole Jonny Brænne

       Shortly before 7 a.m. one Thursday in October 1952, Johannes Nordlien was waiting for coworkers when he suddenly heard a howling, jet like sound. A moment later a saucer-shaped object, four meters in diameter, came at high speed from the west and passed by him 100 meters away. It impacted with a violent splash in the river Lågen. The object was white as snow, and Nordlien clearly observed its fiat and round shape as it hit the water. When his fellow workers showed up, the water was still boiling. The loud howling sound vanished as soon as he saw the object.                                                                                                                                        

This Reference: IUR, January/February 1995 pp. 12-13 & 17

Ole Jonny Brcenne is associated with UFO-Norway, that nation's leading UFO-research group. An earlier article of his, "Legend of the Spitsbergen Saucer," appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of IUR.


Europe - Norway

River Lågen – Two coordinates given:
                 Latitude 59-03 N, Longitude 10-05 E ( D-M )

                 Latitude 61-08 N, Longitude 10-25 E

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963


UFO activity on October 23rd.

Forced landing?

       Did a flying saucer make a forced landing at sea? That was the question asked by the crew of a Gloucester. Massachusetts, fishing boat when they encountered something bizarre some 34 miles southeast of Seal Island off Nova Scotia in the Atlantic. The press interviewed the Captain of the fishing vessel upon his return to port about the mysterious fiery object seen bobbing on the water. The Captain at first thought a ship was in distress so he immediately altered course to effect a rescue:

       " 'Reaching the area, we could see nothing but this bright light,' he said. 'Even with our searchlight we were unable to clearly make out what caused it. Because of the swell, water swept over the object repeatedly, causing a loud crackling noise.'

       "After notifying the Coast Guard at Marchfield, Mass., the fishermen remained in the vicinity a half hour watching the object which, Captain Cecilo said, 'seemed to skip about on the surface of the water. '"  293.                                                                                                                            

This reference: UFOs a History-1952/6 Books, Book #5 by Loren Gross, p. 81

With Thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATA BASE, see

Note: Call # 293  - is shown as “Boston, Mass. October 23, 1952 (UP- United Press)


North America – Canada, Nova Scotia

Seal Island ( Southern tip ) – Latitude 43-24 N, Longitude 66-01 W ( D-M )

Note: Next to impossible to locate on a standard map, However it is 14 miles west of Cape Sable at the southern end of Nova Scotia.



UFO location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 43.17 N, Longitude 65.67 W ( D.% )



       In late 1952 the Sunday Times of Cape Town, South Africa, reported that a "rocket" had been seen over Table Bay. It was said to have gone straight up and then down again, but it was not clear if it came out or went into the water. A police launch searched the area since it was believed to have been a distress rocket but there were no ships in the area.37 (There are dozens of similar reports of "distress rockets," "flares," and the like seen off many coasts.)                        

This reference: Invisible Residents, by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 37, © 1970

Original: 37. Cape Town, South Africa Sunday Times – No date

UFOCAT PRN – 73287 ( No location )

Africa – South Africa

Table Bay – Latitude 33-53 S, Longitude 18-27 E ( D-M )

Reference: South Africa gazetteer, Prepared by the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1954.

??-??-1953 a

       In still another case which I have in sworn affidavits from the General Manager and Chief Engineer of a St. Louis broadcasting station, they state that they were starting out to fish one morning in 1953 on the famed Lake of the Ozarks. Out some three or four hundred yards from shore, their outboard motor died. They were sitting there in the fog, listening for a passing boat which might help them, when they heard a heavy humming sound. They could see nothing until the fog parted briefly; then about a hundred feet from them, and not more than five feet above the still waters of the lake, they saw a shiny disc-shaped thing. It was oscillating slowly, and both men noticed that directly beneath it the water was dancing in thousands of tiny sharp pointed waves. A moment later the fog closed in and my friends waited no longer for help, they began paddling back toward the dock, using their hats for paddles.                                                 

This reference: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, pp. 175-176, © 1966

With thanks to my counterpart in Turkey – Sefer Murat Aksoy for advising me of this case.


Ozarks, Lake of the, lake in south central Missouri, U.S.. One of the largest man-made lakes in the United States. It is impounded by Bagnell Dam, built (1931) across the Osage River (q.v.) to provide hydroelectric power for the St. Louis area. Covering an area of 93 sq mi (242 sq km), the lake is 125 mi (200 km) long and has a shoreline of about 1,300 mi. In the scenic Ozark Mountains, the lake, with facilities for fishing and water sports, is a popular recreation and resort area. There are several limestone caverns nearby, and Lake of the Ozarks State Park includes most of the Grand Galize arm of the lake, with 89 mi of shoreline. The Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir, completed in 1981, impounds the Osage and Grand rivers to further extend facilities at the lake's western end.                                                                                                                

Reference: The New Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 9, p. 39 © 1986

North America – United States, Missouri

Lake of the Ozarks (Reservoir) – Latitude 38-12 N, Longitude 92-38 W ( D-M )

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

??-??-1953 b

A coastal vessel in the Mediterranean only a few miles off southern Italy, carrying a load of passengers, reported seeing a disc-shaped thing rising from the water in 1953.                  

This reference: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 129 © 1966.


Europe – Italy.

Unnamed location in the Mediterranean, off Italy




       It was the wee hours of a warm, starlit night in the spring of the year 1953. Kenny Wilson, alone, strolled barefooted along the unspoiled beach near the sleepy fishing village of San Felipe on the Gulf of California where he and his brother-partner Allen had driven for a few days of respite from the "rat race" of the night club circuit. It seemed that everyone else in the world was asleep, but Kenny was too accustomed to the nocturnal life to reverse it now, and his mind, as he casually skirted the playful surf, smoking and enjoying the sky so heavy with stars, insisted on working, thinking up new material for his act.

       Then something happened that made Kenny forget all about that glittering life "back in the states" to which he belonged:

       At first he thought it was the moon, but only for a second; not only was the object too large and yellow, but it was moving with a steady, perceptible speed "about southeast," and was oblong or oval in shape.

       Two things, according to Kenny, prevented as clear an observation of the object as one would desire: Kenny's own excitement at seeing a "UFO"---his heart was pounding "like a bass drum"---and the fact that the thing was blurred, as if from extreme vibration or oscillation, or surrounded by a close envelope of haze.

       "As it drifted on out over the sea (Gulf) I was disappointed to think it was only a weather balloon with some kind of lighting device on the opposite side that played tricks with my eyes," Kenny said. "But then all of a sudden it was going the opposite direction, and while I was still trying to orient myself to the change, the thing flared real bright and rose straight up for what looked to be several hundred feet probably---and then disappeared altogether.

       "I was still blinking my eyes when it appeared again off to the right, only now it was yellow again and descending slowly and steadily toward the sea. It wasn't actually falling because it slowed clown as it approached the surface and hovered there a minute, about two blocks out.

       "Then it disappeared again, like someone had pushed a switch. I didn't see it actually go into the water, but I don't know what else could have happened to it."

       At this point Kenny started making fast tracks back to the beach hotel. But he concludes: "I was about halfway back when a bunch of breakers started washing in, like the wake from a ship passing close to shore---or from something big entering the water. That really shook me up, and I got to my room and had a drink. But it was the first one I'd had that night."

       I cannot vouch for this story beyond the fact that the person ("Kenny Wilson") who told it to me asked that if I ever repeated it or sought to have it published, not to use his real name---which request I have complied with---and so it isn't likely to have been an attempt to gain publicity. And, as most readers of this magazine will be aware of, similar UFO reports are too numerous for one to doubt this or any other simply on the basis of it being "too fantastic." At least, in this article, we will assume that the mountain of testimony to the reality of " Unidentified Flying Objects" is not hoax or delusion---that flying saucers are real.                                        

This reference: Ray Palmer’s “Flying Saucers” magazine, November 1961, p. 14-26, Flying Saucers From Under The Sea?, by Will Carson.

       Secondary reference: Psychic Observer, Vol. 3, No. 11, November 1962, by George D.
                                                  Fawcett. ( Date – Year only )


North America - Mexico

The Gulf of California is bounded by the peninsula of “Baja California” and Mexico

San Felipe, Mexico - Latitude 31-00 N, Longitude 114-52 W ( D-M )


UFO Location (UFOCAT) – Latitude 31.03 N, Longitude 114.83 W ( D.% )


(13) September 1953 Santoña (Santander, Spain)

       On a clear night one witness, Sr. F. Campaña, saw an object rise from the sea 3500 m. away at a 75-degree angle. The object appeared solid and was bright blue in color. It rose sharply towards the NE for 1 minute, and was lost to sight. (First-hand, Félix Ares, BOF.)                            

This reference: A Catalogue of 200 Type-1 UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, p. 3.

With thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATABASE, see

Note: 3500 meters = 2.17 Statute Miles.


Europe - Spain

Santoña           Latitude 43-27 N, Longitude 3-27 W ( D-M )

Santander        Latitude 43-28 N, Longitude 3-48 W
Reference: Spain and Andorra Gazetteer, Prepared by the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1961


Yellow-orange "meteor."

A CIA report on a North African press story read:

       "According to statements by several persons, a round, luminous, yellow-orange appeared in the sky over Algiers at 1525 hours on 27 January 1954; it was moving in the direction of Cap Matifou. The object-grew larger, until it was two or three times the size of the Sun; then it diminished in size and disappeared on the horizon, sinking, seemingly, into the sea." 64.               

This reference: “UFOs a History-1954/5 Books, Book #1 by Loren Gross, p. 20

With Thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATABASE, see

Note: Original reference (Call # 64) is noted as Algiers, Algeria; Le Journal d’Alger, 28 January1954


Africa - Algeria

Algiers (Algier)                         Latitude 36-47 N, Longitude 3-03 E ( D-M )

Cap Matifou (Bordj el Bahri)     Latitude 36-49 N, Longitude 3-13 E

Reference: Algeria Gazetteer, Prepared by the Defense Mapping Agency Topographic Center, Washington, D.C., October, 1972


       As the Netherlands Government Vessel “Groote Beer”, carrying 426 passengers, pulled into New York harbor one day late last summer, her Capt. Jan P. Boshoff reported seeing a strange, flat, moonlike object rise out of the ocean 80 miles east of New York.

       Captain Boshoff, using powerful binoculars, said the UFO disappeared into heavy clouds. The captain was called to the bridge as soon as the object was sighted. At first grayish in color, it turned brighter on the lower part. It had bright spots resembling lights around the edges.

       Third officer Cornelius Kooey said the object made an angle of 60o to the Southwest with the recently set sun. Measuring its altitude with a sextant at 8:15 P.M. he discovered it speed was about 32 minutes of arc in 1-½ minutes of time.                                                                         

This is the original source: Fate magazine, March 1955, p. 18

     Secondary references:        Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 226, 1955
                                                Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 37, 1970
                                                Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by J & C Bord,
                                                p. 173, published 1989

UFOCAT PRN – 59461, No Location.

North America – United States, New York

New York City – Latitude 40-43 N, Longitude 74-00 W ( D-M )

Pacific Ocean
       An even stranger report comes from the Aliki P., a  Honduras freighter of 7,194 tons. Long Beach radiomen intercepted a message from the freighter as follows:
       “Observed ball of fire moving in and out of water without being extinguished. Trailing white smoke. Moving in erratic course, finally disappeared.”                                                                       
This Reference: Original: Fate magazine, March 1955, p. 18
Secondary reference: George D. Fawcett, Psychic Observer, Vol. 3, No. 11 Southern Pines, N.C.,
                                           November, 1962.
Flying Saucers Uncensored by Harold T. Wilkins, p. 227, 1955

UFOCAT PRN – 59462. ( Location None ). Reference – Wilkins w/date 08-08-1954

North America – United States, California
Long Beach, – Latitude 33.46 N, Longitude 118.11 W
Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S.
Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington
D.C., 1990


       In coastal waters off Ensenada, California, on September 2, 1954, a Honduran freighter reported a "strange fireball which skipped along the surface of the sea, then vanished." It left a trail of white smoke, paralleling the ship's course. The Coast Guard searched the area but found nothing that would explain the observation.                                                                            

This reference: Invisible Horizons, by Vincent Gaddis, p. 212, © 1965.

Original reference: Notices to Mariners, issued by the U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, under “celestial phenomena”


North America - Mexico

Ensenada, California – Note; There is no Ensenada, California, however there is a Ensenada in Baja California, Mexico.

Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico - Latitude 31-52 N, Longitude 116-37 W ( D-M )




       To be alone in a sailing yawl on the Gulf Stream at night and be awakened by a rush of sea water pouring into the cockpit is a nerve-bending experience even for an experienced seaman. But to peer dead ahead through the gloom at a rising plateau of water whose boiling sides have stopped you dead in the water--that would be burned into the mind forever. Certainly Neil Deane thinks so, for the picture of what rose out of that plateau more than 22 years ago still remains vivid.

       Deane related his story to writer George Earley as follows: in late September of 1954, he contracted to deliver a small sailing yawl, alone, from Nassau in the Bahamas to Marblehead, Massachusetts. He cleared the Paradise Island channel late one evening after a week of shakedown cruising. On the forward deck was a great coil of 5/8 inch nylon anchor cable. One end was spliced to the anchor ring; the other to the mooring bit.

       Deane slept at night after he secured the rudder on the course and set the sails for the best draw. His berth was below decks, but only a few steps from the cockpit where, with a moment's warning, he could have manual control of the yawl, if necessary. These were Deane's sailing conditions one dark, chilly hour before dawn, skirting the edge of the Gulf Stream off the Georgia coast.

       He was roughly awakened, aware that his forward motion had stopped. The boat was taking on water, for he could hear great waves sloshing over the forward deck and splashing down the sides of the cockpit. Now awake, he scrambled into the cockpit and found the boat dead on course. But although the sails were filled, the ship was not making any progress through the water. The forward deck was overrun with water and straight ahead there was a great, elevated turmoil in the ocean.

       A steady, deep orange glow came from a thrashing disturbance ahead, where the water had formed into a plateau. Deane blinked; it was the edge of this high table of water that pushed against his bow and stopped his forward motion.

       Deane's first thought was that he had gone aground, although he had neither heard nor felt the keel grate on solid bottom. He started the auxiliary engine, put it in reverse and quickly backed off. A few yards astern, he discovered he was now in dead calm water!

       After taking in the sails, he moved forward toward the plateau of glowing light and water. In a few seconds, he was shaken by what he thought was another boat--a 65 foot sailing craft--bearing down on him. He looked again. Was it approaching or moving away? No ship, he knew, had running lights visible all around the horizon. This one did. Immediately the lone sailor put his craft into reverse again and backed off about 300 feet from the disturbance. He realized the object was not a vessel, but something else. Then the thrashing of the watery plateau stopped and "the thing" rose completely out of the water. The orange glow around it weakened markedly--so much so, in fact, that in contrast its "running lights" were now brightly visible.

       In the darkness, Deane couldn't discern the object's exact shape--only that there was something solid between the lights. He knew this because, as the object rose, the horizon, now dimly visible because of the distant lights from the coast, could not be seen between its lights.

       And now the object, estimated at 60 to 70 feet in length (or width), headed for the barely visible continent of North America in a long, upward 45 degree slant and at great speed. In a few seconds, Deane saw it fade rapidly from sight over the land.

       After calming his nerves, Deane estimated the whole event had covered about 15 minutes. He also realized the object had emitted no sound during the entire time he had it in view. He made a full report in the ship's log and then, curious, went back to the edge of the Gulf Stream where the water plateau had risen. He looked for, and found, large patches of foam that had been violently churned.

       In due course, Deane delivered the boat to its owner in Massachusetts Bay, who read the log report with astonishment. Then they discovered that the center section of coils in the nylon anchor rope had been melted--fused--into a useless blob.
       Deane provided, through a later electronic experiment, an intriguing sequel to his startling encounter in the Gulf Stream. A few years later, he made a test with a T.N.T. oscillator and a pair of large HF-300 vacuum tubes. Operating at 12 megahertz, they produced approximately 2000 watts of power. By using a pair of condenser plates connected to a tank coil in the plate circuit, he could bake a potato in less than four minutes. Experimenting with sections of nylon rope, he discovered the center part would melt, leaving the outside parts unaffected·

       Did the UFO use the same--or a similar--force to melt the middle coils of the ship's nylon anchor rope? More importantly, was an electronically generated and controlled field, caused by the UFO, responsible for the strange behavior of the water--the churning and thrashing and the plateau shape?

       Did this field, this force, push the water away from the submerged UFO's body as it rose out of the water? Did it also put the surrounding sea, at a radius of 300 to 400 feet, into a dead calm? Is it possible that underwater UFOs, while moving submerged, never come into contact with the water surrounding them?                                                                                                     

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, pp. 54-55.


North America - Bahamas

Nassau                                    Latitude 18-09 N, Longitude 77-42 W ( D-M )

Paradise Island Channel          Latitude 18-12 N, Longitude 78.05 W

British West Indies and Bermuda gazetteer, prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1955


       About September 20 a series of sightings took place in the area of the Azores, with observations at Santa Maria Airport and reports by airline pilots flying over the Atlantic Ocean. At the same time there was a resurgence in sightings over the Ivory Coast of Africa. During the night of September 27, the pilot of an airliner en route from New York to Lisbon reported an extraordinary source of light, which was not a ship and yet seemed to be on the surface of the ocean, at latitude 38° 12' N. and longitude 37° 6' W.                                                            
This reference: Challenge to Science: The UFO enigma, by Jacques Vallee, p. 153,  ©1966,
With thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATABASE,
Original reference unknown.

UFOCAT PRN – 21892

Atlantic Ocean

New York City, New York, USA Latitude 40-43 N, Longitude 74-00 W ( D-M )

     Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S.
     Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington
     D.C., 1990

Lisbon ( Lisboa ), Portugal Latitude 38.43.43 N, Longitude 9.08 W

     Reference: Portugal and the Cape Verde Islands gazetteer, Prepred in the Office of
     Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1961.

UFO Location (UFOCAT)           Latitude 38.20 N, Longitude 37.60 W ( D.% )

Text Location                           Latitude 38-12 N, Longitude 37-36 W ( D-M )

#166 Sept. 30, 1954   Brest (France). At sea between Brest and Roven, the crew of the tanker "Port Lyautey" observed an object touch the surface of the sea, then take off vertically and give off a red flame before being lost to view.                                                                                    

This reference :Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, P-213, published 1969

Original source: Le Figaro, Oct. 2, 1954; La Croix, France-Soir, Oct 3, 1954; AFP, Sept. 30, 1954.


Europe - France

Brest                Latitude 48-24 N, Longitude 4-29 W ( D-M )

Roven – There is no “Roven” in the gazetteers but the is a Rouen which is to the east of Brest.
Rouen              Latitude 49.26 N, Longitude 1.05 E

Reference: France Gazetteer, Published in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1964


CISU Case #008
Location: Castiglione della Pescaia (GR)
CISU Classification: D (Object on the surface of the water)
Evaluation: Insufficient Information

*** A disc was seen as placed on a swamp, close to it there was an animated entity. This entity climbed on the object and it went away splashing.                                                                  

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “Giornale del Mattino” of 10/26/1954
                                    “Il Tirreno” of 10/26/1954
                                    “Il Messaggero” of 10/26/1954
                                    “Corriere di Tripoli”del 10/26/1954
                                     AAVV “UFO in Italy”, vol. 2, ed. Tedeschi, page. 180.


Europe – Italy, Grosseto

Castiglione della Pescaia - Latitude 42-46 N, Longitude 10-53 E ( D-M
This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.


CISU Case #009
Location: Marotta (PS)
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Insufficient information

*** A red shaped cigar object rapidly fell into the sea raising a column of water.                 

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “Nazione Sera” of 10/25/1954
                                    “Giornale del Mattino” of  10/26/1954.
                                    “Gazzetta Padana” of 26/10/1954
                                    “Il Gazzettino” of 10/26/1954
                                     AAVV “UFO in Italy” , vol. 2, ed. Tedeschi, page 185
                                     CrashCat case no. 011.


Europe – Italy, Pesaro e Urbino

Marotta - Latitude 43-46 N, Longitude 13-08 E ( D-M )
This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.


CISU Case #010
Location: Arqua Polesine (RO)
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Insufficient Information.
*** A “meatball shaped” object of three meter size; touched the surface of water, went up and then plunged into the sea.                                                                                                     

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “Gazzettino della Sera” of 11/13-14/1954

                                      AAVV “UFO In Italy”, vol. 2, ed. Tedeschi, page 354
                                    “ItaCat” case no. 5432
                                     CrashCat case no. 014


Europe – Italy, Rovigo

Arqua Polesine - Latitude 45-01 N, Longitude 11-45 E ( D-M )

CISU Case # 011
Location: Taormina (ME)
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Possible probe balloon
*** Two objects were seen  touching the water surface and one sank into the water.        

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “Corriere of Sicily” of 12/11/1954
                                    “Paper of Sicily” of 11/21/1954
                                    “Il Messaggero” of 11/21/1954
                                    “Il Messaggero of 11/21/1954

                                    “The Morning Paper” of 11/21/1954.
                                    “Voice of the Adriatic Sea” of 11/21/1954.
                                     AAVV “UFO in Italy”, vol. 2, ed. Tedeschi, pp.370-371.


Europe – Italy, Messina

Taormina – Latitude 37-51 N, Longitude 15-17 E ( D-M )

This reference: Italy Gazetteer, United States Board On Geographical Names, Department of the Interior, Washington D.C., August 1956.


Lady Sees Space Ship Hover Over North East Saturday and Sunday Before It Zooms Away
       Editor’s Note: The lady’s name withheld from publication by request will be disclosed to any doubting reader who calls the Breeze. Any other eye witness reports of the space ship will be so honored
       A space ship hovered over North East Saturday and Sunday the Breeze learned this week.
After its two visits here, it was said, the strange craft zoomed away into the clouds. A thoroughly reliable and level Breeze correspondent, who wanted to remain nameless, faithfully reported the incident.
       At 20 minutes to 2 Sunday morning she knelt on the maple chair in her home overlooking the lake at Dill Park to turn out the light. She had returned from bowling in Erie a little earlier and was reading the paper before going to bed. At first glance out the window she thought she watching a boat in distress coming in to shore.
       The object resembled fish tug which looked to be much nearer the beach than one normally drifts, closer even than private fishing boats anchor. Because of the brilliant orange light radiating from it the lady thought It was on fire.
       The glow of a cloud-hidden moon on the water, however, revealed the thing to be suspended six or eight feet above the lake off Orchard Beach. The light it made, remained steady and blindingly bright.
       “If it had been a fire," the lady said, "such intensity would have been white--not orange."
       During the eight or nine minutes that she watched it, the ship skittered east, then west---"so fast that by comparison a jet would be standing still."
Leaves Rosy Glow
       By the time she had fetched her field glasses from the bedroom where she had been watching some birds with them earlier in the day, the craft had gone. Only a rosy orange glow remained in the clouds of the western sky above the lake.
       The lady's husband, when she woke him...naturally accused her of hallucinations, but the next evening any doubts she may have had herself were whisked away.
       The ship again hung in the sky about midnight. This time the lady had her glasses ready and got a better look at it.
       It still appeared to be about the size and shape of a tug, she said but, where the rigging normally projected above deck, the space ship had a low curved glowing dome of orange. Two tiers of square windows were ranged along its sides .. she said, like rows of postage stamps.
       Realizing that…water distances are tricky to figure, she judged it was not more than a mile away. The brilliance of the light, however, made it impossible to make out the details of the ship.
       This time it rose gradually straight up and again disappeared. Although the lady sat to watch for it until long afterward, she didn’t see it return.
       The experience reminded her of another similar sight about a year ago--inexplicable goings on in the sky.
       “Before that” she said, “I never considered that these things really happened.”
Like a greenish ball
       She was returning home along Route 5 from the Snack Bar at 8:20 in the evening, when a greenish-silver—“almost” phosphorescent--streak over the lake caused her to pull off on the Orchard Beach Road to make sure her eyes were all right. Thinking the ball-like object might be a reflection on her car window, she rolled it down and found that it was still in the sky.
       It rested In the air over the lake opposite State Line. Suddenly quicker than lightning, it hurtled toward Presque Isle and into the west.
       The lady's husband thought she was crazy this time too---until the next day's paper reported that three separate and unrelated people described the same object near Ashtabula harbor ten minutes after she had seen it here.                                                                                              
This reference: Newspaper “The Breeze”, Location and date unknown. Dated in Blue Book files as December 5, 1954. 
With Thanks to Loren Gross for providing the article. 

UFOCAT PRN – Possibly 96238, Ripley, NY, Lake Chautauqua, News Clipping dated Feb. 5, 1955, Date of occurrence 12-05-1954, Location Latitude 42.27N, Longitude 79.73 W

North America – United States, Pennsylvania, New York & Ohio

Erie, PA                        Latitude 42.08 N, Longitude 80.05 W

Ripley, NY                     Latitude 42.16 N, Longitude 79.43 W

Ashtabula, OH              Latitude 41.52 N, Longitude 80.47 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

Orchard Beach, PA       Latitude 42.14 N, Longitude 79.50 W

State Line, NY              Latitude 42.15 N, Longitude 79.46 W ( Chautauqua County )

Presque Isle, PA          Latitude 42.08 N, Longitude 80.09 W



CISU Case # 013
Location: Genova-Pegli
CISU Classification: B ( Objects that fall or dive into water )
Evaluation: Insufficient Information
*** An obscure object was seen plunging into the sea in a flame.                                        

This reference: USOCAT by The Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) © 1996 by Marco Bianchini.

      Original reference: “La Nazione Italiana” of 12/8/1954

                                    “Gazzetta del Popolo” of 12/8/1954

                                    “Corriere della Sera” of 12/8/1954

                                    “Corriere di Sicily” of 12/8/1954

                                     CrashCat case no. 019


Europe – Italy,


Genova.Latitude 44-25-00 N, Longitude 8-56-60 E ( D-M-S)

Pegli     Latitude 44-25-60 N, Longitude 8-48-00 E


       Upon many occasions, some of them dating back to the closing years of the preceding century, officers and crewmen of numerous vessels reported watching disc-shaped craft entering and emerging from the sea. One such incident occurred in 1955 when the crew of a Gulf Oil tanker reported to authorities that a huge circular, double-convex object trailing smoke dived into the Gulf of Mexico only a few hundred yards from their vessel in full daylight.                               

This reference: Flying Saucers-Serious Business by Frank Edwards, p. 129 © 1966.


North America – Unnamed location in the Gulf of Mexico


       Around noon one day in February, 1955, I was walking toward the beach at Ocean Beach, near San Diego, Calif., when suddenly something made me look up. I stopped, amazed and fascinated at what I saw---a huge geyser of water with the rear end of what looked like a space ship protruding from the top. I watched, spellbound, while the geyser subsided, a short distance from the end of the rocky breakwater (which, by the way, since has been removed).

       At the place where the geyser disappeared was a ring of what looked like woolly clouds, but they did not act like clouds as they did not move although a strong wind was blowing.

       I waited for 20 minutes to see what else would happen, but nothing changed and finally I left. I still wonder about the incident. I’ve heard that space people can send their space ships to ant depth under the sea and create an air bubble around them so they can emerge and walk around in it.

Annabell Culverwell, Jerome, Ariz.                                                                                                      

This Reference: Original. Fate magazine, April 1958, p. 114

       Secondary reference: “Invisible Residents” by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 38, published 1970

UFOCAT PRN – 73292. Refeence – Invisible residents. No Location

NOTE: UFOCAT PRN 25032 dated 1-12-1955 is in the same area, ref. Blue Book.

North America – United States, California

Ocean Beach    Latitude 32-45 N, Longitude 117-15 W ( D-M )


San Diego        Latitude 32-41 N, Longitude 117-09 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990


More About UFOs and the Sea, by Antonio Ribera (Extract)

Cardiganshire Sightings

       Then, in my friend Gavin Gibbons's book The Coming of the Spare Ships 2 I found some very interesting marine sightings, which gave ample food for thought …I quote from page 114 of the book: "We move to Wales for our last example but one of the erratic behaviour of this strange object--to the coast of Cardiganshire, to be precise. It was at 7.15 p.m. that Mrs. Harding, a farmer's wife of Aberarth, was called outside by her young daughter, who was pointing excitedly at the evening sky. She gazed out over the sea in the direction that Rosalyn, her daughter, indicated. There, to the north-west of where they stood, and well out to sea, was a large orange ball giving out a black trail and zig-zagging downwards. They remarked that it looked very like the sun except for the movement and the long, black, smoky trail that streamed out behind. As they watched, it exploded and, still in the shape of an orange ball, plunged into the sea. The strange thing was that they could still see it glowing beneath the surface of the water [italics mine-Author], and this continued for upwards of an hour after the object finally struck. The trail that it had left behind changed from black to grey before it dispersed: neither of the two watchers had heard any sound from the ball, either in the air or in the sea.

Object off Merionethshire Coast

       "It is due to the kindness of Mrs. Rhoda Harding that I managed to obtain the information I required concerning the last sighting of this 'meteor' series [strange meteor indeed!--Author]. She very kindly made a special journey to Roshlefain, a village near Towyn in Merionethshire, to interview for me the two witnesses concerned, and I should like to record my gratitude to her.

       "Angelo and Salvatore Tornabene are, as may be assumed by their names, Italians and they work on the land in this pleasant corner of Wales. They are not very sure of the time, but think it was about 8 p.m. when they saw the bright orange object zigzagging down into the sea off Rhoslefain. (The date was March 24, 1955). They could not distinguish its shape or size, but confirm that it gave off a dark trail, like smoke, that became lighter in colour as it got lower. Suddenly the object stopped giving off smoke and substituted flame instead, before dropping straight into the sea. But it did not stay in the water for long. Almost at once it shot up into the sky again, this time leaving a grey trail behind it. It then shot northwards at great speed, leaving no trace in the water … Of course this sighting may have been identical with that (at Aberarth) of Mrs. Harding."
       Gavin Gibbons quotes another witness of the events of this remarkable day. He is a Mr. Hughes of Montford, near Shrewsbury (see page 112), "a countryman possessed of a retentive memory and a remarkable accuracy of explanation." We read that: "He was on his way … to his club at Shrawardine ... when suddenly their attention (a lad was with him at the time) was drawn by a brilliant light in the sky, yellowy-white in colour, which was approaching from the direction of Shrewsbury. As it came nearer they were amazed to see a sort of disc of many different colours form around a central ball of light. This disc began to rotate at great speed round the golden centre piece, while the whole mass of the object continued to flash across the heavens … It had made no sound at all and left a white trail which lasted about twenty minutes after it had disappeared."
       I have quoted this sighting at some length, because it is unmistakably a "saucer-type" sighting, and its connection with the marine sightings quoted above must be emphasized. As Mr. Gibbons writes (page 121): "No meteor has ever been observed to plunge into the sea and shoot out of it again to fly off out of sight. Then again, these objects repeatedly changed course and direction a thing that is quite impossible for any meteor."
       Elsewhere in his text Mr. Gibbons referred to a fourth craft, which appeared on the scene half-an-hour later. Quite slow by comparison, it moved westwards, rather to the south of the others, to appear as an orange balls before dropping into Cardigan Bay some 30 miles north of Fishguard, in a mass of dark smoke and /lames. Like the object in the first report, it glowed under the water; it did not rise again.
       Gavin Gibbons believes that there were four objects over that part of Great Britain (Staffordshire, Shropshire and North Wales) on the night in question, in addition to others reported from places as far apart as Cornwall, Newcastle and Glasgow. The first of these was a cigar-shaped object (mother-ship?) travelling north-east. I speculate that on this particular night a big reconnaissance operation took places maybe of submarine bases off the coast of Scotland.


2 Gavin Gibbons, “the Coming of the Space Ships”, Neville Spearman, London, Second Impression, January 1958.                                                                                                                             

This Reference: Flying Saucer Review Vol. 11 No. 6, November/December 1965

       Secondary references: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by Janet & Colin Bord,

                                                     p. 165, published 1989.

UFOCAT PRN – 74061 Aberarth       UFO Location Latitude 52.22 N, Longitude 4.18 W

UFOCAT PRN – 74064 Cardigan       UFO Location Latitude SN.08 N, Longitude 0.40 W

UFOCAT PRN – 74062 Rhoslefain     UFO Location Latitude SH.05 N, Longitude 0.57 W

Note: All three are referenced to FSR Vol. 17, No. 5, p. 29 by Janet Gregory.

Europe – United Kingdom

Aberarth (Aber-Arth)                Latitude 52.15 N, Longitude 4.14 W

Cargiganshire (County)           Latitude 52.15 N, Longitude 4.00 W

Merionethshire (County)          Latitude 52.50 N, Longitude 3.50 W

Roshlefain (Village)                  Unable to locate in gazetteer or online.

Shrawardine                            Latitude 52.44 N, Longitude 2.54 W

Shrewsbury                             Latitude 52.43 N, Longitude 2.44 W

Cardigan Bay                           Latitude 52.30 N, Longitude 4.25 W

Shropshire                               Latitude 52.15 N, Longitude 4.00 W

Cornwall (County)                    Latitude 52.15 N, Longitude 4.00 W

New Castle Upon Tyne            Latitude 55.00 N, Longitude 1.36 W

Glasgow                                   Latitude 55.50 N, Longitude 4.15 W

Fishguard                                 Latitude 52.00 N, Longitude 4.56 W

Towyn – Two found - Latitude 52.07 N, Longitude 4.41 W & Latitude 52.36 N, Longitude 4.05 W

Unable to locate: Rhoslefain, Montford, Straffordshire, North Wales,

Reference:United Kingdom Gazatteer, Prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1950


       Lake Ontario shore, near Niagara Falls, New York, in late July, 1955. Time about sunset, or 8:00 to 8:30 p.m. Witnesses were seven in total, two families. The families were on the beach on an outing when an object suddenly rose out of the water and hovered about 12-14 feet in the air. The families moved toward their cars when the object rose out of the water, and it then moved toward them, hovering right overhead when they were by their vehicles. The object was 100 feet across, disk-shaped with a dome and a dull metallic surface. They tried to start their cars but the motors wouldn't work at all.

       The witnesses saw four occupants inside the craft. The occupants were humanoid in form, with white heads and shoulders, clad in black garments with black hoods. The object then left the area, making a low humming sound and moving in a straight line over the lake. It then rose straight up and quickly vanished. The duration of the sighting was estimated at 2 minutes. The object came within 30 feet of the witnesses.                                                                         

Original on file with the Center for UFO Studies

This reference from notes and one page of the original letter Thanks to Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS.

Thanks also to Larry Clark of NY MUFON for bringing it to my attention.

UFOCAT PRN – 126985

North America – United States, New York

Niagara Falls, NY, USA – Latitude 43-05 N, Longitude 79-04 W ( D-M )

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

UFO location ( UFOCAT ) - Latitude 43.1 N, Longitude 79.04 W ( D.% )


       July 22, 1955, Santa Maria, Cal.; witnesses reported that a long silvery object emerged from the water.                                                                                                                                   

This reference: UFO Investigator, a NICAP publication, Vol. 4, No. 5, p. 5, (March 1968) with Thanks to the Donald E. Keyhoe Archives.

        Secondary references: Invisible Residents, by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 38, Published 1971

                                             No Earthly Explanation, by John Wallace Spencer, pp. 94-102

                                                            published 1974
Original: Blue Book (42- Roll/Case ?)

UFOCAT PRN – 25574 Ref. Blue Book

North America – United States, California

Santa Maria – Latitude 34-57 N, Longitude 120-26 W ( D-M )

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

UFO Location ( UFOCAT ) - Latitude 34.93 N, Longitude 120.42 W ( D.% )



From Dr. Paul Gray in New York

       As Frank and Eileen Bordes, of the Bronx, New York City, fished a ruffled reservoir near Bush Pine, New York State, from a dinghy on the dark and breezy night of September 17 last, a loud splash and gurgling sound interrupted the rhythm of the lapping waves and attracted their attention.

       Eileen Bordes peered into the darkness towards the noise and suddenly saw an iridescent pink, mushroom-shaped object rise two feet above the water and then disappear beneath the surface. Describing it to her husband, who had been disentangling fishing lines in the bottom of the boat when it appeared, she said she knew of no fish of that size in the reservoir, nor of any behaving in that peculiar manner.

       Scared by the oddity, she asked to be rowed ashore, whence she and Frank Bordes peered into the blackness lit only by the twinkling stars above. About 100 yards distant they were able to distinguish a brightening light. Then two long parallel lights became visible below the first light they had spotted. They seemed to come from an elongated object some 15 ft. long that was partially submerged and around which there appeared to be a good deal of turbulence.

       Excited by the phenomenon, Frank Bordes persuaded a very apprehensive Eileen to climb back into the dinghy so that they could make a closer investigation. As they rowed along the shore they had the impression that they were being watched and noticed that whenever they headed in the direction of the object it would speed towards them. When they retreated, it would stop and gradually retreat, too.

       During the whole of this time the submarine turbulence continued. Eventually the object moved off down the lake at high speed until its lights faded in the distance.

       Commenting on the object, Frank Bordes said the odd thing about it was that it reversed its direction without having to turn round and that the only noise he and his wife heard was the sound of turbulence.

       A noticeable feature, he added, was the absence of a light beam. This obviated the possibility of it being another boat with a searchlight or flashlight on board. In any case, he said, it moved faster than any motor-boat he had ever seen. Before seeing it, neither he nor Eileen had been interested in flying saucers; nor had they seen any. And they were not in the slightest bit interested in spirit phenomena.                                                                                      

This reference: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 1, No. 5, p. 21, September/October, 1955.

       Secondary references:The Inexplicable Sky, by Arthur Constance, pp. 226-227, 1957

                                                                               Passport to Magonia, by Jacques Vallee, p. 252, published 1969.

NEED: APRO Bulletin, January 1956


North America – United States, New York

Titicus Reservoir           Latitude 41.33 N, Longitude 73.65 W

Bush Pine – Is not know online nor by the folks at the North Salem Free Library (In the area) whom I called. However there is a Pine Bush, NY that is about an hour and a half drive from the reservoir. The website of the library does contain a couple of nice maps of the area.

Pine Bush, NY               Latitude 41.36 N, Longitude 74.18 W



UFOs AHOY! by Janet Gregory


       Several months later, on October 18, 1955, a blue and white object with red flames coming from its tail was seen by people in North Devon and Cornwall. Fishermen at Mevagissey on the south coast of Cornwall reported seeing a strange light which illuminated the sky and coast along a wide area around 12.30 a.m. A sizzling noise was heard and when the object struck the water it sounded as if it was exploding.                                                                                                   

This Reference: Flying Saucer Review Vol. 17, No. 5 September/October 1971, p29

UFOCAT PRN – 74065

Europe – United Kingdom

North Devon ( Devonshire )     Latitude 50.45 N, Longitude 3.45 W (D-M ) [ county ]

Cornwall                                  Latitude 50.25 N, Longitude 4.40 W [ county ]

Mevagissey Bay                       Latitude 50.17 N, Longitude 4.46 W

Reference: United Kingdom Gazetteer, Prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1950

UFO Location ( UFOCAT ) - Latitude 50.27 N, Longitude 4.08 W (D.% )



       Just a week later another incident occurred about 1,000 miles west of Komatsu. This one is unique in U.F.O. sightings for two reasons.

       One: it was seen by a large number of witnesses including civilian and American personnel.

       Two: the object was under direct and relatively close observation for about 90 minutes!

       The incident began about 8 p.m. at Pusan, Korea, on January 15. The object was described to military authorities as being "about the size of a large washtub and emitting a blue-gray glow. It was seen falling into the water about 50 yards off-shore near Heunde.”

       It was early enough in the evening to attract the attention of a large number of Korean townsfolk. They reported that the glow continued for about an hour and a half before the object "apparently sank into the sea."

       By this time Korean National Police arrived at the scene and they, in turn, alerted U.S. Military Police. Cpl. Ben Elliot, an M.P. on patrol duty that night, was on the scene quickly enough to observe the object floating in the water for almost an hour.

       He described its glow as being similar to the flames from burning alcohol or benzine. The glow, he said, appeared to be about the size of a large washtub but the object itself could not be seen on the surface of the water.

        None of the witnesses expressed any desire to row out to the object for a closer look. As a result, it eventually sank out of sight into the sea's depths without being inspected.

       At this writing, no further reports concerning the object have been made. It was thought that Pusan University staff members might arrange for divers to attempt to recover remains of the object. If they did, their findings remain as much a mystery as the object itself.                         

This reference: Fate Magazine, June 1956, pp.22-24. Article title “Recent UFOs Over Japan”, by Samuel Norman.
       Secondary reference:       Invisible Residents by Ivan Sanderson, pp. 38-39. © 1970

                                                Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by Janet & Colin
                                                    Bord, p.168, published 1989

UFOCAT PRN – 73294 (Location – None)

Far East - Korea
Komatsu, Japan (2 found)        Latitude 33-53 N, Longitude 133-07 E ( D-M )
Latitude 36-24 N, Longitude 136-27 E

Pusan, Korea               Latitude 35-42 N, Longitude 128-02 E

Reference: South Korea gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., December 1966.

Heunde – Unable to locate Lat. & Long., but from website information it appears to be either a suburb of Pusan or at least very close to Pusan.


Sept., 1956      ( Time 2030 ) Cabo Frio (Brazil). O. Guarichi was walking on the beach with his dogs when he saw an object come from the sea and land. Two men, 1.80 m tall, wearing metallic-looking uniforms, emerged. One of them picked up objects from the beach. There was an exchange of gestures with the witness. One of the dogs turned away when the witness approached the craft, which was 20 m wide, 3 m high, and showed flashing lights as it left 

This Source: Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, P-254, © 1969

Original Source: UFO Nachrichten, Mar., 61. 62 Wiesbaden, Schierstein, Milanstrasse 5, Germany.


South America - Brazil

Cabo Frio, Brazil – Latitude 22-53 S, Longitude 42-01 W ( D-M ) [ Near Rio de Janeiro ]

Reference: Brazil Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963


       On the 21st of November, 1956, Customs officer Mr. Ueda and the Maritime Safety Station officer Mr. Kume were walking along No. 1 Pier, Port of Kobe, Japan, when they heard the sound of an explosion at 8:23 P.M. They saw something resembling fireworks on the bay and watched as two balls of fire whirled and eventually submerged.                                                                   

This reference: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, pp. 39-40, Pub. 1970

Original reference: Evening Okayama News, 21 November 1957

UFOCAT PRN – 73300

Far East - Japan

Kōbe - kō (harbor) -  Latitude 34-40 N, Longitude 135-12 E ( D-M )

Reference: Japan Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963


(Partial text, from article on 10-31-63)

       The only similar incident we have logged in APRO files is the incident which took place off the coast of Venezuela on the 13th of December 1956. A Swedish ship wired the harbor control at La Guaira saying that a strange, cone-shaped object was falling vertically into the sea, that it was very brilliant and gave off "strange glares." The time was 9:50 p. m. and the object was seen by the Captain and several of the crew. When the object hit the water an explosion was heard, then the sea where the object fell became brilliantly colored. After the colors subsided the sea became very disturbed with a "boiling motion," which continued for some time.

       It is not known whether or not the object was in trouble in this incident but there is a similarity between the foregoing sighting and the disc which fell into the Peropava River.    

This Reference: THE A.P.R.O. BULLETIN, January 1964, p.2

       Secondary reference: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 39, 1970

Original reference: THE A.P.R.O. BULLETIN, January 1957, p. 6

UFOCAT PRN – 89862. Ref. APRO Bul. Jan. 1964.

ALSO – Date error (Typo) 12-13-1959, included because of addition information.

       The waters of South America have been particularly well-populated with strange submarine objects. On December I3, 1959, the Swedish ship Dorthemaersk radioed La Guaira, Venezuela, the following message:

       "We have just seen a strange craft descending from sky giving off strange flares. Shaped like a cone, very brilliant."

       The position given was north of Orchila Island. Karl Lars Dersson, While walking on deck, was the first to see the object, and called it to the attention of the crew, which also observed it. As the object neared the surface, it became even brighter, there was a very loud concussion as the craft entered the water. After the Object submerged, the surface of the sea became brilliant with many colors and very, turbulent at that spot.                                                                            

This reference : “UFOs Over The Americas” by  Jim & Coral Lorenzen, pp. 50-51, Pub. 1968

       Secondary reference: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by J & C Bord, p. 172,

                                         published 1989

UFOCAT PRN 56814 – No location

South America - Venezuela

La Guaira – Latitude 10-36 N, Longitude 66-56 W ( D-M )
Reference: Venezuela Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., August 1961.

The island of La Orchila is located approximately 50 km. east of the Los Roques archipelago and 160 km. northwest of Caracas ( Fig. 1) . Its geographical coordinates are approximately: 11° 47' to 11° 55' North latitude, and 66° 05' to 66° 12' West longitude. It consists of a large island of triangular form, with a maximum diameter of approximately 9 km.; at its northeastern end there are a number of small islands of reef origin.


UFO Location (UFOCAT - 89862) - Latitude 10.63 N, Longitude 66.94 W ( D.% )


       From the salty waves of the Baltic come reports of these strange events. The first took place in 1957 at a place called Koszalin when two mysterious objects were seen to emerge from the depths.                                                                                                                                 

This reference: UFOs and Anti-Gravity, by Leonard G. Cramp, p. 129, © 1966.

Need: Luis Schoenherr computerized catalog #992

UFOCAT PRN – 30524 Ref.: Luis Schoenherr computerized catalog #992. ( No Location )

Europe - Poland

Koszalin – Latitude 54-12 N, Longitude 16-11 E ( D-M )

Reference: Gazetteer of Poland, Vol. 1 (A-L), Published by the Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C. August 1988

04-19-1957 [ Pacific Ocean – Off Japan ]

On April 19, 1957, at 11:52 A.M., two metal disks were seen entering the Pacific Ocean at 31°15' N. and 143°30’ E. A violent turbulence followed their immersion. The witnesses were Japanese fishermen on board the "Kitsukawara Maru." The point in question is among the deepest in the Pacific Ocean (more than ten thousand meters deep).                                                           

This reference: Anatomy Of A Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee, p.136, © 1965

Original Ref. : The Flying Saucer Review World Round-up of UFO Sightings and Events, New York:Citadel Press, 1958, p. 147

ALSO ( For additional information )

       The Japanese fishing boat, Kitsukawara Maru was sailing south of Yokahama [Sp.] with its five man crew on April 19, 1957. All hands saw the sudden appearance of two silver saucer shaped metal craft plunge into the water nearby. Immediately afterward, the sea where they fell became furiously disturbed, boiling and churning violently. The crewmen searched, for wreckage, but found nothing.                                                                                                                         

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, pp. 40. © 1977

UFOCAT PRN – 28022  Ref. Anatomy of a Phenomenon.

Far East – Pacific (East of Japan)

Yokohama Harbor – Latitude 35.28 N, Longitude 139.42 E

Reference: Japan gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1955.

UFO Location (UFOCAT )          Latitude 31.25 N, Longitude 143.5 E ( D.% )

UFO Location ( Text )               Latitude 31-15 N, Longitude 143-30 E ( D-M )



Among the best documented accounts of underwater UFOs were three sightings on the Baltic coast and the Mazurian Lakes district of Poland.

       In early June of 1957, there were strong rumors from Soviet occupied Poland of mysterious sightings at Koszalin, a coastal town. Two strange objects were allegedly seen emerging from the depths offshore. They climbed into the sky at high speed and vanished.                                    

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, p. 41.

UFOCAT PRN – Possibly one of the following – Same city & observations:
                        30524 – Date ??-??-1957
                        87687 – Date Early – 1957

Europe - Poland

Koszalin – Latitude 54-12 N, Longitude 16-11 E ( D-M )

Reference: Gazetteer of Poland, Vol. 1 (A-L), Published by the Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C. August 1988


       On the 22nd of June of that same year two patrolmen at Rye, N.Y., watched a large object with two white lights and one red light plunge into Long Island Sound                                 

This source: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 39,  © 1970

       Secondary references: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by Janet & Colin Bord,

                                                    p173, © 1989

Original Reference: Port Chester, N.Y., “Item”, 22 June 1957

UFOCAT PRN – 73297

North America – United States, New York

Rye, (Westchester) – Latitude 40-59 N, Longitude 73-41 W ( D-M )

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington, D.C. 1990

UFO location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 40.98 N, Longitude 73.7 W ( D.% )


In the MUFON 1987 International UFO Symposium, Washington, D.C. we present 3 Cuban cases. One of them was a UFO coming out the water:

       CASE# 1 (Abstract) Date: summer 1957. Time:4 A.M. Place: Bacuranao. Two sport fisherman (Raul and Luis) observed a huge, white-pink lighted UFO emerge from the sea creating white ocean waves. The UFO illuminated the clouds and flew over the witness. They report some water drops, like rain, in their yacht.

NOTE: This case are offered here without evaluation                                                             

This reference: E-mail from Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-Ocejo, Miami UFO Center (Former MUFON South America Representative al Large).


Middle America - Cuba

Bacuranao                   Latitude 23-09 N, Longitude 82-12 W ( D-M )

Near Havana, Cuba     Latitude 23-08 N, Longitude 82-22 W

Reference: Cuba Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963



Professor Guimaraes's strange story


            Our attitude to the contact claims has always been that to reject them all

            uncritically merely because some have been considered unsatisfactory

            is philosophically unsound. We further believe that insufficient investigation

            has been devoted to this aspect of the flying saucer mystery and that

            thorough and open-minded research would seem to offer us the greatest

            chance of reaching the final solution. These contact stories have persisted

            now for a number of years in spite of general ridicule and even the hostility

            of certain prominent UFOIogists.        

       The following account is translated from the Portuguese and first appeared in Bulletin No. 4, dated July I, 1958, of Discos Voadores issued by Dr. W. Buhler in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.   

       We give below a transcript of the account by Professor Joao de Freitas Guimaraes of his voyage in a flying saucer, related in an interview on T.V.-18 on the evening of August 27, 1957.

       Professor Joao de Freitas Guimaraes recalled that he had gone to Sao Sebastiao in the course of his professional duties as a military advocate. Finding the law court already closed, he had dinner and then, by way of a constitutional, went for a walk along the beach. He cannot be exact as to the time, not having chanced to look at his watch, but estimates that it would be 7.10 or 7.15 p.m.

       The sky was overcast, dull, and there was no moon. In the absence of any bench, he sat down on the shore, rested his hands on his knees and remained gazing over the sea, which was quite dark. Suddenly he perceived that it was becoming clearer over the water, in the stretch between Bela island and Sao Sebastiao. Next, a jet of water arose, like a waterspout, which caused the thought of a whale to cross his mind. Shortly afterwards he made out that it was a pot-bellied machine moving in the direction of the beach. Arrived there, it threw out a landing line, equipped with spheres. He noticed particularly that they were spheres, not buoys. From this machine two men then jumped out and walked to meet him. They were two human beings or, at least, they had that appearance. He confesses that he was somewhat alarmed. He got to his

feet and, although feeling a certain amount of apprehension, was not inclined to take to flight.

       He could now definitely tell that he had to deal with tall individuals (more than 5 ft. 10 in.), with long, fair hair, of clear complexion and with eyebrows. They wore a kind of one-piece garment, green in colour, narrowing towards the neck, wrists and .ankles. Their eyes were clear and steady.

No reactions

       The professor asked them whether there had been an accident to the machine or were they seeking someone. He got no reply. Then he tried speaking to them in French, English and Italian, but still without result, at the time.

       He got the impression that he was invited to enter the craft. He cannot explain how it was that he came to this conclusion, but the fact is that so he understood. It seemed to him that they were employing a telepathic language. He added that he is not a scientist, that he has not studied matters of this kind but, from what knowledge he has in that respect, he is led to believe that they were utilising such means of communica­tion; although he verified, later, that they were endowed with articulate speech.

       He had never interested himself in the question of flying saucers. Through lack of time, he was almost entirely ignorant of this question. However, it appeared to him that that machine was one of those strange airships. Feeling that the invitation persisted, there came to him, then,

an irresistible desire to know what was inside.

       Then, one of the crew started in the direction of the machine, turning his back on him. Dr. Freitas Guimaraes followed, without reluctance, accompanied by the other member of the crew. He was thus between the two of them. The one in front reached the lower part of the aircraft and got on board, holding on to a ladder with only one hand. Dr. Freitas Guimaraes required the assistance of both his hands.

       Dr. Guimaraes could see that in the hatch there was another airman, who had remained there all the time. When the second airman, walk­ing behind our informant, got on board, the apparatus which had been let down was drawn in again and the door closed. The Professor said that he had remained in the one compartment but was able to ascertain that there were others, also illuminated.

Telepathic communications

       When the machine rose, he noted that there was water on the portholes, as though it were raining. He enquired, "Is it raining?" To this he received a reply, telepathically, from one of the crew, to the effect that it was not a question of rain. That water originated from the rotation, in opposite direction, of parts comprised in the saucer. All round the machine there was a ray filtration tube, which produced the effect of a semi-vacuum in each of its parts.

       He saw, through the portholes, above the earth, an intensely dark zone where stars shone in an extraordinary manner. This was succeeded by incomparable splendour, and then by fresh dark areas. Continuing, they crossed a violet layer, then another one, vivid and dazzling. In the former he felt the machine toss violently. He displayed a little nervousness, on this account. Then one of the crew said to him, telepathically, "The machine has just left the atmosphere of your planet."

       During the trip, he asked them from where they came, but got no reply. He does not know why they did not wish to be identified. When he knew that they were already beyond the earth's atmosphere, he was astonished and frightened. He had noticed, on entering the compartment, a circular instrument on which moved three needles, very sensitive and already quivering. At the point of departure from the earth's atmosphere these needles commenced to vibrate

intensely. Later it was explained to him by one of the crew that the machine was navigated by registration of the conjunction of magnetic forces in the area. The blazing space bodies, diversely coloured, and the swiftly flying iridescent clouds together constituted an indescribable spectacle.

       On returning, he observed that his watch had stopped. He could not, therefore, be sure how long the flight lasted, but estimates it at 30 or 40 minutes. He went to his hotel and felt inclined to tell everyone of his extraordinary experience.

       It seemed to him that the crews of those airships were carrying out an investigation upon the inhabitants of our planet. He had the impression that they were desirous of instructing us as to the dangers which threaten humanity. In the opinion of Professor Freitas Guimaraes, human behaviour is almost savage. Man would be born wholly good, but, as a result of conditions inherent upon earth, he degenerates. There are some scientific experiments which are Being conducted without due care. The indiscriminate use of the atomic bomb scarcely increases the ionisation of the earth. It does, however, cause the destruction of layers of the atmosphere which filter dangerous rays. If more care is not taken in the use of those terrible devices, we shall all suffer the consequences of such explosions.

Events since

       Again, the professor states that this occurrence took place about 14 months ago and that, with the exception of his wife, he had told no one of it. About six months afterwards, however, he spoke on the subject to a judge in Sao Paulo, Dr. Alberto Franco. He also told an old advocate in that capital, Dr. Nilson. During a luncheon which took place at the Advocates Association, he saw an aluminium saucepan and made a jest about it, alluding to flying saucers. His colleagues suspected then that he must know something about these airships, so much talk had been current. Later, however, he narrated the incident to a friend, Dr. Lincoln Feliciano. This latter, naturally, seizing upon the story, transmitted it to the person who wrote the article which has caused so much sensation. He adds that, since that time, he has had no peace. He has been besieged by every manner of means. Although all who approach him may be very friendly, it is becoming, nevertheless, difficult for him to explain exactly what transpired. For example,

imagine someone, who, during a strange journey, had seen, for the first time, a pneumatic machine and had wished, on his return, to describe it to people who were interested but had no knowledge of it. It is clear that he would not be able to do so accurately. The facts he witnessed passed his comprehension.

       He declared, subsequently, that he had not been the first citizen of this world to travel in those machines. He informs us that, since his adventure has been divulged by the press, a list of works upon the subject has been received, in some of which are detailed experiences similar to those he underwent.

       Questioned as to whether he felt ill during the trip, he replied that he had felt none too well when the saucer took off and when it landed. He felt pain and cold in his extremities. He attributed that to a natural nervous tension.

       He declares that a further meeting with the crew of the machine had been arranged for August that year: August 12, 1957. Asked about the way in which that meeting had been defined, it transpired that, in the course of the voyage, the crew showed him 12 constellations, disposed in the form of the Zodiac. A wheel indicated the year and repetition, a dozen times, of the number 8 conveyed to him the month of August. Thus he interpreted it as being the date in question. To enquiries as to what had prevented him from keeping the appointment made, he replied that he would not have been able to go. A party had been organised to attend the interview, which would have caused a sensation. He had, moreover, in the meantime, lost near relations. Besides, he had been approached by an official of the F.A.B., who asked him not to go for this meeting. He referred, also, to the fact that the Air Force had sent pursuit planes (jets), which could be the cause of serious incidents. If one of these aircraft came into contact with the saucer, that could seem like an act of treachery on his part. It would be considered a breach of faith if he were to con­tribute towards creating an unwelcome situation for those beings who were so considerate to him. He confesses to more prudence than curiosity.                                          

This reference: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 7, No. 5, September/October 1961, pp. 18-20
Translated from the original reference listed below. Sighting date 07-27-1957

Original reference: Discos Voadores issued by Dr. W. Buhler in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bulletin No. 4, dated July I, 1958. [ Discos Voadores is the journal of SBEDV ]

Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 3, No. 6, pp. 2-3 November/December 1957 (Original ) but Vol. 7 was a more detailed follow-up. Date of sighting - 07-??-1957
 Secondary references: Flying Saucer (Ray Palmer), January 1962, p. 30 NOTE: Date 08-12-1957
                                         Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 10, No. 4, July/August 1964, p. 13
                                                Gordon Creighton, “Argentina 1962”
                                         Flying Saucer Review, Special Issue “Humanoids”, case #19, 1966, p.36
                                         SBEDV Bulletin #4l, July 1967
                                         Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 14, No. 1, January/February 1968, p. 13
                                                Date of sighting 07-??-1957

                                         Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, p. 256, © 1969. Sighting date
                                                 shown as 07-25-1957

UFOCAT PRN – None   FSR Vol. 7, No. 5. September/October 1961. Vol. 3, No. 6 was
                                             original but Vol. 7 was a more detailed follow-up.

UFOCAT PRN – 101688, Ray Palmer “Flying Saucer”, January 1962, p. 30
                                             Note: Date of sighting 08-12-1957

UFOCAT PRN – 88245, FSR Vol. 14, No. 1, January/February 1968, p. 13

South America - Brazil

Ilhabela (Bela Island) Latitude 23-47 S, Longitude 45-21 W ( D-M )

São sebastião              Latitude 23-48 S, Longitude 45-25 W

Santos                         Latitude 23-57 S, Longitude 46-20 W ( FSR Vol. 3, #6 Witness came

                                    from this city )

Reference: Brazil gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963

UFO location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 23.80 S, Longitude 45.43 W ( D. % )



       According to the “South Pacific Post”, a newspaper published at Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea, a strange object was sighted from a Government trawler on August 24, 1957, in the Ninigo Islands.

       A patrol officer and four Europeans watched the UFO hover near their ship for 20 minutes. The Acting Director of Native Affairs, Mr. J. K. McCarthy, stated that the patrol officer, Mr. E. S. Esdale, was on the Government trawler “Eros” when he and the others saw the object.

       Mr. Esdale reported that he was in the Ahu passage, in the Ninigo Group, when a strange light appeared in the west. "It assumed the appearance of a large yellow star. It hovered in one place for 20 minutes, but changed from yellow to red, then to green and finally to crimson.

       "It remained still for 20 minutes, then moved violently in a small area. It eventually turned from crimson to green and appeared to enter the sea."                                                        
This reference: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 4, No. 4, p. 7 July/August 1958


The New Guinea Sightings, by Rev. N. Cruttwell

A Strange Light over the Ningo Islands  [ Note: Correct spelling is  Ninigo ]

       The following appeared in the South Pacific Post, the principal newspaper of the Territory, published in Port Moresby. The issue was dated 6th Nov. 1957.

       "A Patrol Officer and four Europeans recently watched a strange unexplainable light hover near their ship for 20 minutes, the Acting Director of Native Affairs, Mr. J. K. McCarthy said yesterday.

       "He said that the Patrol Officer, Mr. E. S. Esdale, was on the Government Trawler 'Eros' on August 24th in the Ninigo Islands, when he and the others saw this light.

       "Mr. Esdale reports that he was in the Ahu passage in the Ninigo group, when a strange light appeared in the west," Mr. McCarthy said.

       “It assumed the appearance of a large yellow star. It hovered in the one place for twenty minutes, but changed from yellow to red, then to green, and finally to crimson. It remained still for twenty minutes and then moved violently in a small area.

       "It turned from crimson to green, then appeared to fall into the sea," Mr. McCarthy said.

The Western Islands of the Bismarck Archipelago [FRB map]

This report, coming from such a reliable source, is certain to be factual. The appearance of falling into the sea may be due to the rapid disappearance of the object over the horizon. The hovering and sudden movement precludes either a star or a meteor. The most significant feature of this sighting is the change of colour, an effect noticed again and again in the reports.

       This is the last of the pre 1958 Reports. It will be seen that sightings in the Territory are not new. There were probably others not reported, or which have not come to my ears. I did not take the matter seriously until the latter part of 1958, when things began to happen on my doorstep.                                                                                                                                

This reference: The A.P.R.O. Bulletin, July, 1961, pp. 5-7

With thanks to Larry Hatch’s *U* UFO DATABASE, see

       Secondary Source: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, 1971, p. 39

Original Reference: South Pacific Post, Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea, 25 August 1957

UFOCAT PRN – 97293. Ref. News clippings, Nov. 1957

Central Pacific Ocean – Bismarck Archipelago

New Guinea and these Islands are located north of Australia.

Ninigo Island Group – Latitude 1-16 S, Longitude 144-15 E ( D-M )

     A very large atoll between Manu Island and the Hermit Group. The Ninigo Group and Liot Island area is 0.90 deg. by 0.40 deg.


UFO location (UFOCAT) - Latitude 1.35 S, Longitude 144.25 E ( D.% )


Police officers see blood-red UFO rise from sea.

       Two policemen patrolling the sea front at midnight on Sunday, September 1, at Porthcawl, Glamorgan, Wales, saw a blood-red object with a jagged black streak across its centre rise out of the water on the horizon.

       Chief-Inspector Reginald Jones, of "D" Division, Glamorgan Police, told FLYING SAUCER REVIEW that the two policemen thought at first that they were seeing a ship on fire on the horizon towards Ilfracombe. But then it rose out of the water like a blood-red sun, a good deal larger than a full-sized harvest moon.

       While the two police officers watched, two more streaks appeared above and below. It remained at sea level, then suddenly took off at a fantastic speed towards the Atlantic.

       Chief-Inspector Jones said the report had gone to top level

An Air Ministry spokesman said that one possible explanation of the phenomenon was that it was "a planet playing tricks."

       "Venus does at certain times of the year play all kinds of tricks--often due to climatic conditions.''

       FLYING SAUCER REVIEW has since ascertained that Venus went below the horizon one hour after sunset on that evening. Sunset was at 7.48 p.m. (Summer time). So it could not possibly have been visible at around midnight!                                                                                              

This reference: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 3, No. 6, p. 9, November/December 1957

    Secondary reference: Invisible Residents by Ivan T. Sanderson, p. 39, © 1970 [Date error]

                                     Flying Saucer Review Vol. 17, No. 5 September/October 1971, p. 29

                                         “UFOs Ahoy!” by Janet Gregory [ NOTE: Date of 09-01-1957 ]

UFOCAT PRN – 73299. Date error as reference used was Invisible residents which showed the date as Sept. 01, 1956. Two reasons for dating this as 1957 are: 1) Sunday Sept. 1 (which is in the text) is in the year 1957 not 1956, 2) FSR Vol. 3 was published in the year 1957 and the article does not specify a different year, therefore we must assume it is also the year of publication – 1957.
The error might have occurred because of the reference to “midnight” as it lies between the end and beginning of the day. In 1956, Sept 1 was on a Saturday, so “midnight might have been considered the end of that day, and therefore 1956.

Europe - United Kingdom

Porthcawl         Latitude 51-29 N, Longitude 3-42 W ( D-M )

Glamorgan       Latitude 51-40 N, Longitude 3-40 W

Ilfracombe        Latitude 51-13 N, Longitude 4-07 W

Reference: United Kingdom Gazetteer, Prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1950

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 51.48 N, Longitude 3.72 W ( D.% )

??-??-1958 a

Atlantic Ocean --- A Navy transport plane crew reported a "cluster of lights" that raced up from the ocean like a luminous ring. It. had a glow around: its rim and. appeared to be 30 feet thick in center--like one gigantic dish inverted upon the other. A near collision was avoided. The object had a series of jets or lights from openings in its rim. Radar confirmed the size to be almost 350 to 400 feet in diameter.                                                                                                               

This Reference: George D. Fawcett, Psychic Observer, Vol. 3, No. 11 Southern Pines, N.C., November, 1962.

Original source not given.

Note: This case seams familiar to me and may exist under another date.


Atlantic Ocean – No position given.

??-??-1958 b

       A somewhat similar report was given to me by an Indianapolis computer expert who had served in the U.S. Air Force. He had been a sergeant in charge of a fire truck crash crew at an air base on the west coast of South Korea overlooking the China Sea. Late one night in 1958, two American jet fighters flying in from Japan to another base in Korea requested permission to make an emergency landing because one of the planes was low on fuel. As is normal in such emergencies, the fire truck and its crash crew were positioned near the runway in case the plane ran into difficulty.

       As the men waited for the planes to arrive, they saw a bright light approaching from across the China Sea. The light grew bigger and bigger and, when it got within several hundred yards of the shore, it stopped and hovered a few hundred feet above the water. The sergeant radioed the control tower and asked what it was. The controllers didn't know. They were examining the light through binoculars, but couldn't determine anything.

Suddenly, the object shined a beam of light straight down on the water. A short time later the light went off, but the water remained luminescent for a while before fading out. The object again shined a light down on the water, and turned it off again a minute or so later. Once again, the water remained luminescent for several minutes.

       By this time the jet fighter that was low on fuel was landing, and the control tower asked the pilot of the second plane to check out the light, which was still sitting in the same spot. The pilot of the second jet circled around and as he approached the object, it instantly shot back toward China and disappeared in seconds.                                                                                       

This reference: UFO Danger Zone, by Bob Pratt, p. 247-248, © 1996


Eastern Asia - Korea

Note: I have found three Air Force bases on the west coast of South Korea. However all three face the Yellow Sea, and I cannot locate a “China Sea” except on the south coast, called the “South China Sea”. The East coast is bounded by the Sea of Japan. The bases are Kunsan (near Chŏnju), Osan and Kimp’o, both sear Seoul.


       The quantity of UFO and USO sightings off the Argentine coast suggests that the idea of a submarine UFO base in the South Atlantic may not be too crazy after all. There has also been some activity off the Brazilian coast further north. On 10 January 1958 an army captain was sitting in the porch of a house near Curitiba, and examining an unfamiliar 'island' through binoculars. The 'island' turned out to be a strange object in two sections joined by vertical shafts or tubes. The whole thing sank as he and others watched; then fifteen minutes later, after a ship had passed by, it rose again, finally disappearing after a few more minutes.                             

This reference: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by Janet & Colin Bord, p. 171, © 1989

Original reference: ‘UFOs Over Water’ by Charles Bowen, in ‘The Unexplained’ 57, p. 1140.


South America - Brazil

Curitiba – Latitude 25-25 S, Longitude 49-15 W ( D-M )

Note: Text says “near” Curitiba”. Curitiba is inland, however, close to the ocean. The reference to “unfamiliar island” could mean the islands located at approximately - Latitude 26-0 S, Longitude 48-30 W

Reference: Brazil Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963


Between Maceió and Parapueira1, Brasil, April 1958
On the north-east Atlantic coast a business man and several fishers were witnesses of a saucer-shaped-object, which came down from the sky and hovered above the water in about 40 meters distance from them. Beneath the saucer the sea water was turned up (see picture) and bubbled, as if it was cooking or drawn up by an invisible power. The object was as big as the tent of a touring circus and was about 15 meters above the water's surface. (Cramp 1966)                       

(Apparent course of gravitational lines in relation to the course of the water's surface)                   

This reference: Piece For A Jig-Saw, by Leonard G. Cramp, p. 133, London, 1966

Note: 1. Parapueira1, I believe is a misspelling of Paripueira as presented in the reference below.

UFOCAT PRN – 87693, No Location. Reference – Cramp


Apr., 1958  ( Time 0600 ) Maceió (Brazil). Near Paripueira, jeweler Wilson Lustosa and numerous fishermen saw an object hovering 15 m above the sea, 40 m away. It was lens-shaped, about 12 m thick, and showed portholes with a glowing red light. Below the object the water seemed to be "boiling" or attracted upward, while a soft, whirring sound was heard. For one hour the object kept going up and down.                                                                                                           

This reference: Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, p. 271, published 1969

Original Ref: (SBEDV) “Sociadade Brasileira de Estudos Sobre Discos Voadores, Walter Buhler, Rua Sen. Pedro  Velho 50, A.P.201, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

South America - Brazil


Three found: Latitude 4-24 S, Longitude 37-46 W, and latitude 8-20S, longitude 70-55W, and latitude 9-40S, longitude 35-43W ( D-M )

Two found: Latitude 4-21 S, Longitude 37-56 W and Latitude 9-28S, Longitude 35-33W.
Note:The major city of Maceió is at 9-40S, 35-43 W according to the Hammond world atlas.

Reference: Brazil Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., January 1963

GHANA: UFO 2 Nights Running
Ducks and birds uproar
       Commander  J. O. S. Wilde, R.N. (Retd.), our Area Investigator in Ghana, recently heard of a remarkable saucer sighting which was repeated two nights running. The scene of these events was the small coastal town of Keta, about 140 miles from Accra, the capital. Commander Wilde interviewed the eyewitness, Mr. J. H. Neal, of the Public Works Department, and has sent the following report:
       On April 8, Mr. Neal reached Keta after a long and tiring journey. He was given accommodation at a Government Best House about 200 yards from the edge of the sea. Between the house and the seashore were clumps of young coconut palms, with the nearest about 50 yards away rather larger than the rest almost facing his bedroom window.
       Feeling rather tired Mr. Neal retired to bed about 8 p.m. and did not waken until 3.30 a.m. the following morning, and felt that something unusual was taking place. Quite a lot of noise was being made and the night disturbed by the barking of dogs, the quacking of ducks with other animal and bird noises to assist this assorted orchestra.
       Mr. Neal then noticed a very bright light rather low in the sky and in the direction of the solitary coconut tree moving upward into the sky from the direction of the sea. It was apparently this bright light that was causing the commotion among the birds and animals
       He gazed at the light with some fascination as it slowly rose. It appeared to sway in the sky with a motion rather like a boat when at anchor is moved by the currents of the sea. Mr. Neal continued to watch the object for about an hour as it gently swayed with very little movement in its actual position. During this time the lights seemed to vary in intensity from its outside edges. At one time the object seemed to be brighter on one side and then brighter on the other alternatively.
At about 4.30 a.m. the UFO began to move higher into the sky at a rather slow pace until Mr. Neal could no longer see it from Iris bed. He thereupon got out and looking out of the window found it almost immediately over the top of his quarters.
       The object remained in this position almost stationary until 5 a.m. Mr. Neal then got back into bed and slept for half an hour before being awakened by his alarm clock at 5.30 a.m. By that time the object had disappeared.
       During the day Mr. Neal found that two senior European Government officials had also observed the object earlier in the evening between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m., and had commented upon its excessive brightness.
       On the following night there was a repetition with the difference that the object appeared to be much higher. It came up from the sea moving in all easterly direction. After hovering, for about an hour it moved high up into the sky at about 4.30 a.m., and Mr. Neal went to bed. Incidentally, the birds and animals again gave warning as on the previous night.
       Commander Wilde considered that the occurrences might possibly be explained by ball lightning. However, Mr. Neal assured him that the sky was fairly clear and that there was no thunder storm out at sea on either night. So the Commander concluded that, that explanation must be ruled out. The Accra Airport sends up a balloon at around 10 p.m., but the wind did not appear to have been in the right direction to take it to Keta, and certainly not two nights running, even if its lights
were to burn so long which was highly improbable.
The Chief Meteorological Officer informed Commander Wilde that lights on the weather balloon only last half an hour, so the object sighted could not have been one of these.                   
This reference: Flying Saucer Review, Vol. 4, No 5, September-October1958, p. 6.
       Secondary reference: Mysterious Visitors: The UFO Story by Brinsley Le Poer Trench,
                                                     pp. 79-80, copyright 1971.
With Thanks to Larry Hatch’s  *U* UFO DATA BASE, see

UFOCAT PRN – 71248 – for date 04-09-1958, Ref. FSR Vol. 16, No. 5, Sep./Oct. 1970
UFOCAT PRN – 71249 – for date 04-10-1958, Ref. FSR Vol. 16, No. 5, Sep./Oct. 1970
     No location.

Africa - Ghana

Keta     Latitude 5-55 N, Longitude 0-59 E ( D-M )

Accra    Latitude 5-33 N, Longitude 0-13 W

Reference: Ghana gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., August 1967.


Observations of unidentified submarine objects in Norway

by Ole Jonny Brænne

       At 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, June 1, 1958, a silent "unknown aircraft" with no identifying markers crashed into the Alta fjord. At the impact site, 70 meters deep, a column of water rose up. The aircraft resembled a twin-engine delta-winged jet. The witnesses were Bjørn Taraldsen, Nils M. Turi, Kate Julsen, and Rasmus Hykkerud. When others arrived half an hour later, all they found  were a number of dead fish. The frigate KNM Arendal and the submarine KNM Sarpen, along with divers, searched for the aircraft fruitlessly for over a week. The Arendal, however, did get a sonar reading of a mobile object.                                                                                  

This Reference: IUR, January/February 1995 pp. 12-13 & 17

Ole Jonny Brcenne is associated with UFO-Norway, that nation's leading UFO-research group. An earlier article of his, "Legend of the Spitsbergen Saucer," appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of IUR.


Europe - Norway

Altafjord – Latitude 70-12 N, Longitude 23-06 E ( D-M )

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963

Sindbad the Sailor, Report No. 2
( Extract )
The account is taken from Lumièrese dans la Nuit (Contact Lecteurs), Series 3, No. 5 of January 1971
A lady correspondent of Lumières Dans La Nuit recently found out about these happenings when she had the opportunity to spend some time at the Mediterranean French fishing-port of Le Brusc, in the Dept. of Var (south-eastern France, between Marseilles and Nice). She was able to interview some of the men involved, having won their confidence, but only on condition that their names be not revealed
       The informant, also a fisherman, stated:
       "Three of us, myself and two companions, had gone out to sea to drop our nets. It was 12 years ago, June 12, 1958. It was a very clear night, with a starry sky and the sea was calm. We saw a big shining dot of light in the sky, orange-coloured, with a touch of red to it. It grew bigger, and then it began to descend very fast towards the sea and soon it was a great big globe which was lying on the surface of the water. (Fig. 2.)
       "Just lightly touching the waves it remained there stationary for several minutes, but we had the impression that it was revolving, like a

 wheel turning round and round on the same place. It caused a strong air displacement, for we could see the water being whipped up all around it. After that, the ball came rolling towards us, just gently brushing the water. We weren't a bit happy at the sight of this
'globular wheel' bearing down on our boat. Terrified, one of our party shouted
                                                 Figure 2
 'It's going over us!'
       "The fantastic wheel didn't in fact go over us but it passed very close by, making such big waves that we nearly capsized. When it was close to us we now felt very powerful heat from the thing and a strong blast of air. As it went by we heard a faint humming from it, like the hum of a swarm of cockchafers. Comparing it with our boat, its diameter seemed to have possibly been about 4 metres. Stupefied, we just watched it vanish at great speed. It moved along by leaps, now half disappearing among the waves, now skimming along on top of them. Then it did a right-hand turn and disappeared on the horizon,
       "It did not give out any flash or beam of light; it was simply a revolving ball or wheel, with no change of colour.
       "We lost no time in getting back to land, returning sooner than we had meant to. One of my mates said: · ‘Perhaps it's a flying saucer that has dropped down from the sky.'
       "We didn't dare to tell anybody what we had seen. They would simply have laughed at us. It was some time before we took our nets out again, so afraid were we of seeing that fantastic ball again, but we never did see it again. We have no idea what it could have been."                     
This reference: Flying Saucer Review Case Histories Supplement # 14, April 1973, pp. 13-15.

UFOCAT PRN 68310 ( No Location )

Europe - France
Marseilles         Latitude 47-04 N, Longitude 3-00 E ( D-M )
Le Brusc           Latitude 43-04 N, Longitude 5-48 E
Nice                  Latitude 43-42 N, Longitude 7-15 E
Reference: France Gazetteer, Published in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., September 1964

From Project Bluebook files
Project 10073 Record Card ( ATIC FORM 329 – Rev 26 Sep 52

1. Date: 20 Jul 58                    2. Location: 4 Miles North of Glennie, Michigan
3. Date-Time Group: Local: (Blank) GMT: 20/1900Z 4. Type of Observation: In Water

5. Photos: No                           6. Source: Civilian    7. Length of Observation: 1 ½ Minutes

8. Number of objects: one       9. Course: not known

10. Brief Summary of Sighting:

       An object hit water, made a circle 10 ft across w/foam on edge of circle 2-3 ft high. Object sizzled as if hot, sizzling lasted 1-½ minutes. The loud sound as it hit was heard two yards away. Object took zig-zagging course across lake surface for 200 ft, making violent movement in the water. Object sank into 50ft of water as circling died out.
11. Comments: Not falling within definition of UFO.

12. Conclusions: Other Disturbance.

Other facts brought out from telex:
B (2) On lake surface 170 degrees. B (3) On lake surface 180 degrees.
E. 4435N 8345W. Four miles west of route M-65 and four miles north of Clennie, Michigan. On a twelve acre private lake with one observer in boat and one on the bank of the lake and one two hundred yards away.

F. [Blacked out name] ranch lake resort owner Clennie, Michigan probably reliable [Blacked out name] Coiahoga Falls, Ohio vacationer sunny ranch lake reliability unknown [Blacked out name] Clennie Michigan reliability unknown.

G. (Appears to apply to weather) (1) clear. (2). Surface 110 degrees 11 kts 10,000 ft 245 degrees 15 kts (3) 3500 ft. (4) 15 miles. (5) Scattered. (6) Negative.

K. 2nd Lt. John B. McKinnon 445th FINCEPTRON Intelligence officer. Observers comment sounded as is (sic) something hot hit the water and the cooling caused the sizzling. Weather balloons from Greenbay, Wisconsin and Milwakee, Wisconsin have been recovered in this area and could if still containing air make such movements in the water. A small hot meteorite might also cause a disturbance. The depth of the water prevented a recovery of the object sighted. Note handwritten on paper –without identification: Concur with above, but would like something more concrete as to the actual or probable identity of the object that hit the water.

DD FORM 173 Joint message form Aug. 04, 1958 0900.




Re alleged object seen beneath surface of water, sizzling and leaving foam in wake three feet high observed by three widely separated observers. Report implies large explosion or thud heard just before object hit water and zig-zagged across lake surface for 200 feet. This message in 2 parts. Part 1: request for determination if object actually UFO within meaning of AFR 200-2. Part 2. Request for official investigation and to provide some basic guidance to assist in this matter if object determined to be valid UFO.

Part 1: A. Nowhere in the report is there any indication that the object was actually seen in the air or approaching from the air before it hit the water: Report begins with statement object was first observed in the water. B. If object observed even for a brief instant its general size, shape, appearance and other characteristics must have been observed. Nothing given under this requirement in your report although phenomenon observed for almost 2 minutes. Highly improbable that the three observers in the area would all have had their backs turned to the object as it descended from the sky. C. If object did not come out of the air and only an underwater commotion was observed, such as might be caused by an underground fissure, pressure or other cause then object ???? a UFO and therefore not subject of a report under AFR 200-2. If so must be considered a UWO (Unidentified under water object). Part two: A. If

determined object valid UFO, request investigation of incident with the view of determining cause in accordance with paragraph 4B and paragraph 6B, AFR 200-2. B. Request paragraph 5, this regulation, be reviewed with view to assisting in this matter. C. Request your findings be prepared on standard intelligence report AF FM 112. D Some basic clues in guidance to assist in this matter: Triangulation indicates that incident took place just outside northeast corner of AF restricted area R-81 and west of restricted area R-91 which are used exclusively by your base for aerial bombing and gunnery. Also two other restricted areas west and northwest of UFO location used for aerial training and exercises. [ Next sentence is lined out] That partly inflated balloon imme submerging under water upon impact not considered valid. However, possible for any number of armament and ordinance items to have dropped or accidentally detached from aircraft and falling into water. For example, semi-dud bomb that could have exploded under water or any other type of pressure devices heavy enough to submerge possibly an investigation might first be made with pilots and aircrews of your base. If feasible to attempt to recover object by dredging or other means desirable that you do so. Again, action requested in this part only if object determined to be UFO.


AFCIN-4E4 Dr. Miley,     AFCIN-4E Col. Gilbert,     AFCIN-4X1 Mr. Arcier

AF FORM 112 – Air Intelligence Information Report

Activity Submitting Report: 412th Fighter Group, Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoda, Michigan.

Date of Report 13 Aug. 1958. Preparing Individual:  John B. McKinnon, 1/Lt, USAF

       1. Purported object was never seen in the air so would not come under definition of “UFO”, although the observer thought the object came from the air.

       2. Description of reported object cannot be given because it was below the surface of the water at all times. The commotion in the water caused by the object was all that was seen.

       3. Previous checks indicate restricted area AF-R-81 was not in use on the date of sighting and there were no reports of lost armament or aircraft assembly on same date.

       4. The observer neither heard nor saw any aircraft activity in the area within a two hour period of the sighting.

Handwritten Note: 2. Close case – other /not UFO. Comment: some underwater disturbance or commotion, caused by reasons unknown.

Distribution by originator: Commander, Air Technical Intelligence Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio.                                                                                                      

This reference: Unclassified US Air Force documents as shown above.

     With thanks to my fellow researcher who does not wish to have his name publicized.

Thoughts: (by CF):

1. From the Project 10073 Record Card it is stated that the sound was heard 2 yards away. This is six feet! I would imagine that a pebble at this distance could have been heard. However in the telex paragraph “E”, the distance to an observer is given as 2 HUNDRED yards. This would make more sense than the 2 yards. Of course the number 200 is also the distance traveled by the object in feet, so is one being confused with the other?

2. From telex: “Weather balloons from Greenbay, Wisconsin and Milwaukee, Wisconsin have been recovered in this area and could if still containing air make such movements in the water.” and yet from DD form 173 we get the crossed out statement “That partly inflated balloon imme submerging under water upon impact not considered valid.”  Change the fact to fit the conclusion?

3. From DD form 173 “Part 1: A. Nowhere in the report is there any indication that the object was actually seen in the air or approaching from the air before it hit the water” and yet one
explanation is “However, possible for any number of armament and ordinance items to have dropped or accidentally detached from aircraft and falling into water”. Do these weapons enter the water by some other means than through the air? In any event, Paragraph 3 and 4 of AF FORM 112 puts the entire ordinance/aircraft parts issue to rest

4. In defense of the UFO hypothesis, the witnesses only heard the impact – not the approach. UFOs are known for their relative silence; can this be said for an artillery shell or descending aircraft part whistling in the air?

5. From DD form 173 “If object did not come out of the air and only an underwater commotion was observed, such as might be caused by an underground fissure, pressure or other cause”. An active fissure should have registered seismically?  Not investigated?


North America – United States, Michigan

Glennie, Michigan         Latitude 44-33-38 N, Longitude 83-43-33 W (D-M-S)

Clennie, Michigan         Unable to locate and was probably a misspelling of Glennie (above).

Greenbay, Wisconsin   Latitude 44-30-48 N, Longitude 88-00-48 W

Milwakee, Wisconsin    Misspelling of Milwaukee

Milwaukee, Wisconsin  Latitude 43-02-20 N, Longitude 87-54-23 W

Oscoda, Michigan         Latitude 44-25-13 N, Longitude 83-19-51 W

Reference: The National Gazetteer of the United States of America, Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, Washington D.C., 1990

Coiahoga Falls, Ohio    Unable to locate. Google gave the alternate as Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio   Latitude 41-08 N, Longitude 81-29 W (D-M)


       The United States is not the only country which has had problems with such elusive sea objects. The Auckland (New Zealand) Star on July 25, 1958, reported a similar incident involving the freighter Pakura, which was in the Cook Strait when an unidentified object was sighted. Officers of the Pakura who reported the object to authorities told the press that they had been given instructions not to divulge a description of the craft. However, Mr. D. Fife, who was the Pakura's second officer and the officer of the watch when the "submarine" was sighed, described the vessel as “huge” and "traveling at speed" on the surface. It had features which made it unlike any he had seen before, he said.                                                                                            

This Reference: “The Shadow of the Unknown” by Coral E. Lorenzen, p.84, Published 1970

Original: The Auckland (New Zealand) Star on July 25, 1958


       The seas around Australia and New Zealand were the site of a "mystery sub," fleetingly seen during the second half of 1958 by ship and aircraft commanders. Officers of the coastal packet Pakura, off New Zealand, saw a fast moving "submarine" break surface 40 miles off the entrance to Cook's Strait on July 23. It quickly submerged and, despite efforts of the Royal Navy submarine Telemarchas to make contact, it vanished without a trace. In early October, it--or others like it--was seen five times within eight days by ships and planes off the Victoria coast. Specially equipped antisubmarine planes were unable to get a fix on the elusive vessel. Then, a month later, another mystery sub was detected and tracked off Sydney Harbor.                             

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, p. 53.

UFOCAT PRN – 76871 (No Location) Note: Date used in UFOCAT was the publication date of the newspaper.

South-Central Pacific – New Zealand

Auckland          Latitude 36-52 S, 174-46 E ( D-M )


Cook Straight – Approximate Latitude 41-30 S, 174-0 E

Reference: Hammond World Atlas, p. 161/H9


Aug. 16, 1958  Léman Lake (Switzerland). A dozen people out on the lake in perfect weather saw a bright light coming down. They stopped their boat as it came to hover about 15 m above them. It was saucer-shaped, 10 m in diameter, with a cabin showing several windows on top. The outer disk below the cabin was spinning. As it came down toward the water, a noticeable current was created. No noise or occupants were noticed. After several leaps in mid-air, the craft flew off at "unbelievable" speed.                                                                                                                        

This reference: Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, p. 272 , published 1969

Original reference: ( Personal – J.V. )


Europe - Switzerland

Léman Lake (Lake Geneva) – Latitude 46-25 N, Longitude 6-30 E ( D-M )

Reference: Switzerland Gazetteer, Prepared in the Division of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., April 1950


Couple Spot 'Fiery Ball' on Lake

       A Bear Creek Harbor resident and his wife said they saw what looked like a burning airplane apparently crashing Into Lake Ontario about 13 miles east of Sea Breeze about 1:15 this morning.

       Charles Powell of East Lake Road, Ontario, said he saw "an orange-red fiery ball moving up and down like a burning plane trying to land on the lake in front of his house."

       "It was going at a tremendous speed," he said, "faster than any boat could have gone."

Powell's call to State Police. started a Coast Guard search of the area. A Civil Air Patrol spokesman this morning said no missing planes had been reported.

       A trooper arrived at the Powell home about 2:15 a.m. and watched the ball of fire with Powell and Mrs. Powell until it burned itself out about 3 a.m.

       A 7 ½ hour Coast Guard search of the area by boat was unsuccessful in locating any clue as to the location or identification of the object. A Coast Guard spokesman said the search would not be continued unless a plane was reported missing.                                                                      

This reference: Rochester, New York, Times-Union, 13 October 1958.

With Thanks to Loren Gross for forwarding this material to me.

       Secondary reference: The UFO Investigator (NICAP), December 1958, p. 3

UFOCAT PRN – 106823 ( No location )

North America – United States, New York

Bear Creek       Latitude 43-17 N, Longitude 77-17 W ( D-M )

Sea Breeze      Latitude 43-14 N, Longitude 77-33 W

Ontario Beach  Latitude 43-16 N, Longitude 77-37 W


Lake Ontario    Latitude 43-40 N, Longitude 78-00 W
Reference: Canada Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., November 1953

03-LL-1959  [ See note regarding the date, at the end of Lat./Long. Information ]

Mar., 1959   Kolobrzeg (Poland). On the Polish coast, not far from Kolobrzeg, soldiers saw the sea

become turbulent as a triangular object, 4 m in size, emerged, circled the barracks, and flew away at high speed.                                                                                                                           

This Reference: Anatomy of a Phenomenon, by Jacques Vallee, p. 141, © 1965

     Secondary references :       UFOs and Anti Gravity, by Leonard G. Cramp, p. 129, 1966

                                                            Note: Date shown as 04-??-1957 ( No reference )

                                                Passport to Magonia by Jacques Vallee, p. 275, © 1969

                                                Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by  Janet & Colin Bord,

                                                            p. 163, published 1989.

Original Ref.: Courrier Interplanétaire, no. 56.


(extract) Note previous article referred to the year 1957

Then, two years later, came a more detailed report of a sighting at Kolobrzeg, just before Easter. Antoni W. Szachnowski, chairman of the Anglo-Polish UFO Research Club, made this report:

"The attention of coastguards and civilians was drawn to a spot where the sea became suddenly agitated. Then the waves in that stretch of water swelled, and above the surface shot a triangular object of from 13 to 17 feet in size. It rose up and swiftly encircled the nearest locality. Then it flew higher and finally rushed upwards, disappear­ing into space. Army units arrived to make an exhaustive search throughout the brushwood on the seashore. The next day a team of divers did the same in the water. What, if any, was the result, we do not know."                                                                                                                                               

This reference: Official UFO Magazine, May 1977, Vol. 2, No. 3 “Mysteries of the Deep” by Lucius Farish and Dale Titler, pp. 38-41 & 52-56. © 1977

UFOCAT PRN – 32074 (Ref. Vallee)

Europe - Poland

Kolobrzeg – Latitude 54.11-N, Longitude 15-35 E ( D-M )

Reference: Gazetteer of Poland, Vol. 1 (A-L), Published by the defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C., August 1988

UFO Location (UFOCAT) Latitude 54.16 N, Longitude 15.58 E ( D.% )

Regarding the date. Easter is the Sunday immediately after the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21. In 1959 Easter occurred on the 29th of March, therefore the date (per the 2nd article had to be between the 21st and 29th.



Indian Ocean

Capt. Luigi Colombo, Master of the Panamanian S.S. Stanvac Singapore, reported:

       "At 1810 G.M.T. April 4, 1959, in lat. 2° 00'N, 59° 22'E, course 182, speed 13.5 knots, on passage from Abadan to Maritius Island, the third mate called me to the bridge and I observed a diffuse light on the horizon bearing 252°. Observing the light through binoculars it appeared as the loom of a city beyond the horizon. It was not due to lightning as the phenomenon lasted for some time and was clearly seen. A similar luminous spot appeared abaft the beam and a third one of lesser intensity was observed abeam. Radar showed four circular targets at 20 miles and 3 larger ones at 40 miles. The observation lasted from 1810 to 1930 G.M.T. and only one lightning bolt was observed above the 3 luminous sources.

"Weather clear and good visibility, wind calm, moderate long swell. Barometer 30.00 inches, air temperature 82°F., sea temperature 800F”                                                                           

This reference: Strange Encounters: Bizarre & Eerie Contact with UFO Occupants, by Timothy Green Beckley. Pub. 1992, Inner Light Publications, New Brunswick, NJ. © Information unknown. This article from photocopies received in the mail.

Original reference: U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office weekly publication “Notice to Mariners”, under section VI “Marine Information”.


Indian Ocean

Ābādān, Iran                Latitude 30.20 N, Longitude 48.16 E ( D-M )

Maritius (L’îMaurice)     Latitude 20-15 S, Longitude 57-30 E, near Réunion Island and part of the
Mascarene Islands in the Indian Ocean.
Reference: Hammond World Atlas, third edition, © 2000 by Hammond World Atlas Corp.

Sighting location per text - Latitude 2-00 N, Longitude 59-22 E. This is East of Somalia and Kenya, Africa and roughly 730 statute miles (1175 km) north of the northern tip of Madagascar.


Observations of unidentified submarine objects in Norway

by Ole Jonny Brænne

       At 10 one evening just before Christmas 1959, Lorentz Johnsen saw a dark, silent object--which he described as looking like a small bus with a number of windows along its side---fly slowly by at an altitude of 150 meters, It was heading in the direction of the Namsen fjord. It descended to about 50 meters, grew fiery red, then exploded with an ear-splitting crash, According to Johnsen, "It looked like sort of a cover was torn off the object in one piece. This, along with a number of other things, fell into the water. I especially noticed three black 'columns,' about two meters long and one-half meter in diameter. The cover itself was tom off in one piece and reminded me of a curved sheet of metal. This was fiery red at first but grew black before reaching the water."                                                                                                               

This Reference: IUR, January/February 1995 pp. 12-13 & 17

       Ole Jonny Brcenne is associated with UFO-Norway, that nation's leading UFO-research group. An earlier article of his, "Legend of the Spitsbergen Saucer," appeared in the November/December 1992 issue of IUR.

UFO Information Sweden, May 1975, p. 8

UFOCAT PRN 110745 ( No location )

Europe - Norway

Namsen fjord (NamsenF Jordan) – Latitude 64-36 N, Longitude 11-00 E ( D-M )

Reference: Norway Gazetteer, Prepared in the Office of Geography, Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C., May 1963


NOTE: This text has been removed and combined with 12-13-1956. This was the same case but dated 1959 instead of 1956.

This reference: “UFOs Over The Americas” by Jim & Coral Lorenzen, pp. 50-51, Pub. 1968.
       Secondary reference: Unexplained Mysteries of the 20th Century, by J & C Bord, p. 172,

                                                 published 1989

UFOCAT PRN – 56814 – Same reference.